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The Un-Controlable Candi






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"Candi" (nick-name)
Candace Cabot (maiden name)
Candace Donovan (first married name)
Candace Centowski (second/fifth married name)
Candace Grinaldi (third married name)
Candace Jordan (fourth married name)


John Cannery (father; deceased)
Alicia Swirl (mother)
Ted Swirl (step-father)


Jake Cannery (half-brother)
David Swirl (half-brother)
Mac Cabot (half-brother
Eve Swirl (step-sister)


Luke Donovan (husband; deceased)
Jasper Centowski (ex-husband)
Lazlo Grinaldi (ex-husband)
Ray Jordan (ex-husband)
Jasper Centowski (husband)


James Person (ex-lover; deceased)
Jasper Centowski (ex-boyfriend)
George Snyder (flirtation)
George Snyder (one-night-stand)
Jasper Centowski (ex-fiance)
Craig Brigham (flirtation)
Jasper Centowski (ex-lover)


Alexa Cabot (daughter)
Viviane Centowski (daughter)
Holden Centowski (son)
Francine Centowski (daughter)
Ari Grinaldi (son)
Serena Sommers (step-daughter)
Craig Brigham (step-son)


Catherine Andrews (aunt)
Franky Werner (cousin)
Frances Cabot (grand-mother; deceased)
Walter Cabot (grand-father; deceased)
Leo March (great-uncle; deceased)
Travis Cabot (uncle)
Skye Sommers (cousin)


Candace "Candi" Centowski (nee Cabot, previously Donovan, Grinaldi, and Jordan) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point. Though Candi was introduced as a minor character, she has climbed the ranks and now serves as the series main heroine. Candi's most notable styline has been her consistantly turbulant relationship with Jasper Centowski, as well as her bitter rivalry with Amanda Campbell.


In the beginning, Candi is a teenager living with her divorced mother, Alicia Cabot. Her father and mother have split and he left town. Candi has just become a teenager and is starting highschool. She spends a great deal of time trying to mend her mother's broken heart instead of having her own fun. When she does begin school she is met with harsh ridicule from the school's queen bee/biatch Natasha Vern, who is dating the star athelete James Person. Candi quickly becomes infatuated with James and tries to win him over. He later tells her that he is attracted to Candi but that if he left Natasha for her she would make both their lives a living hell. Candi then comes up with a plan to win over James. With his confessed attraction she attempts to make him jealous to the point where he will ahve to leave Natasha. She then finds a boy she believes she could never fall in love with. So she asks out the school's techno whiz and geek, Jasper Centowski, he happily accepts and they begin "dating." Eventually her relationship with Jasper does make James jealous to the point where he pulls Candi aside and passionately kisses her but tells they just can not happen. This angers her and she contonues to flaunt her relationship with Jasper infront of James and Natasha. She then begins to feel guilty when Jasper tells Candi that she was his first kiss and that she has been the only ray of light in his life since the death of his mother. Natasha's father then has a job re-location and she proceeds to dump James, finally allowing him and Candi to be together. However, when the time comes Candi can't bring herself to dump Jasper and realizes that she has indeed fallen in love with the school nerd. She is un-sure though and she and James have a few make out sessions before she tells him that she wants to be with Jasper, to James discontent. James then proceeds to beat on Jasper at school, which seems to only bring him and Candi closer. James then exposes Candi's initial plan to Jasper and he dumps her figuring she was still simply using him. Candi then sinks into a depression and is heart broken. After meeting her mother's new beau, Ted Swirl, he pays James a visit and tells him to make things right, which he does. Jasper and Candi then reconcile and are caught making out by Alicia. Jasper then invites Candi to have dinner with him and his father, Hank, and she agrees. However, at dinner Hank begins poking fun at Candi because he knows that she met Jasper at first by simply using him. She then leaves in tears. She and Jasper conclude that his mean-ness is due to Jasper's mother, Wilma's, death. When her aunt, Catherine Andrews, returns she and Jasper decide to set her up with Hank. However, she lies to Candi and tells her that she still loves her homosexual ex-husband, Reggie Andrews.

