The Turnip-Herder Family

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Calvin Herder (Young Adult)
Riley Turnip-Herder (Young Adult)
Gretchen Turnip-Herder (Teen)
Cassie Turnip-Herder (Teen)
Luna Turnip-Herder (Teen)
Peter Turnip (Young Adult)
Sophie Turnip (Young Adult)

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The Turnip-Herder family is the combination of the Turnip and Herder families as a result of the marriage between Calvin Herder and Riley Turnip (Turnip-Herder). This family and their home was created by seismicmilk. The Turnip-Herder family is downloadable at seismicmilk's studio at the Sims 3 Exchange.

The Turnip Family


The Turnip family began in the country of Doichpublicka, but it wasn't the Turnip family back then. In Doichpublicka, two teen orphans met: The tinkering inventor named Tate Kohlrabi and a young red-haired dancer named Ruby Brassika. Their parents' deaths allowed them to grow closer and, due to a contract with SimNation's government as a mechanic, Tate was able to flee the country with his newly wed bride before war broke out in Doichpublicka. Life was still hard for the two as they struggled to make ends meet. Things began to change for the better when Ruby found that the soil in their backyard was fertile and perfect for growing crops. Tate and Ruby had two children, two daughters named Ruth and Anita Kohlrabi.


The Herder Family



The Turnip-Herder Family

The Turnip-Herder family consists of Calvin Herder, Riley Turnip-Herder, Gretchen Turnip-Herder, Cassie Turnip-Herder, and Luna Turnip-Herder.

Shortly after graduation, the two high school sweethearts, Calvin and Riley, married. They moved into a small home in Pleasant Valley, happily married. Calvin had high aspirations of a large family, but was putting off his dreams until they could afford a large house as he made his way up the ladder of success in a career in law enforcement. Riley was often busy working in the grocery store, gazing at the ripe fruits and vegetables, dreaming of someday fertilizing and weeding to slowly perfect each generation of plants in her own garden. Unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome, a set of twin girls, Gretchen and Cassie, arrived to the Turnip-Herder household. Calvin and Riley were overjoyed at the arrival, but knew that their small home could no longer hold the family of four. Though Calvin was successful in his career as a police officer and Riley successful in her part-time job at the market, it was clear that they didn't have the funds available to purchase their own home. The new family of four moved into the Turnip family estate, which was a three bedroom home with two apartment quarters attached. Riley's siblings, Sophie and Peter, still lived at home and lived in the apartment quarters of the home. Calvin was nervous about moving in with his widowed father-in-law, but soon came to love the home as his own. Calvin and Riley soon welcomed another daughter, Luna, to the family. The joy soon turned to sorrow because, hours after Luna was born, Riley's father passed away. Destraught, Riley quit her job at the grocery and began to focus on her garden, often staying there for long periods of time and almost ignoring her family. While Sophie took Gretchen under her wing and she became a wonderful, albeit shy, young woman, there seemed to be no hope for Cassie as she developed into a personality that was the complete opposite of her twin. Soon, the twins drifted apart and Cassie became estranged from the majority of her family due to her poor manners and mean-spirited nature.


Herder Family

Turnip Family

Tate Kohlrabi - Tate is English for "cheerful." Kohlrabi known as the German Turnip. Tate is a play on the slang for "potato", which is "tater."

Ruby Kohlrabi (Brassika) - English for "precious stone", indicating the ruby. The name for ruby (the gem) is from the Latin word, ruber, which means "red", which is why she has red hair. However, the original intentions is that Ruby is a play on the German word for turnip, which is rübe. Her maiden name, Brassika, is a play on Brassica, a genus of plant that contains the turnip.

Ruth Kohlrabi - Hebrew for "friendship." A play on rutabega, the yellow turnip.

Anita Turnip (Kohlrabi) - Hebrew for "gracious or merciful."

Peter Turnip - Greek for "stone." Chosen because of Peter Rabbit, the rabbit in the children's books by Beatrix Potter.

Sophie Turnip - Greek for "wisdom."

Turnip-Herder Family

Calvin - means "bald" in French. Cal Herder (Cal being short for Calvin) sounds like "cow herder" if pronounced correctly.

Riley - means "rye clearing" in English.

Gretchen - Greek for "pearl."

Cassie - Greek for "she who entangles men."

Luna - Latin for "moon." It is a play on "lunatic" because Luna has the Insane trait.

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