Amelia Thompson
Amelia Thompson image
Amelia Thompson in her final moments.
Vital statistics
Title Mother of the Thompson family
Gender Female
Life state Sim
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Status Deceased
Neighborhood Pleasantview

Amelia Thompson was the first woman in the Thompson family, the wife of Cephas Thompson, & the mother of Vince Thompson. She was a hard working woman with little time to spend with Vince as a child. However, when Vince was an adult, Amelia spent much time needed with Vince just days before she died.


Amelia Thompson was once known as Amelia Boswell until sometime in The Sims 1, she met Cephas Thompson. Not much is known about her past.


During her time alive, Amelia regulated the finanances of the family along with her child, Vince. Because Amelia was concentrating on purchasing a large home, no home improvements were made as a way to save money. This set back inspired her son, Vince, to become very loose with his spending.


Amelia is the mother of Vince Thompson.

Just until recently, there have been no signs of other Boswells besides Amelia. The Boswells re-emerged in Pleasantview as a small family compared to their Thompson cousins.