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Alicia Swirl McCain
The Alluring Alicia








Alicia Cabot (maiden name)
Alicia Cannery (first married name)
Alicia Swirl (second/third/fourth married name)
Alicia McCain (fifth married name)


Frances Cabot (mother; deceased)
Walter Cabot (father; deceased)


Catherine Irving (sister)
Travis Cabot (half-brother)


John Cannery (ex-husband; deceased)
Ted Swirl (ex-husband)
Ted Swirl (ex-husband)
Ted Swirl (husband; deceased)
Chris McCain (husband)


Escobar Reyes (ex-boyfriend)
John Cannery (ex-lover; deceased)
Chris McCain (ex-boyfriend)
Saul Brigham (ex-fiance)


Candi Centowski (daughter)
David Swirl (son)
Mac Cabot (son)
Eve Swirl (step-daughter)


Leo March (uncle; deceased)
Franky Werner (nephew)
Mike March (cousin)
Ethan Irving (brother-in-law)
Alexa Cabot (grand-daughter)
Jasper Centowski (son-in-law)
Skye Sommers (niece)
Vivi Centowski (grand-daughter)
Holden Centowski (grand-son)
Francine Centowski (grand-daughter)
Sheldon Centowski (grand-son)


Alicia Swirl McCain (nee Cabot, previously Cannery and Swirl) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point. Alicia is known for having weathered a great deal throughout her life: divorce, being a single mother, discovering she has a half-brother, the revelation about her mother and, her on again off again romance with Ted Swirl, which has been going on since the series began.


In the beginning, Alicia is a single mother raising her teenage daughter, Candi. She is divorced and extremely lonely. She is best friends with Mae Stone, and constanly encourages her to get out of her abusive married to Edward Stone. Alicia had sturggled in life at first after her husband had left her. She managed to sell a novel and earn enough royalties to make a living and buy a decent sized home. Though her life appears ideal Alicia longs to find love again. She then spots local latino garnder, Escobar Reyes one day ahd she instantly becomes attracted to him. She then pretends to mistake him for someone else in order to lure him into conversation. After a long talk about the beauty of flowers, Alicia asks Escobar out on a date. He is shocked by her request but accepts the offer. Alicia is then revealed to be an old and ex-friend of Mona Halcoyn, the town's most notable socialite. They share an awkward moment but move on. Alicia also looks to Daria Grendel as a mother figure and a way of guidance. After her first date with Escobar, Alicia goes to kiss him, only for Escobar to pull away. She shares her romantic woe with her daughter, Candi who is having love drama of her own at school. When Alicia meets with Escobar to talk about the attempted kiss, he tells her he just wans't ready, but then catches him glimpse at Mae and realizes that he has feelings for Mae. Though Alicia is mae's best friend, her jealousy and need for a man overrides her duties as a best friend. She then tells Mae's husband, Ed about how she thinks Mae and Escobar might be having an affair, after she sees Escobar and Mae having a deep and flirty conversation one afternoon. She then begins to feel guilty when she learns that Escobar doesn't just have feelings for Mae, but he loves her. She then goes to tell Mae the truth of her actions but walks in on Escobar and Mae kissing. Afterwords Mae tells Escobar to go after Alicia, he tells her that he only likes Alicia as a friend. Alicia then becomes depressed by her saddened love life and tells Ed about the kiss, hoping to get even with Mae. When Alicia recieves word that Ed had died during their confrontation she feels guilty and believe shse caused his death but when she sees that Mae is happy instead of greaving for Ed, she begins to suspect that mae and Escobar had killed Ed, but she dismisses the idea and knows that Ed was a bad man. She is then asked to read some of her latest book at the bookshop in town and she quickly catches the eye of the book club moderator, Ted Swirl. He asks her to come back the next week to read some more and when she does he garners the courage to ask her out and she happily accepts. She and Ted then begin to date happily. Their romance hits a snag when Candi's relationship with Jasper Centowski is ended. She then begins to cancel dates to consol her daughter. Ted, secrelty, visits James Person and threatens him to make things right with Candi and Jasper or else, James does so and Candi is elated. Ted and Alicia then continue dating. Alicia then recieves a suprise when her estranged older sister, Catherine Andrews, arrives in town. Catherine tells Alicia that she and her husband, Reginald, have separated and that she wants to make up for lost time and get to know her niece. Alicia allows Catherine to stay with them and introduces her to Ted who seems to reconginze Catherine, which bothers Cathy. This makes Alicia suspicious as to her sister's true intetntions for being in town. Afterwords Alicia asks Cathy question about the status of her marriage to Reggie, Catherine dodges the question by telling Alicia she has met a wealthy sim in town.

