Baba Yaga is an elderly hag living in a chicken-legged hut in the edge of Belladonna Cove. She is the daughter of Shlomo Arkanov and Temhar Benma, and ex-girlfriend of Grigora Rasputin, whom she banished for cheating on her.

Early History

Baba Yaga's childhood was a mystery, yet she revealed that she looked 'quite delicious' when she was young. She mentioned that she lived in that hut since she was 57, and now she is, well, very old.


Baba Yaga is very plump, has a wart, has big beady eyes, wears a veil, and a pilgrim dress. Before that, she was very beautiful, but since she ate children she had to look ugly.


She dated Griogora Rasputin for five days. She banished him from her forest when he was caught kissing Praskokia Fedovokna Dubrokina. She then moved from Magic Town (children that came visiting her there aren't very delicious, and they come rarely), and moved again to Belladonna Cove, because there are many children there.

Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga is an old hag. Being unsuccessful back in Magic Town, she moved to Belladonna Cove, to look for more children. She is still bonding with the new world.
Name Baba Yaga
Gender Female
Life State Witch
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Scorpio

Parents Shlomo Arkanov, Temhar Benma
Spouse(s) Grigora Rasputin (ex-boyfriend)
Child(ren) None

Neighborhood Belladonna Cove