Adam Thompson
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Vital statistics
Title 3rd Leader of the Thompson Family
Gender Male
Life state Sim
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Status Deceased
Neighborhood Pleasantview

Kind, caring, & down to earth, Vince carried out his duties as the 3rd leader of the Thompson family with much pride and love for his family. Unlike his grandparents (Amelia & Cephas Thompson) he spreads his wealth to his family members and entertains them with vacations & whatever item they may want.


Raised in a controlled environment, Adam was always surrounded by his family: Vince, Nikki, & Eve Thompson. Once his older sister moved to college, Adam was trained by his father to be a great and well educated leader of the Thompson family. Even though it is up to the current leader to choose his/her successor, Eve had the initial right to be the leader because she was first born. Feeling guilty for her birthright rebuked, Adam allowed Eve to move in with his family once Vince had died. Moving in with Adam was his sister Eve, her husband Scott, & her two sons Darrel and Lance. Once Eve was settled in, Adam decided to marry Tristen Quill. Adam had two children with Tristen: Lacuna & Rita.


The highlight of Adam's life was the many family vacations he took his family on. From the tropical beach to the snowy mountains, Adam loved to bring the family together to get away from work & school to enjoy themselves. On one of these trips, he took his father Vince with him. It is revealed here that Vince did not dislike his daughter Eve, but simply felt that Eve was too soft hearted to be a strong leader of the entire family (seeing as how she never disagrees with her husband Scott). From this revelation, Adam realizes that being a leader is much more difficult than what he thought it to be. However, Adam's reign as the leader goes by very smoothly and he dies with a platinum tombstone with much love from his family.


Adam is the 3rd leader of the Thompson family.