Alicia then begins to become increasingly curious as she believes that Cathy is holding something back. She then tries to get a hold of Reggie and she leaves a message for him and he arrives in town shortly after. Reggie then reveals that he and Catherine are not separated but divorced and have been for a long time. He tells Alicia he hurt her. Ted then allows for Reggie to stay with him until they sort out Catherine's past. Alicia then confronts Cathy about her divorce and Catherine then tearfully admits that she caught Reggie cheating on her, with a man. Alicia consoles her sister but feals that there is more. Alicia then goes and enlists the help of a local detective, Cassidy Free who takes up the case. Alicia then continues to work on her romance with Ted. While she and Ted are walking in town one day, Alicia catches sight that her ex-husband, John Cannery, has returned to town. He tries to talk to Alicia and aks to try again. Alicia then blows him off and asks for Ted to take her home. Cassidy then calls her and tells her that she knows Catherine's story. John arrives again and this time Alicia tells him that they will talk but later. Cassidy then arrives and reveals Catherine's past. Alicia then gets dressed and runs to Halcoyn Hill to stop her sister from marrying William Halcoyn as she is a con artist. After the wedding is stopped Cathy runs off. Ted, not wanting the whole wedding set up to go to waste, then proposes to Alicia. She accepts and they married then and there. She and Ted then share a long and happy marriage. However, after she and Ted marry Alicia begins to wonder if perhaps she only married Ted to simply supress her under-lying feelings for her ex-husband, John. When Candi confesses to Ted that she and Jasper purposely broke Mae and Escobar up, he decides to keep it a secret so Alicia won't become angry. However, when Alicia does discover this, she decides to not blow it out of proportion because she and John had shared a passionate kiss and she feels guilty. When Donna Talbot, comes to town, she is initially mean and crude to Alicia and even sees Alicia and John kiss on the sidewalk, which leads to them having a rondevous session. Donna then tells Ted and he becomes seriously angry with Alicia and she proclaims her love for Ted but he tells her he has begun the divorce process. Ted then leaves town, and Alicia is left broke. Her sister and nephew then decide to move back in to help her through this tough time.After she begins to recover from the divorce she contonues to find comfort in John and eventually the two begin seeing each other again and decide to give their relationship another go. This freaks Candi out at first as she witnessed their first relationship go down in flames and doesn't want to witness a repeat performance. However, she comes around as love blossoms between Alicia and John again. Alicia then meets new resident, Donna Talbot, who quickly establishes herself as a town frenemy. When it is revealed that Catherine still holds her criminal position and her entire redemption was simply a facade she and Alicia have a falling out as Cathy goes into hiding. Alicia and John's relationship also comes to an abrupt end when she asks him to move in and he hesitates at the offer. Seeing his childish nature she ends their second relationship but instead of becoming saddened she sees it as the aprpriate break up they should have had years ago.

When Catherine comes out of hiding she tries to apologize to Alicia and tells her that her wanting to repair their relationship and re-connect was not an act and that she has truly missed her. Alicia at first refuses, but after seeing the truth in Catherine's eyes, she tells her that in time sha can and will forgive her. Alicia then goes through a dry spell, dating wise and simply takes time to relax and write. She and Catherine are then blind sighted when their long absent mother, Frances Cabot, arrives in town for a visit. She makes her plans known that she will be staying with Alicia. During this time, The Sun-Crest Killer, begins stalking the towns people. And Alicia's cousin, Mike March, comes to town shortly after the return of Franny. Both the Cabot girls are taken in as suspects in the killings but are cleared. Alicia is shocked when Mike informs her that he is in town to warn her that he believes that Franny is the killer and that she was responsible for her brother's, Leo March and husband's, Walter, deaths. Alicia dismisses Mike's theories and knows that her mother is cold, but not a killer. However, when Mike becomes a victim of the killer (but survives) Catherine cathces Franny attempting to smother Mike in the hospital and she reveals that she is the killer and did kill the girl's father, Walter and their uncle, Leo. Apparently, Walter had an affair which sent Franny over the edge and she has since waged a war on adulteres. Franny was also responsible for the death of an innocent man, Calvin Bort, while attempting to kill a suspicious, Chloe Talbot. Alicia confrotsn her mother about this after Catherine tells her about what happened at the hospital. She is too late however, as Franny had set a house fire planning to kill both John and his wife, Karen Collins. She succeeded in killing John, but a pregnant Karen survived, again. Alicia is furious and tells Franny that since she is her mother she won't turn her in but that she must leave town now and never return. Franny complys and flees town. Alicia then keeps quiet about her mothers actions and she then begins to date the detective in charge of the case, Chris McCain. However, as their romance progrsses Alicia begins to feel bad as Chris is intent on catching the killer and Alicia sits idley by as he continues to look into the wrong leads. Finally Alicia tells Chris the truth when she hears that he had ordered the arrest of Chloe Talbot, believing that she faked her attack so she could escape custody. After Alicia tells Chris about her mother's involvement in the whole event he ends their relationship and tells her that she let a killer go free. He tells her that if he didn't care for her and by association Catherine, he would have them locked up for aiding abd a bedding a criminal. He then calls it in and has Chloe relaesed and leaves Alicia in tears as she attempts to tell him her intentions were good.

