Blanche Shell
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Blanche Shell






Franchise Business Owner


Blanche Quarren (maiden name)
Blanche Shell (married name)


Jed Quarren (father)
Joanna Quarren (mother)


Harvey Quarren (brother)
Dorothy Quarren (sister)
Zed Quarren (half-brother)


Ernest Shell (husband)


Edgar Gwill (ex-lover)


Rosalyn Quarren (daughter)
Olympia Shell (daughter)


Sharon Quarren (sister-in-law)
Devlin Wilt (brother-in-law)
Sigrid Wilt (sister-in-law)
Martin Quarren (nephew)
Muriel Quarren (niece)
Zelda Quarren (niece)
Norris Wilt (nephew)
Ulvar Quarren (nephew)
Annie Warp (niece)


Blanche Shell (nee Quarren) is a Sim in the downloadable town of Pineview. In the beginning she is a toddlar and living with her brother, Harvey. And her parents, Jed and Joanna. Then her mom has Dorothy, her sister. Blanche has yet to have any significant storylines. She is extremely career oriented. It has been said that marriage and kids are something that is not likely in her future. Though she now lives in the apartment alone she visites her family frequently and forms a very strong, almost maternal bond with her niece Muriel.

Departure/The Fire

Blanche and Muriel attend Melissa's grand-oening and after pty. Blanche then announcehe IS leaving Pineview. Muriel is upset as her aunt refuses to take her with her. Blanche said she did this because Muriel needs to bond and re-connect with her parents. Blanche manages to make it out of the fire and panics when she doesn't find muriel but is overjoyed when she knows she survives. This is Blanche's fist showing of maternal instinct. Blanche then, the next day, leaves Pineview... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revelaed that Blanche has been absent the past 5 years, since the fire. She returns with big news, she is pregnant! However, she is not married. She is happy to see her family and news of her sisters engagement. At Dorothy and Devlin's wedding Blanche goes into labor and gives birth to a daughter, Rosalyn, she embraces her newborn daughter, to the chargin of her niece, Muriel. Though she is older than him Blanche begins dating Ernest Shell.

Blanche soon invites Ernest to come live with her and Rosalyn. Ernest accepts and then proposes, to everyone's shock Blanche accepts. They marry at the Youth Household. After they hear bout Emma-Lee's fire fiasco Ernest and Blanche come to the conclusion that they need a change. They decide to leave Pineview, for good. They pack up Rosalyn, say their goodbyes and leave. However, as they leave it is revealed that Blanche is pregnant. She returns briefly for Martin and Roger's commitment ceremony. It is revealed that she and Ernest had a daughter, Olympia, she then leaves again.

Generation 03

When Edgar Gwill and his wife Betty Gwill, Roz's father and step-mother leave Pineview with Ansley Rosalyn is all set to move back in with her aunt and uncle. However, her step-father and half-sister, Ernest and Olympia, return and inform Rosalyn of her mother's death. They then invite Roz to stay with them and she accepts.