Cassandra is a bright, mysterious girl who resides in Pleasantview with her husband Darren Dreamer, and their teenage daughter Bella Dreamer.


Cassandra was left at the altar by Don Lothario after he found out she was pregnant with his child. She then married Darren Dreamer and Don's baby was born, later they had a girl named Bella Dreamer.

Cassandra Dreamer
Hi! My name is Cassandra Dreamer (Cyberstrike3000X Fanon)!
Name Cassandra Dreamer
Gender Female
Life State Sim
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Family

Parents Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth
Sibling(s) Alexander Goth
Spouse(s) Darren Dreamer
Child(ren) Bella Dreamer
Dirk Dreamer (step-son)

Neighborhood Pleasantview
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