Alicia quickly gets over her break up with Chris and resumes to work on her tell all book about the killings. She then begisn to watch as her son-in-law, Luke Donovan, becomes consumed with finding the killer and even gets as far as working with Chris who eventually tells him to move on and closes the case, now knowing that Franny is the killer. Then Alicia and Mike get a visitor in the form of Diana Iago, the sister of Mike's ex-wife, Rhonda Herman. Diana brings wither her, her four children, Jessica, Mitch, Thad and Rachel. She tells them that she is running from her husband, Dexter Iago, who is a DNA specialist and tells them that there is evidence that he is the Sun-Crest Killer. Alicia, knowing Franny is framing Dexter, tells Mike to handle Diana as she goes to see her mother. Alicia returns shortly after and reveals to a newly engaged Catherine that their mother has died, and will no longer hurt anyone. Alicia then reaches Diana in time as she freaks out when Dexter arrives in town. She then explains the whole story to her and Diana tries to reconcile with Dexter only to reject her as she didn't trust him. Alicia the allows them to stay with her until they find a place. Then one night as Candi comes to Alicia crying about her failing marriage, Alicia is shocked when she sees Ted standing in her doorway. Ted reveals that he and his second wife, Barbara Swirl, have divorced after he learned from her brother, Howard, that she only married him because she felt she couldn't do any better and wanted to have kids before she got too old. Alicia and Ted then reconcile for their failed marriage and Ted asks her to dinner, as pals. Alicia mis interprets this and tries to kiss him, only to have Ted call it "making the same mistake twice." She then learns from Chris that her son-in-law, Luke Donovan, has died and goes with him to deliver the news to her devestated daughter. As they grow closer once again Alicia reveals that she can not date Chris has her family has too much un-just baggage and she can not involve him in it. When asking what else she is hiding Alicia reveals that when she went to go see her mother she learned that her father, Walter, fathered a son with his lover, Nadia, by the name of Travis Cabot. SHe finds her mother trying to kill Nadia and Travis as they are shadows of what Walter did to her. However, Alicia arrives in time and along with her newly discovered half-brother they managed to finish Franny off. Chris tells Alicia what she did was honorable and noble he then tells her that he will always care for her but they can't be together. She understands and tells him he should think again about Roxy whom Alicia feels is his true soul mate. She and Ted then go on friendly terms but after Ted lets Alicia baby sit Eve one afternoon it is revealed that Barbara was setting him up claiming him to be an un-loving father so she could maintain full and sole custody of Eve. However, Alicia forms a plan to beat Barbara and she and Ted secretly marry. When the social worker arrives to following day, Ted wins sole custody of Eve as he and Alicia can provide a more stable home for the child as opposed to just Barbara.

