Catherine Irving
The Catchy Catherine




Con Artist


"Cathy" (nick-name)
Catherine Cabot (maiden name)
Catherine Andrews (first married name)
Catherine Werner (second married name)
Catherine Irving (third/fourth married name)


Frances Cabot (mother; deceased)
Walter Cabot (father; deceased)


Alicia Cabot (sister)
Travis Cabot (half-brother)


Reggie Andrews (ex-husband)
Frank Werner (husband; deceased)
Ethan Irving (ex-husband)
Ethan Irving (husband)


Winston Halcoyn (ex-boyfriend)
William Halcoyn (ex-fiance; deceased)
Arnold Werner (ex-lover)
Julius Orwell (flirtation)
Escobar Reyes (ex-boyfriend)


Franky Werner (son)
Skye Sommers (daughter)


Candi Cabot (niece)
Leo March (uncle; deceased)
Mike March (cousin)
David Swirl (adoptive nephew)
Carter Irving (father-in-law; deceased)
Tara Irving (mother-in-law; deceased)
Liv Werner (grand-daughter)
Randy Werner (grand-son)
Gloria Gardner (grand-daughter)
Serena Centowski (grand-daughter)
Etta Howl (grand-daughter)
Jesse Gibson (grand-son)

Cause for Departure

Moved to France, with Escobar. (1st Time)
Remained in France, with Ethan. (2nd Time)
Series End. (3rd Time)
Death. (4th Time)


Catherine "Cathy" Irving (nee Cabot, previously Andrews and Werner) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point. Catherine had served as the series anti-heroine for a great deal of time. Some of her crimes ranged from being a standard gold-digger, to stealing the Grendel's daughter and claiming the child as her own. When such scams are revealed her relationships suffer, often leading her to re-evaluate her life. As with many other characters she must deal with the fact that her first husband is gay, giving up (later reuniting) with her daughter, selling away her son, being a con artist, divorce, widowhood, and a rocky relationship with her sister which has lasted since they were teenagers until Alicia's untimely death.


Catherine first appears when she is visiting her deceased uncle in the cemetary. There she runs into Winston Halcoyn, who is talking to his deceased mother's grave, looking for guidance Catherine comes over to him and they share a lenghty conversation that goes well into the night. Afterwards Winston leaves and feels a distince connection to Catherine, though he is married to Mona. Catherine later runs into Winston again after he learns he has a half-brother, Ralph Grendel. He tells Catherine his problems and she encourages him to go after Mona and see his brother. She then tells him the story of how she has been in town to re-connect with her long estranged sibling but has been afraid to do so. She is then revealed to be the older and estranged sister of Alicia Cabot and the aunt of Candi Cabot. She and Alicia had a falling out years ago. Alicia allows Catherine to stay with her and Candi but asks where Catherine's husband, Reggie Andrews, is. Catherine tells Alicia they have separated. Alicia then asks Catherine to come with her to meet Ted Swirl, Alicia's new beau. When Catherine meets Ted he seems to recognize her. This seems to upset Cathy and she changes the subject, which sparks Alicia's curiousity. After they return home Alicia asks question about Reggie and Catherine didges the questions by telling Alicia she has met a wealthy man here in town, Winston. Catherine then begins to court Winston and proves to be an excellent distraction for him during his separation from Mona. Alicia begins to suspect something is up with Cathy and tries to call Reggie. She leaves him a message and Reggie comes to town. Reggie reveals to Alicia that that he did hurt Catherine. He then informs Alicia and Ted that he and Catherine aren't separated but divorced and have been for a while. Catherine is then invited by Winston to attend his son's birthday party. She goes as his date. However, her romance with Winston is ended when Daria Grendel reveals that Winston's mother, Rosanna Halcoyn is alive. After William is shown to have been lying to Winston he runs back to Mona and dumps Catherine. When she gets home Alicia confronts her and tells her she knows she is in fact divorced. Catherine then tearfully admits that she divorced Reggie after she caught him cheating on her, with a man. Alicia consoles Cathy but believes there is more to her story. Catherine then begins to wallow in her relationship sorrows and runs into William Halcoyn, who buys her dinner. Afterwards he asks if it was a date and she responds by kissing him.

