Abraham "Abe" Wilt is a Sim in the town of Pineview. In the beginning he is married to Anita and raising their two children, Devlin and Annabel. He is a successful surgeon. Though he is a romance Sim he seemed for the most part to stay faithful to Anita. Howeve, when her "perfect" housewife and mother routine got annoying Abe engaged in an Affair with a bartender, Janice Allbee. Anita soon discovered the affair, and the two were trying to work out their differences. However, Before they could even try to save their marriage one day while in the pool, a storm rolled in striking Abraham, killing him. He could not have been saved even if Anita, or one of the kids tried. He now haunts the Wilt/Coosband Household...
Abraham Wilt
Hi! My name is Abraham Wilt!
Name Abraham Wilt
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Romance
Sign Leo

Spouse(s) Anita Coosband (wife)
Janice Allbee (lover)
Child(ren) Devlin Wilt (son)
Annabel Wilt (daughter)
Sigrid Wilt (grand-daughter)
Kelly Wilt (daughter-in-law)
Abel Wilt (grand-son)

Neighborhood Pineview
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