Candi and Jasper then hear that Mae McBride and Escobar Reyes have just recently divorced. They then decide that Mae would be great for Hank. They begin plotting but their plotting becomes un-necessary when they go to the Centowski home one afternoon and catch Hank and Mae having coffee. Candi and Jasper then go tell Escobar this and pray he will dump her. Their plan works and Escobar and Mae end their relationship. Afterward though, Candi begins to feel some slight remorse. She is then shocked when she learns from her mother that her long absent father, John Cannery, has returned to town. She asks Jasper to be her date to her aunt Cathy's wedding to William Halcoyn. When the wedding is ruined and Catherine's past revealed her mother and Ted whind up marrying and Candi recieves a new step-father. Her and Jasper's plan to get Hank happy, backfires when he becomes too cling with Mae, too fast. It actually results in her and Escobar getting back together and Hank turning his grief and fury on Jasper and announces they are moving... out of town. However, Jasper retruns and claims he has emancipated himself, which is a lie. While at home with Candi one evening he breaks down in her arsma dn claims that his father had a mental breakdown and abandoned him so he cma eback here. He spends the night at the Swirl's, but doesn't sleep with Candi. Candi then gets her mother to have Cassidy Free, help out with getting Jasper emancipated, she tells he can't because his father is still alive. She then instead adopts Jasper as her son. Candi is present at an intervention for her aunt, where she learns she has a cousin named Franky Werner. She and Jasper then have a love filled relationship. Candi then puts the love on hold when she begins to realize that she and Jasper were responsible for his father's breakdown and abandonment. She tells this to her then step-father, Ted Swirl, who instead of telling Alicia (fearing it would ruin her and Mae's friendship) decides to keewp the secret between them. Later Mae and Escobar would returns and asks Candi why she did it. She tells them the plan and Ted promises Mae he'll tell Alicia, but he doesn't. Eventually Alicia does learn of the ordeal from Mae, but no damage is done to their friendship and she is fairly understanding on Ted and Candi, which makes Ted suspicious. It is then revelaed to Candi's disgust that Alicia had been having an affair with her father, John. Ted leaves Alicia and thus leaves Candi to pick up the pieces of her mother's shattered life.

Candi eventually comes around to the fact that her mother and father are giving their relationship another shot and she and Jasper quickly befriend new negihbor Chloe Talbot, daughter of Donna Talbot. However, Candi begins to notice that Chloe is perhaps too friendly with Jasper and tells him about it, he proceeds to tell her that he is only in love with her (Candi). Their relationship is then tested when after the wedding of Mae and Escobar the three all ahng out and Candi goes home, leaving Jasper and Chloe alone, and Jasper and Chlo, in a moment of weakness, make out. Jasper, guilt ridden, tries to tell Candi, but is silenced by Chloe. Candi then becomes suspicious herself and asks Chloe if anythng is going on when Chloe tells her she needs to speak to Jasper, she has her answer and the two break up on the day they were to age together. Candi goes home and is consoled by her parents and ages into a young adult. Jasper also ages and thanks his adoptive mother, Cassidy, for everything and takes a job at a science lab... out of town. Candi then takes a job in journalism and is instantly hired by Rosanna Halcoyn, who is blinded by her love for Arnold Werner. Candi then meets the station's free lance writer, Luke Donovan, whose crass and bluntness appear to annoy Candi, but secretly it's what attaracts her to him. Though they have a contrasting relationship they eventually confront their feelings for each other. However, Candi still had trust issues resulting in her break up with Jasper, but Luke is patient and as time passes they begin to date and even fall in love. Alicia becomes increasingly aware of her daughter's adult hood as she begins tp spend nights over at Luke's. When Luke manages to get proof that Mary Ann Werner initially married Winston Halcoyn, simply for his money he intends to publish the story, to Candi's chargin. This causes a slight rift between the two but they get over it. As they go through their brief rift, they must deal with the death of their boss, Rosanna Halcoyn and Candi is then informed that her father has re-married to Karen Collins. This happens just as her grand-mother, Frances Cabot, comes by for a visit as The Sun-Crest Killer, begins to stalk the residents of Sun-Crest Point. Candi, along with her cousin Franky, are the only members of the Cabot family that are un-aware that Franny is actually the killer. Before her grand-mother leaves town, she kills John in a house fire and attempted to Kill Karen as well, twice. This causes Candi to fall on Luke completely for support and he is there for her. Candi then learns that Karen is pregnant with John's child and her half-sibling.

