Bonnie Rossim
Bonnie R
Bonnie as she appears in TNG






Artist/Owner of "The Rossim Gallery"


Bonnie Scroll (first married name)
Bonnie Rossim (second/third married name)


Cal Scroll (ex-husband)
Ken Rossim (ex-husband)
Ken Rossim (husband)


Hans Ulter (ex-fiance)


Valerie Scroll (daughter)
Clyde Rossim (son)


Ramiro Castillo (son-in-law)
Mehrissa Woodrow (daughter-in-law)
Martine Youth (grand-daughter)
Faline Rossim (grand-daughter)
River Castillo (grand-son)


Bonnie Rossim (previously Scroll) is a Sim who lives in the town of Pineview.

Original Stories

In the beginning she is a divorced Sim living with her daughter, Valerie. She is an artist and sells her paintings from home. She soon develops a crush on new neighbor Ken Rossim. The two begin to date however she discovers that other neighbor and enemy, Suzanne Schwann, also desires Ken. This leads to their relationship fizzling out. Ken then later realizes he loves Bonnie and the two date monogomusly. Shortly after Valerie become a teenager Ken proposes to Bonnie and the two marry. And Ken moves into Bonnie and Valerie's home.

After their wedding they live a regualr life until Bonnie discovers that she is pregnant. Eventually they welcome their son, Clyde, to the family. After Clyde is born Bonnie and Ken begin saving money because Bonnie, tired of selling her paintings from home, wishes to open up her own gallery. Once they have the money saved she buys a lot in town and opens the "Bonnie Rossim Gallery." After the gallery opening Valerie becomes an adult and moves out and into an apartment but promises to visit her mother, step-father and half-brother regularly. She and Ken later go through a rough patch when he would like another child and Bonnie tells him no. They later reconcile and agree that Clyde is all they need. She is present at her daughter, Valerie's, wedding and sees Peggys Ghost...

Bonnie and Ken, along with all the other girls, and Jed and Gerald, age into Elders. After her daughter, Valerie gets divorced Bonnie begins paying bi-daily visits to her house to chat and see her grand-daughter, Martine. She is shocked to learn that her daughter left Darwin because she thought marriage wasn't as sacred as Sims said it was because of her mother's failed marriage with her father. Bonnie tells her it wasn't that she didn't love her father (Mr. Scroll) it was that they drifted apart and he cheated. Valerie then begins feeling guilt for leaving Darwin but shoes no signs of going back to him. What Bonnie doesn't tell anyone is that she and Ken are having trouble themselves. Ken wishes to raise Clyde to adulthood in Pineview and then he and Bonnie to move to Sim-ji Island, where they spent their honeymoon, only Bonnie wishes to remain in Pineview.

Moving/The Fire

At Clyde's Teenager to Adult birthday party Ken announces that she and him are moving to the Sim-ji Isles, Bonnie is shocked as she told him no, she then re-affirms herself and tells him no the two then argue and Ken says he is going with or without her. She and Ken attend Melissa's Grand opening and after party. They arrive in a feud over the move idea. When the fire breaks out Bonnie and Ken manage to get out of harms way in time. However, both mourn the loss of their friends, Florentina and Gerald. Ken then tells Bonnie it's time to move. She tells him no again and he packs his bags and leaves, leaving their relationship status in question... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

The PIneview stories now pick-up 5 years later. Ken did return from the Sim-ji Islands after one year but he and Bonnie did not reconcile and divorced. She now lives with her son, Clyde. Clyde has also divorced his wife, Mehrissa. She lives with Clyde and his daughter Faline, from his and Mehrissa's marriage. Bonnie is upset when she discovers that Ken has begun dating the newly divorced Suzie Alido, despite the fact that both Bonnie and Ken are still in love with each other. She is also overjoyed about her daughter's re-marriage, to her former ex-husband, Darwin. Bonnie has begun dating a much younger Sim, who does care for her, Hans Ulter. She is appauled when her first ex-husband, Cal, returns. She appears happy when he informs her of his divorce as their is a possibility of them getting back together, despite her true feelings for Ken. She is saddened and upset when she sees Cal kissing the twice widowed Anita. She and Anita have a falling out as Bonnie negins having an affair with Cal behind Anita's back. However, Bonnie ends the affair when Hans proposes. She accepts. She and Hans plan a small little wedding. However, when the big day comes Hans skips town and leaves, leaving Bonnie at the altar. Ken then runs to Bonnie's side and they share a kiss. Suzie sees this and realizes that Ken and Bonnie belong together she breaks up with Ken. Then there on the spot Ken and Bonnie re-marry, wrapping up Bonnie's story. She and Ken they have an anniversary party in which Clyde and Mehrissa share a kiss and then pass away. Bonnie's ashes go to Valerie and Ken's go to Clyde, who gets the house.

Bonnie Rossim

Bonnie at the end of the Original Stories