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Brian Maycourt
The Brilliant Brian






Heir to the Maycourt Fortune


Reynold Maycourt (father; deceased)
Felicia Maycourt (mother; deceased)


Kelly Maycourt (sister)


Martha Maycourt (wife; deceased)
Mary Ann Werner (ex-wife)
Mary Ann Maycourt (wife)


Mary Ann Werner (ex-girlfriend)
Thea Green (flirtation)


Nathan Maycourt (son)
Eric Maycourt (son)


Frank Werner Sr. (father-in-law; deceased)
Eliza Werner (mother-in-law)
Arnold Werner (brother-in-law)
Franky Werner (brother-in-law)
Nancy Tenney (niece)

Cause for Departure

Moved Back to Home Town, with Mary Ann and Nathan. (1st Time)
Left Town, with Mary Ann. (2nd Time)


Brian Maycourt is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


Brian arrives in town with Mary Ann Werner. It is revealed by her brother, and Brian's old buddy, Arnold Werner, that they were high school sweethearts but broke up right before graduation. Brian later went on to marry a woman named Martha and they had a son named Nathan. However, Martha passed away some time ago leaving Brian a widower. When Mary Ann goes to visit her mother, Eliza, after her divorce from Winston Halcoyn, she reunites with Brian and manages to convince him and Nathan to come back with her to Sun-Crest Point. The Werner's know that Maycourts as both were very wealthy families and among the elite in their home town. However, it is heavily hinted that the Maycourt family is hiding a dark secret. Mary Ann quickly picks up on this when she begins to ask Brian about Martha's death and gets no answer in reply. This prompts her to not only enlist the aid of her treacherous mother but she calls Brian's old fashioned parents, Felinca and Reynold, who then come to town and bring with them, Nathan. This upsets Brian as he feels Mary Ann went squarely behind her back. However, he manages to come around and welcomes his son, who quickly takes to Mary Ann and vice versa.

Brian and his parents continue to remain secretive about what they are hiding and even when Mary Ann point blank asks Felicia about Martha's death she tells her to mind her own business. Shortly after Nathan's return and a visit from his parents, Felicia and Reynold leave town. Still curious and with no leads, Mary Ann decides to enlist the aid of Chris McCain, who happily takes up the case and begins to investigate. Chris then reveals that Brian's sister, Kelly, is in a mental institution. This horrifys Mary Ann as she has known the Maycourts her whole life yet never knew of Kelly's existence. Apparently, she had been diagnosed with possesing the insane trait at birth and her parents locked her away after she showed violent tendencies. Mary Ann tells her mother who decides to use Kelly... to seek revenge on Catherine Andrews, for stealing her husband all those years ago. Eliza then leaves town, breaks Kelly out and sicks her on Catherine. According to the reports, it was Kelly who was responsible for Martha's death and that she killed her because she becomes jealous when there is another woman in hr brother's life that is not her.

Catherine is attacked by Kelly, but manages to fend her off. Kelly then finds Mary Ann and gives chase. The two engage in a scuffle, where Mary Ann finds herself fighting for her life and is saved by Brian, whom leanred of his sister;s escape and was getting her ready to leave town for her own safety. After this Mary Ann swears off her mother and ends her relationship with Brian for not trusting her. However, Brian then finds Mary Ann, professes his love for her and then tells her that all those years ago he broke up with her because he couldn't risk her being killed. Mary Ann is shocked by this and demands an explanation. He tells her that he did love Martha and loves Nathan but that he was so afraid Kelly would get to Mary Ann and couldn't bear the thought of her dying, and ended their relationship. Touched by his brite honesty and her love for him, Mary Ann and Brian reconcile and she asks him to marry her, he gleefully accpets and the two begin to plan their wedding. They eventually decide to throw it all together and get married as soon as possible. As their wedding ceremony begins they are stopped by Karen Collins, who is also wearing a white dress.

Karen apologizes and reconciles with Arnold Werner, in the middle of their ceremony and asks if he will marry her, Arnold then asks his sister if they could do a double wedding. Mary Ann and Brian agree and the ceremonies take place and Brian and Mary Ann as well as Arnold and Karen wed, happily. However, shortly after their wedding Brian recieves a call informing him that his sisters desires to see him at the institution she is staying at. Mary Ann and Brian comes to the realization that they can not live in fear and cut out their family. They decide to move back to their home town, so Brian can see his sister and Mary Ann can re-build her relationship with her mother. Later it is learned through passing that Mary Ann and Brian have a son of their won, Eric Maycourt, who is born on the same days as his maternal cousin, Jane Werner. Later one, Mary Ann and Arnold speak over the phone where Mary Ann reveals that Brian has become very ill and, hopes he will recover. Then, when Mary Ann returns to town for Franky's high school geaduation, she reveals that Brian has died as a result of his illness. Seeing as both of Nathan's parents are deceased now, Mary Ann has adopted the boy as her own.

Return from the Dead

When Thea Green first meets Mary Ann they both seemingly recognize each other but Mary Ann is unable to place Thea in her mind. Then towards the end of the series after Thea suffers a nervous breakdown she reveals to her psychiatrist, Kurt Grinaldi that she has been harboring a dark secret for years. Then when Mary Ann is shocked to find Brain, whom she long thought to be dead, standing in her doorway he reveals that his parents had hired Thea (then a medical student) to help fake his death and send him away. She agrees to do so after they give her quite a bit of money. After Brian recovers from his illness he returns to his parents who inform him that Mary Ann left and took the children saying that all she ever saw in Brian was his money, which she got and ran. It is revealed by Brian that his parents wished to rid Brian of Mary Ann, seeing her as a perpetual gold-digger. They had planned to have him raise the boys but lost custody of them to Mary Ann right before Brian returned home.

Brian didn't take Mary Ann to court for custody as he didn't know where she was at but he then read in the paper that she had re-married Winston and came back after dealing with his parents part in their plan. Mary Ann apologizes and states that she would never have kept Nathan and Eric from him. She informs him that Nathan has married to Cara Colson and that they have adopted a baby boy, Remus. She also reveals that her marriage to Winston ended and that her daughter, Blair, found her. Brian stats that he helped Mary Ann in giving her up. With their children relatively happy, and together again. Brain and Mary Ann decide to give a relationship another try. After they reunite they tell their friends and children they are leaving town. Though Cara and Nathan leave with Remus and Eric and Blair decide to remain in Sun-Crest Point. Brian shares a tearful reunion with his sons, and Mary Ann has one last tender moment with Winston. The two share a final kiss and acknowledge that they love each other but they belong with other people. Brian and Mary Ann then leave town and in the finale as everyone returns for Janet's wedding Eric states that his parent's have re-married.