Candi promises to be in the child's life and will there if Karen needs anything. During John's late and small funeral Candi speaks about her father and how he wasn't the best dad, he was the greatest. When she goes home with Luke that night he admits to her that his sarcastic front is due to his own father's death and that Candi has managed to melt his cold heart, Luke then asks Candi to marry him and she instantly accepts. She then begins to plan their wedding with the assistance of her mother. During this time Luke becomes pre-coccupied with finding The Sun-Crest Killer, and manages to get in on the case when he persuades Chris McCain. Candi tells herself that he is just trying to get a big scoop but soon the story consumes him and their relationship becomes strained and out of no where he suggestes they drop their elaborate plans and elope, and Candi agrees. Upon their return Luke goes right back into the case leaving Candi alone and depressed. She welcomes back her old friend, Chloe Harper, and informs her of her mother's condition after looking into the families past. She quickly notes that Chloe and her new husband, Brad Harper, have a cold and almost scheduled relationship. She goes as far to ask if Chloe simply married Brad because she was pregnant. Chloe denies both accusations. Candi would later confront Luke about his obsession with the Sun-Crest Killer, he claims to love her but that this is something he must do, until there is nothing more to lead on. Candi tries to accept this but just can't she tells Luke he has a week to come to terms with this case and close it or else she will leave him as she wants a husband not a crime buff. Luke agrees to this deal and begins to go through all his data and follows up on all the leads he has, and he concludes that the killer's DNA would still be on the tampered jukebox, at the community center. One night as Candi goes to see Ted, Luke sneaks across the police tape to examine the jukebox. However, it is revealed that the jukebox was not successfully disarmed and Luke recieves a fatal electric shock and is killed. Candi is devestated by his death and becomes increasingly erratic. Luke's will stipulates his only desire for her is for her to be "happy." Just then Candis old flame, Jasper, makes his epic return to Sun-Crest Point.

Candi as a teenager.

Candi is shocked to see Jasper, who reveals that he did not return by choice but that he is back to help re-build the town's failing science branch. He and Candi finally make ammends for their failed relationship. Candi then horrificaly learns that Jasper is engaged to her new arch enemy, Amanda Campbell. Jasper then spends more time with Candi and consoles over the death of her husband. She is shocked when her mother announces that she has re-married Ted, this event plus Jasper's engagement cause her to finally admit that her husband is dead to her cousin, Franky Werner, after trying to put it out of her mind. After Amanda is confronted by an emotional Catherine, she calls off her engagement to Jasper realizing that he and Candi are still in love with each other. But Amanda confronts Candi as well telling her that revenge is a bitch and that the next time around she will not be so nice. Candi and Jasper then reconcile their friendhsip which quickly shifts once more to a relationship when they spend the night together. They then begin anew and Candi becomes happy once again. Their new relationship is then tested when Janet Brigham comes to town and it is revealed that she and Jasper had a one night stand when he first arrived in the town he moved to. Janet at the time was dating Kevin McCain, but their relationship was dissolving due to his infidelity. Janet would become pregnant there soon after and have a son, Craig. It then becomes obvious that either Kevin or Jasper are the father of Craig. This causes emotional turmoil for Candi and Jasper. They then decide to have a paternity test done and Candi si present when it is done by Reggie at the hospital along with her mother and Janet's father, Saul Brigham, who is dating Alicia. The test then proves that Jasper is the boys biological father. This causes Candi to fall into the arms of James Person, who she had just recently ran into on her way to the hospital. In a vulnerable state the two of them would spend one night together, while still technically with Jasper. Candi becomes increasingly upset with herself for what she did and the following day she thinks she is coming down with something and goes to the hospital and is examined by a recently divorced Reggie who reveals that she is pregnant.