Alicia sees the marriage as a "second chance" with Ted, however, he sees otherwise. After Ted is awarded sole custody of Eve he tells Alicia that their agreement is done and that they can annull the marriage. Alicia tries to suede him into giving them another shot but Ted is still to hurt from the first marriage to give Alicia another shot and has their marriage ended. Alicia is upset but realizing that it was a platonic agreement she comes to grips with it. Shortly after, she runs into an old high school love interest, Saul Brigham. She and Saul catch up and he confesses that in high school he always had a crush on Alicia but she was dating John and he was seeing his now ex-wife, Irene. After learning that Alicia is recently single he asks her out and she happily accepts. She then metts one of Saul's three daughters, Janet Brigham, who herself is raising a child, Craig, on her own. When Alicia learns that Janet os from the same town that Jasper just came back from she quickly puts two and two together and deduces that the child must be Jasper's. She goes to warn Candi who has already begun to fall in love with Jasper again. Jasper confirms that when he first moved to that town he met Janet and they spent the night together but that was it. This causes strain on his briefly new relationship with Candi even though Jasper explains that they don't even know if the child is his. It is proven through a paternity test that Jasper is in fact the father. This then causes Candi to go out and sleep with James Person, that results in a pregnancy of it's own and the dissolution of Jasper and Candi's relationship. During this time Alicia and Saul continue to find strenght and fall in love with each other. When Saul begins to complain about the current Mayor, Julius Orwell, Alicia suggest he run for Mayor and Saul agrees. However, he endures public scruitny due to his being divorced and still single. Alicia then suggests a solution, Saul should get married... to her. Saul accepts the offer and they begin to plan a small and low key ceremony to take place the next morning. When the time comes Alicia begins to realize that she can't focus on building a marriage, as well as helping Saul with his campaign. When Candi has an eotional breakdown when she sees Travis with Amanda and Jasper with Janet, Alicia calls off the wedding and ends her relationship with Saul but tells him she does and always care for him but her family comes first. Candi then begins to bind and find strength in her child that she is having and Alicia isn't single for long. It appears that as he was walking in shame Saul came across Ted and told him that it is so obvious that he and Alicia are hopelessly in love with each other. This causes Ted to go see Alicia. There he utterly professes his undying love for her and asks if she could ever take him back. She answers by passionately kissing him. Then after she and Ted reconcile she learns of the birth of her first grand-child, Alexa, and she and Ted arrrive at the hsopital to see Candi and James. However, the kodak moment is cut short when she recieves word from her sister that Franky, Emma and Haley have been kidnapped. She and Ted rush to the police station and are breifly confronted by Tarvis who has begun to feel that Alicia and Catherine don't truly care for him, the Cabot siblings then make ammends. However, then Monica Bremmer reveals the truth behind Emma's paternity and Alicia once more becomes upset and appauled by what her sister has done. After Franky, Haley and Emma's safe return Alicia recives a call from her publisher and he asks her to go on a book tour regarding her tell-all book, "The Sun-Crest Killings: A Profile." Finished with Catherine's non-sense, Candi finally at peace with her life and Travis happy with Amanda and a new better job as a cop she asks Ted if he would like to come with her on the tour. He tells her he would love to and he leaves Eve with Barbara and he and Alicia leave for the book tour but tell their friends they will only be gone for a short while and will indeed return to Sun-Crest Point.

Alicia, as an Elder.

Post-Book Tour

Alicia and Ted return from their tour after they recieve word of what has happened to Mae. Alicia then happily learns from her daughter that she and Jasper are getting married. The Cabot women then bond yet again when Alicia informs her daughter that she and Ted are also getting married... again. She had Ted have also adopted a child aged son, David. Alicia and Ted are as happy as ever and help Candi prepare for her wedding to Jasper. Following the festivitied, David asks his parents when they will tie the knot, leading to Alicia and Ted marrying for a third time in a small ceremony. Their third marriage comes to be a happy one... However, trouble soon find the Swirl's yet again. Shortly after their marriage, Barbara dies in a car accident and, a teenaged Eve is forced to retutn to Sun-Crest Point to live with her father, step-mother and, newly adoptive brother. Then Barb's brother, Howard, shows up in town, with the intent on taking Eve with him, believeing Ted was the cause of Barb's death and, is a souless role model for EVE. Alicia then recevies her second grand-child in the form of Viviane "Vivi" Centowski. Though she then becomes concerned when James returns from his latest expedition to see Alexa and, once more Ted and Alicia head in opposite direction, straining their marriage.

Alicia warns Candi to not become involved in James's affairs again, lest she lose Jasper again. However, Candi ignores her mother and, does everything in her power to reunite James with his estranged wife, Bastet. Meanwhile, Ted continues to do everything to keep Eve. After James leaves town again, Alicia realizes that Candi only became involved with him to usher him out of her life. Alicia is then elated to learn that Candi is pregnant for a third time, with twins. However, she is not pleased when discovering that Blake Dasani has been released from jail and, pursues the Centowski's. Ted then convinces Howard that Eve should stay with her father, causing him to leave town. However, their happiness is short lived. When Alicia and, Ted attend Winston and, Mona's third wedding, Ted collapses as Alicia and, he are dancing. When they get to the hospital, Monica Bremmer, pronounces Ted dead on arrival due to old age. This news comes just as Candi gives birth to her twin children, Francine and, Holden Centowski but, also learns that Jasper and, Blake are presumed dead. Leaving mother and, daughter both widowed.Alicia then deals with the immense grief of having finally lost her beloved Ted, knowing now too late that life is really too short. She also attempts to help navigate her daughter through the grief of losing her husband, again. Meanwhile, David becomes erratic following the loss of his father, refusing to admit that Ted is gone. It forces Alicia to finally confront her son, making him admit that his father is dead, David does so as he breaks down, collapsing in Alicia's arms. Alicia then vows to be with her son until he is an adult.

