Annabel Schwann
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Annabel Schwann








Annabel Wilt (maiden name)
Annabel Sell (first married name)
Annabel Schwann (second married name)


Abraham Wilt (father; deceased)
Anita Coosband (mother)
Franklin Coosband (step-father)


Devlin Wilt (brother)


Bill Sell (husband; deceased)
Davis Schwann (husband)


Allan Greyoff (ex-boyfriend)


Sigrid Wilt (daughter)
Ljot Sell (son)


Zed Quarren (son-in-law)
Jorja Friz (daughter-in-law)
Abel Wilt (nephew)
Norris Wilt (nephew)
Ulvar Wilt (grand-son)
Karre Ulter (grand-son)
Annie Warp (grand-daughter)


Annabel Schwann (nee Wilt, previously Sell) Is a Sim in the downloadable town of Pineview. In the beginning she is a toddlar and lives with her mother, Anita, father, Abraham, and brother, Devlin. Her father dies right after she becomes a child which saddens her because she never really knew him. When Anita re-married to Franklin Annabel was there at the wedding and un-like her brother embraced having a male role model in her life and the two quickly became friends.

She and Valerie Scroll are best friends but their friendship is tested when Annabel begins an affair with Davis Scwann while he was still dating Valerie. When Valerie discovered Davis had been cheating but not with who she dumped him and to this day doesn nto know Annabel was and still is his lover. Once they split Annabel hoped Davis would ask her to be his girlfriend, he never did. She became heart broken when he began to date Melissa Shin. Once the aged to adults they consumated their relationship resulting in Annabel becoming pregnant. She eventually gives birth to a daughter, Sigrid. She and her mother and step-father agree it would be best to let Anita and Franklin raise the child. Annabel then moves out and into an apartment with Valerie Scroll. She then invites Davis over to talk about Sigrid. When he wants nothing to do with Sigrid or Annabel she dumps him for seeing the snake that he really is. After he leaves a bubble is seen above Annabel's head with Sigrid's picture in it, meaning that she is showing remorce for leaving her infant daughter.

Getting her Daughter back

After leaving Davis Annabel begins to realize that she does care for her daughter, Sigrid (who is now a toddlar). She then goes to her mother and step-father and demands she take Sigrid back as she is her mother. Anita and Franklin do all they can but Annabel takes Sigrid. She then moves them into a Duplex she can't afford. Anita comes to visit her daughter and grand daughter and they come to the conclusion that Annabel and Sigrid should move back home, they accept. The next day Devlin announces that he is also moving back in as he and Kelly couldn't afford the bills for their home. He also tells his mother that he and Kelly are married and that she too is pregnant. Annabel form a strong bond with her sister-in-law, Kelly, she is there when Kelly gives birth to her and Devlin's son, Abel. Annabel is excited with her new nephew. Then she throws a prty for Sigrid as she ages into a child.

Dating/The Fire

After being hurt by Davis, Annabel shuts herself down emotionally. Unitl, a sim, Bill Sell, catches her eye he asks her out at first she says no. However, Bill is persistant and eveventually Annabel accetps. Their relationship is rocky at first and Annabel doesn't allow him to meet her family because she has been hurt (by Davis) in the past. Bill agrees to take it slow.

Annabel attends Melissa's grand-opening and after party. She runs into Davis who looks at his now teenage daughter, Sigird. They share an awkward and tension filled moment. Annabel then runs into BIll and the two being to dance and have a good time. When the fire starts Annabel and Sigrid get out all right. Annabel, at first is worried about Bill. She is happy to learn later that he survives. The following day Bill comes over and asks Annabel to marry him... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Annabel accepted Bill's proposal and the two married. They even had a son together, Ljot (pronounced Yot), Bill moved in with Annabel, Sigrid, and Anita. They seem to have a happy life, on the surface. She then decides to tell her daughter, Sigrid, that Davis is her father. When she does Sigrid becomes vey mad with her. Sigrid then goes over to Davis's house and instead of denying his parentage to Sigrid Davis embraces his daughter and tells her that he wants her in his life. Sigrid then moves out and into Davis's home. This forced Annabel to once again confront Davis, the sim she loved for so long, but, in the end he broker her heart.

She refuses to allow Sigrid home when she becomes pregnant and gives birth to her son, Ulvar. Annabel, Bill and Ljot attedn Darwin's funeral. Annabel then gets the next generation group (Annabel, Dahlia, Blanche, Dorothy, Esme, Melissa, Sharon and Betty) together and they spend a day with Valerie. This cheers Valerie up. Annabel then runs into her daughter, Sigrid and grand-son, Ulvar. Annabel then realizes she must help her daughter through this rough time and allows Sigri and Ulvar to move-in with her, Bill and the now child age Ljot.

She is a t Faline's birthday party with Bill and Ljot, when Bill collapses on the floor due to starvation... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Bill died from his starvation attack and Annabel has spent the last three years as a widow. She then realizes she is in the exact same position she was in years ago, she's raising her teenage son all on her own, just like Sigrid. Annabel then has a breakdown and makes a hasty decision, she must leave. She allows Ljot to live with Sigrid and Hans, says her goodbyes and has one final day with the girls (Valerie, Dorothy, Esme, Dahlia, Sharon, Mehrissa, Melissa and Betty) and then leaves Pineview.


Annabel returns after hearing word that Devlin has died. This gives her the courage to face her demons, she takes Ljot back as her son to rise. She then meets Allan Greyoff, a sim originally interested in Devlin's widow, Dorothy. They begin a slight romance, but take it slow. However, Olga Todd seduces and steals Allan away from Annabel. Annabel is all set to spend the rest of her days alone with her family. However, she is approached by Davis Schwann, he informs her of his and Emma-Lee's divorce. He then appologizes for everything he has ever done to her. Then he does something he should have done years ago, he proposes. though Annabel is initally angry with Davis, she happily accepts his proposal and they marry on the spot. Days later they pass away, happily.