Blossom Heights
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Blossom Heights
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Inhabitants 10 Households

Blossom Heights is a location that will be avaliable exclusively on the sims supply website. More news will be released during production.


Trial Version

The trial verson of this neighbourhood is avaliable on the creators website. Download

It's a copy of the map while it is being buit and allows players to say their opinon and ways to improve it. It also comes with a trial family called the Trial Family (Ted Trial, Trisha Trial, Tom Trial, Tracy Trial, Timmy Trial). The Trial family are only temporary but if by popular demand may stay on as full time characters.


Clamp Household

Elmira Clamp

Roomies Household

Katie Hammersmit

Zoey Crepps

Crepps Household

Betty Crepp

Alex Crepps

Fairchild Household

Granny May Fairchild

Little Household

Babs Little

Lilith Little

Joey Little

Becky Little

Jake Little

Stuart Little

McQueen Household

Stella McQueen

Lionel McQueen

Tyler McQueen

Zackman Household

Bradley Zackman

Michaela Zackman

Malsbrook Household

Kent Malsbrook

Timmy Malsbrook

Moore Household

Chance Moore

Zento Moore

Kimi Moore

Hammersmith Household

Geoffrey Hammersmith

Robert Hammersmith

Miranda Hammersmith

Gabby Mae

Bakers Household

Martin Bakers

Susanne Bakers

Libby Bakers

Lance Bakers

Mark Bakers


  • Blossom Heights Academy (64x64) [1]
  • SimState Library (40x40) [2]
  • Les Bistro
  • City Hall
  • Hospital
  • Bookstore
  • Business Office
  • Cemetary
  • Military Base
  • Supermarket
  • Diner
  • Stadium
  • Science Building
  • Criminal Warehouse
  • Police Station
  • Theater
  • Day Spa
  • Lakewoods Camping Grounds
  • Gym
  • Pool


The Cemetery is home to Blossom Heights deceased sims. Some are:

  • Arthur Fairchild
  • Goldie Hammersmith
  • Gary Little
  • Kate Myers
  • Libby Myers
  • Gretchen Bakers
  • David Coleman

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