Baroness Velana Van Ethermuque
Vital statistics
Title "The Seducing Vampire"
Gender Female
Life state Vampire
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Health Great
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Status Shadow Valley resident
Neighborhood 99 Cemetery Lane, Shadow Valley, Romp Lands, Northern SimCity, SimState, SimNation.

"Baroness Velana Van Ethermuque" is a well-known resident in the remote town of Shadow Valley. She is famous for her incredible way of seducing human sims to fall deeply in love with her. She will bring the victim into her house, do whatever she wants to do with the him, and suck the his blood while he is asleep on bed with her. She only takes male victims.


She has a very dark background. She enjoyed it very much. Since she was a child, she had been very pampered by her parents. She was a very good biter for her age. As she grew, her talent got better and better. In the age of 14, she had her first boyfriend, who is now Count Vladimar LeTesque. She broke up with him at the age of 16, when she knew he dated a human girl. She then decided to date human sims as well, of course, to fill her hunger needs, and to have a little fun. She then grew into the woman she is now.

Family and relationships

  • Baron Duketh Van Ethermuque

Her relationship with her father was very good. He was very proud of her. His father and mother, Lord Flahk and Lady Vasseliene, who was already deceased, were very proud of their granddaughter. They used to haunt their old home, but now they wonder in the Shadow Valley Cemetery. Duketh disapproved the idea of Velana dating the Count when she was a teenager, but she forced him to approve of him. He died when his watch showed 00.00 AM and he appeared in Veronaville and the watch showed 12.00 PM.