Alicia then begins to fade into the background. She becomes mentioned in passing by David. When David graduates from high school, she is seen once more and, is shocked to see Chris McCain, playing a joke she asks if he has a secret kid that graduated too. Chris and, Alicia re-connect and, she consoles Chris over the death of Roxy. He does the same for Alicia and, Ted. After a series of run-ins with each other, Alicia and, Chris have a long talk about their past relationship and, near reconciliation. Coming to the conclusion that after all these years, their spark is still there, Alicia and, Chris reunite. They begin slowly dating and, once more become guest characters, appearing sparsely throughout the series.

They return to focus in the series final thrity storyline, where Alicia falls seriously ill. Her sickness prompts the return of Reggie Andrews, who is quick to tend to her and find a cure. However, it becomes obvious that Alicia's time is up. This leads Chris to propose. At first, Alicia questions the proposal thinking of Ted. However, seeing the love in Chris's eyes, she accepts and the two wed in the hospital. During her tenure in the hospital, Alicia and Catherine reconcile, she encourages Travis and Thea to fall back in love and she sets up Candi and Jasper for their final reunion. In her final days she alludes to Chris that she has a secret that could ruin a person's life and must confess it to them, but thinking his wife is delusional Chris tells her it is OK. Then Alicia does indeed die in her sleep, peacfully. Her funeral seves as a point of return for many characters, who mourn the loss of Alicia. One of the final scenes of the original series is Alicia being welcomed to heaven, by Ted.

Still Shining

In the spin-off, David is visited by a man around his age named Mac. He asks certain questions about David's upbringing and personal life, causing David to become suspicious of Mac and alert the police about him, only for Nick Lytner to inform David that Mac is himself, a police officer from Greentown. When David learns that Mac's surname is Cabot he becomes even more curious and corners him in his home asking if he is a relative of the family, perhaps a son of Travis or Catherine. Mac reveals himself to then be not only David's brother, but his twin.

Mac reveals that they are both biologically Alicia Cabot's son's. Alicia had discovered she was pregnant with Chris McCain's child(ren) right after their break up and left town to see her father's mistress, Nadia Walker. After helping "take care of" their serial killer grand-mother, Alicia gave birth to twin boys, David and Mac (short for McCain) whom she gave up for adoption. After she re-married Ted Swirl for a third time she convinced him to adopt a child with her but was only able to find David.

Mac spent his life bouncing from home to home until he became an adult, while Alicia convinced David that he was "adopted" while he was her son all along. Due to Mac's constant bouncing around she was unable to locate him and sway Ted into adopting him. He reveals that Chris is their biological father and that he came to town to meet his family. Davis is distraught that Alicia would go to such lengths for a lie, but realizes that she did love him very much and that she would have loved Mac the same had she found them.

David concedes to accept Mac as his brother and introduces him to their half-sister, Candi Cabot, who is equally shocked by the revelation but accepts Mac none the less. The Cabot family welcomes Mac to the fold and reveals he's not the first kid to be kept in the dark. Mac then moves to town and takes a job as a police officer. . David then visits his adoptive sister, Eve, and reveals that nothing has changed between them and that they are still family, to which she happily agrees. Mac then meets Chris who is elated at the revelation.

Chris then visits Alicia's grave and is visited by her spirit. HE lashes out at her for concealing the existence of their children from him. She accepts the blame and tells Chris he is right to be mad. She then says that at the time she was scared because of her mother, and when she returned he had a budding romance with Roxy Crowley, his true love. The pair manage to forgive each other and Alicia encourages Chris to forge a relationship with their sons, one that she was unable to and states how Mac is just like him. She then disappears.

She appears to her daughter Candi the last time before her husband, Jasper's, death. She tells Candi that she a great love and that despite her insurmountable grief she will overcome it and spend her remaining years in the joys that come with being a grand-mother.


Alicia has been married a total of five times, to three men.

Alicia has two children, and one step-daughter.

  • Candi Cabot (daughter) - With John.
  • David Swirl (son) - With Chris, adopted by Ted. Mac's twin.
  • Mac Cabot (son) - With Chris, given up for adoption. David's twin
  • Eve Swirl (step-daughter) - From Ted's marriage to Barbara Swirl.

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