She admits that she knows the father is indeed James and not Jasper, which causes him to leave her citing that unlike her he didn't know he had a child. This causes Candi to have an emotional breakdown yet again and her mother's engagement to Saul Brigham doesn't help the situation and she freaks when she sees Jasper and Janet are "trying" to be a family. She isn't psyched at having Janet as well as Audrey and Lucy as step-sisters and urges her mother to marry for love not to help Saul's career. Soon Alicia sees this, as well as Candi freaking out at the sight of Jasper and Janet kissing and calls off the wedding and her relationship with Saul. Candi soon finds strength in the child she is caring and grows to loveit and she accepts James's presence in her life as well. Then on the night Lila and Marylin return and Roxy leaves Candi, while out with James, goes into labor. James gets her to the hospital and Monica Bremmer delivers their healthy daughter, Alexa, as Maurice, Reggie and Kevin were at the party. She and James get on good terms but it is clear James wishes to pursue a relationship and Candi doesn't. During this time Jasper and Janet's relationship collapses when Janet sees how Jasper still carries a torch for Candi and they break up. Jasper and Candi then once more reconcile, with James and Janet conspiring against them. They try to drive them apart by pretending to date. Though this freaks Jasper and CAndi out, they remain united. Janet and JAmes quickly realize that they can not truly ever destroy the love Jasper and Candi have each other. Janet then decides to end their charade but James says that if he and Janet were to have a kid together, it would definitley drive a wedge between Jasper and Candi. Instead if agreeing, Janet becomes disgysted that James would bring a child intoa love less union. She ends their act and tells him to get out. Realizing he has been once again defeated by Jasper, James tells Candi he will be leaving to go onto another expedition/adventure. He then learns that Jasper has asked Candi to marry him and she accepted. He offers his congratualtion, says goodbye to Alexa and leaves.

Candi and Jasper decide to move their wedding up to the night of the mayoral election. Alicia and Ted return for the wedding and announce their own engagement and that they have adopted a child, David, together. Even though everything is planned and in place... Amanda, hellbent on Candi's un-happiness, kidnaps Candi and gets them stranded across town. Amanda manages to get a hold of Derwood to come get them but, it takes him a while. During their wait Amanda and Candi hash out their past and once again Candi asks Amanda what she did to make her loathe her so much. Before she can honestly answer, Derwood arrives and manages to get them all to the wedding on time. Candi and Jasper then marry in a lovely ceremony. Just as their wedding day seems to be back on track... Jasper's father, Hank, shows up at the reception. Though it is awkward to have a "cured" Hank back, Jasper welcomes his father back into the fold. However, Candi becomes suspicious of Hank's behavior but, becomes sidetracked when she learns that she and Jasper are expecting a baby. With the news of her pregnancy, Candi is appraoched by Derwood Halcoyn, and he asks for her help in un-covering what it was that Lila had on Amanda. At first, Candi is resistant, not wanting to help her arch foe. Alas, when Derwood convinces her it may end their bitter rivalry, a pregnant Candi travels with Derwood to the Far East and meets up with Lila. Lila, repenting for her wicked ways, tells Candi and Derwood that Amanda was once married before to a man named Herb Colson, together they had a daughter, Cara, whom Mandy abandoned. When they return Amanda's life is shattered as Travis leaves her and Derwood ends their affair. Candi then goes into labor and gives birth to her and Jasper's daughter, Viviane "Vivi" Centowski. Then, seeing how broekn Amanda is, Candi extends the hand of friendship to her and, the two almost become friends and with Candi's encouragement Amanda reaches out to her own daughter. Yet, when Amanda learns of Candi's hand in her exposure, she resumes their rivalry and vows revenge upon Candi. Following Vivi's birth, Candi then enters into a period of depression, where she fantisizes about being with another man.

