Alec Todd
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Alec Todd






Con Artist




Bernice Todd (wife; deceased)
Suzanne Schwann (wife; deceased)
Vivienne Todd (wife; deceased)
Alberta Todd (ex-wife)
Cassidy Todd (wife; deceased)


Esme Jugo (fiancee)


Olga Todd (daughter)


Hadley Serd (grand-son)

Alec Todd is a sim in the town of Pineview. He is not there in the beginning but moves in later and quickly becomes one of Suzanne's many lovers. He eventually asks her to marry him and she accepts and they quickly marry. It is revealed later that Alec had a daughter, Olga. There were reports that Alec used to marry Sims for their money then quickly dispose of them. In his memories it is shown he had been married three times before and now all of his wives are deceased. This could be why his daughter ran away and why he is looking for her. He seems to think Olga might be in Pineview. However, does this mean he will dispose of Suzanne? He eventually does after he discovers that Olga is in Pineview along with his long thought dead second wife, Alberta. Alberta is Olga's mother. Alec, realizing he needs to leave Pineview, decides it is time to get rid of Suzanne. The following day after Suzanne leaves for work that morning Alec trashes the house, leaving trash out and dirty plates and making the house infested with flies. Alec then leaves to go to work, when Suzanne arrives home she walks in the house but before she can run she is consumed and killed by the flies. After her death Alec takes everything in their home and places it in his inventory and then leaves Pineview.

The Next Generation

Alec is set to return to Pineview, he will have another story-arc. It is un-known if he will return with Olga Todd.

Alec does return to Pineview. He re-appears after the departure of Davis Schwann, his step-son. He does not return with Olga, but in his relationship bar she is seen with a new last name, assuming she has now married. With Davis gone no one knows what Alec did to Suzanne. He is now an Elder and sets his sights on the young, but wealthy Esme Jugo.

He quickly begins to woo the young widow, his only problem is the toddlar aged Chica. It is also revealed that when he left Pineview after Suzanne's death he married again and pulled the same stunt to Bernice Todd. However, Jacque Schwann, who was a toddlar when Alec killed his grand-mother, has vague memories of Alec. Will he be able to save Esme.

Alec quickly proposes to Esme, even though she isnt in love with him, she accepts. Alec wishes for them to marry that evening, however Jacque arrives and attempts to fend Alec off to warn Esme, Alec then recognizes his step-grand-son, and refuses to leave. Esme refuses to marry that night but since Jacque now remembers Alec must tryo to kill Esme that night. He and she go to the Pineview Community Pool and alec's plan is to get Esme in the water then get out and take the ladder away. However, Jacque shows up and gets Esme out and takes the ladder away while Alec is in the pool, leaving him to drown to death.