Anita Coosband
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Anita as she appears in the Original Stories.








Anita Wilt (first married name)
Anita Coosband (second married name)


Abraham Wilt (husband; deceased)
Franklin Coosband (husband; deceased)


Cal Scroll (ex-boyfriend)


Devlin Wilt (son)
Annabel Wilt (daughter)
Garfield Coosband (step-son)


Sigrid Wilt (grand-daughter)
Ljot Sell (grand-son)
Abel Wilt (grand-son)
Norris Wilt (grand-son)


Anita Coosband (previously Wilt) is a Sim that live in the downloadable town of Pineview. In the beginning she was married to a Sim named Abraham Wilt. Together they had two children, Devlin and Annabel, However her constant need to be the perfect wife and mother took a toll on their marriage leading to Abraham having an affair with a Sim named Janice Allbee. Shortly after the affair was discovered Abraham died from being electrocuted while swimming and could not be saved. Afterwards Anita had to get a job to keep her family afloat, so she took a career in business. She struggled with raising two children alone and having to pay bills and keep a clean house. She soon became addicted to using the electroshocker to keep her needs constantly full.

One day while out shopping Anita met Franklin Coosband. The two hit it off and soo fell in love and married. Anita's son, Devlin, did not approve of his mother's re-marriage. This lead to him and his new step-father becoming enemies. They later mended fences and became BFF's. Franklin brought in more money which allowed The Coosband's to pay off their debt and hire a maid. This lightened Anita's load. She has since climbed the corporate ladder and is now a business tycoon. Her son, Devlin has now moved out and is living with his girlfriend, Kelly. However, now Anita and Franklin must deal with the wild and rebellious Annabel. When Annabel becomes pregnant but not married Anita, who desn't wish to be embarassed refuses for Annabel to leave the house until she gives birth. When she does give birth to Sigrid, Anita and Annabel it would be best for her and Franklin to riase the child.


Anita and Franklin live happily with Sigrid until Annabel comes and takes her back as she is the girls real mother. Anita and Franklin do what they can but Annabel takes her regardless. Anita goes to Annabel days before she is about to be evicted from her Duplex and asks her and Sigrid to move back home, the accept. However days after they move back Devlin announces he and Kelly are also moving in and that he has married Kelly and she is pregnant. Kelly then gives birth to a son, Abel. Anita is over joyed to have two grand-children. She does have a rough reunion with her son as he married without her knowing or even being there. They overcome it. Sigrid, now a child, is happy she now has a cousin to play with.... Anita grows concerned though as Franklin reaches his final days. She does what she can to keep him alive longer but he says no and the two take a vacation and when they return the whole family celebrates his life and that night Franklin passes away, peacefully.

The Fire

Anita attends Melissa's grand-opening and after party. She attends with her children and grand children. She has a good time until the fire breaks out. She and her children and grand children manage to get out all right. She is saddened to learn that her daughter-in-law, Kelly, died in the blaze. The following day a Sim comes over and tells Anita that he is Franklin's son, Garfield... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Franklin is Garfield's biological father. However, Franklin never knew of his existence as his mother never told Franklin. Garfield simply wishe to pay his respects to his late father and step-mother. Garfield then left Pineview, but said he's be back. Anita then runs into Bonnie's ex, Cal. She then enters into a relationship with him despite her friendship with Bonnie. She later confronts Dixie Allbee and aksks who her father is. To Anita's reliefe it is not her late husband Abraham. She then has a falling out with Bonnie because she is dating her first ex-husband, Cal. However, behind Anit'as back Cal and Bonnie begin an affair. After Bonnie and Ken re-marry Cal leaves town.

Anita spends her last days with her grand-children, Abel, Sigrid, Ljot and Norris. She then passaes away peacefully, ending her story.

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