She becomes attracted to pseudo villain, George Snyder but, when she learns Blake is Jasper's half-brother and, that Hank was a pawn in Blake's schemes, she bounces backl and becomes available to her husband. She then focues her efforts on her husband and children as she becomes the editor in chief of the news station, following Mona's departure, making Candi Amanda's boss. Amanda then decides to strike back at Candi and Jasper by marrying Blake and, by doing gets him released from jail. Though Amanda only intends for her marriage to Blake to annoyt the Centowski's, Blake intends to kill them. When they marry, Candi learns that she and Jasper are expecting yet another child. This news also prompts the return of Janet eho comes to warn Candi and Jasper that Blake has intent to harm those close to Jasper, Janet then takes Alexa, Vivi and, Craig away for a brief stint to ensure their safety. Blake then plots to separate Candi and Jasper on the evening of Winston and Mona's third wedding, knowing everyone will be up at Halcoyn Hill. He manages to do so and attacks a very pregnant Candi, leaving her and the baby for dead. However, Amanda learns of Blake's plan and, comes running with Derwood in tow. They come across Candi as the Grim Reaper appears before her body. While Amanda and Derwood do this, Candi awakens in limbo, similar to Mae did. However, Candi only encounter's her first husband, Luke. While elated to see him again and declaring how she thinks the afterlife with him is truly her fate, Luke rebukes it and declares that Jasper is Candi's real soulmate and makes her give life another chance. Though it takes some convincing from Derwood, Amanda ultimately comes to her arch enemies aid and, with the death flower Travis gave her, she manages to save Candi, who is then revived, along with the child. Following her revival, she is in bad shape and, goes into labor. Derwood takes Candi to the hospital, while Amanda goes after Blake. However, during this time, Blake and Jasper had engaged in a fight at the beach. Both fought until the bitter end and, went under the water, to not emerge. As jasper and Blake are presumed dead, Candi gives birtht to twins, whom she names Holden and Francine. She is devestated by Jasper's death but, is surprised when she learns that it was Amanda who saved her and her children from certain death, leading them to form a tentative truce.

Following Jasper's death Candi becomes depressed, as Craig helps her with the twins and Vivi, the two share an awkward kiss with Candi declaring she was seeing Jasper in Craig, and the vow to never speak of it again. After a while Candi is encouraged to start dating again and begins dating George Snyder. However, nothing really comes of their relationship as Candi continues to grieve and George is nursing a broken heart over Janet. They amicably break up and Candi decries that she can never really love again, but then meets Lazlo Grinaldi, a significantly younger man. The two develop a friendship and Candi is surprised when he asks her out. Initially she rejects his offer, thinking of Jasper and their age difference. However, Amanda tells Candi that she can't really set a limit on love and convinced that Lazlo could make her happy, despite knowing her past and having four children, she accepts his offer and the two go on a whirlwind date. They quickly fall in love with each other. and over a ten storyline romance, Lazlo proposes. Candi happily accepts and the two are married, with minimal problems. A day following their wedding Candi is shocked to find herself pregnant for a fourth time. Despite her concerns about her age, everyone else is happy for the couple. The pair have some trouble during the pregnancy with a teenage, Vivi, but when she asks to go to boarding school, Lazlo convinces Candi to let her. Candi then gives birth to a son, Aristotle "Ari" Grinaldi. They two are happy and then Candi visits Jasper and Luke's grave telling them of her life now, when a ghostly vision of Luke appears to her, he remarks how happy he is for her and when she asks if Jasper is happy on the other side, she is blown away when Luke tells her that Jasper is with him because he is not dead. Luke then disappears and Candi goes into a state of confusion. She confides in Amanda who tells her that she is sure Blake and Jasper are both dead.


Candi has been married five times, to four men.

Candi has five children, and two step-children.

  • Alexa Cabot (daughter) - With James.
  • Vivi Centowski (daughter) - With Jasper.
  • Holden Centowski (son) - With Jasper, Francine's twin.
  • Francine Centowski (daughter) - With Jasper, Holden's twin.
  • Ari Grinaldi (son) - With Lazlo.
  • Craig Brigham (step-son) - From Jasper's relationship with Janet.
  • Serena Sommers (step-daughter) - From Jasper's relationship with Skye.