Later William proposes to Cathy and she accepts. It is clear that they both have alterior motives for wanting to marry each other. William to get back at Rosanna and Cathy most likely for the money. Their engagement lasta all of a day as they plan to marry the following evening up at Haclyn Hill. Their plans are cut short when Alicia's detective friend, Cassidy Free, investigates Cathy and un-covers her history. Catherine was deeply in love with Reggie however, when she caught him cheating and with a man, she quickly divorced him. This sent her over the edge and what forced her to become so cunning and dark. She planned on having kids with Reggie but he broke her heart. She then became a con artist and married an elderly and wealthy man, Frank Werner. He mysteriously died shortly after their wedding and Catherine inherited his vast fortune, to his families opposition. When the money ran out she heard of the Halcoyn family. She originally set her eyes on Winston but when he and Mona reconciled she went for William. Beofre their wedding can take place Alicia arrives and confronts her sister and thwarts her plans. Catherine runs off and Alicia marries her beau, Ted Swirl after Catherine and William's engagement is over. She then goes into hiding but shows up on Reggie's doorstep and asks for a place to stay. He permits it and they have a long talk where she admits she is still harboring another deep secret, perhaps her darkest of all. The next morning she awakens and comes downstairs to find her sister, niece, brother-in-law and ex-husband all standing there and all the exits have been locked. They refuse to allow Cathy to leave unitl she comes clean with them. She is hesitant and resists their intervention but after another breakdown Catherine admits that she has a child. She then re-tells her story. After Frank's death she discovered she was pregnant and Frank's daughter and Catherine's once step-daughter, Mary Ann, made a deal with her. She would not contest Catherine's inheritance of the werner fortune if she gave the baby, Franky, to her. Catherine then becomes hysteric when she admits that it was the darkest day of her life when she handed her son over for an inheritance from a man she never really loved. Afterwards Alicia places a call to Cassidy again and asks her to find Mary Ann Werner, bring her to town along with the child.

Cassidy delivers and Mary Ann Werner, is brought to town under the presumption hat her brother, Arnold Werner is dead, which is a lie. After she forcefully takes her son back from Mary Ann, Cathy triesd to tell her once step-daughter that she has changed. However, Mary Ann refuses to believe her and tries to cops however, Cassidy tells her their deal will never hold up and Cathy is entitled to have her son. Catherine then becomes a more low-key person as she tries to raise her son. Then, after talking to Mary Ann, Arnold does come to town and it is revealed that during her marriage to Frank, Arnold and Catherine had an affair. Arnold asks if Franky is his son, she tells him that Frank is in fact the father, the truth.... is Cathy truly turning over a new leaf? After Alicia and Ted get divorced Catherine comes to her sister's aide and tells her she and Franky will be moving back in to her her through thie rough patch. Then it is revealed by Cassidy that then man Catherine used to work for as a cona rtist, Anthony Rossatino, is in fact Cassidy's brother. It is heavily believed that her quitting the business, means Anthony will come to town and seek revenge upon her. Eventually Catherine does run into Anthony (Tony). However, it is revealed that her enitre transformation up to this point was mearly a facade and that she has been lying since her return to town and has been working for Tony the whole time and that finding Cassidy and Donna was simply a luck of the draw. Cassidy and her parnter/boyfriend, Richard Lytner, attempt to arrest Ctahy and Tony. However, Catherine manages to escape custody but, by doing so she loses custody fo Franky and he is given back to Mary Ann. It is then revealed that Cathy has been hiding out in Arnold's home. He took mercy on her and by doing so she can see Franky who is now Arnold's as Mary Ann has moved out and married Winston. Then Arnie discovers that there have been no formal chages pressed on Catherine and that the statute of limitations on her past crimes is up, she is free. after she re-emerges, Arnold gives Franky back to her and she does genuinely begins to seek redemption for her actions. She starts with Alicia, who is at first pissed that Cathy had been lying to her since the get go. However, Catherine tells Alicia that she emant that she wanted them to be sisters again and a happy family. After some persuasion Alicia tells Catherine that in time she can forgive her. She and Alicia then begin to bond again and become the Cabot sisters around town. Then then bond over their runined personal lives and how wretched they are. When Cathy takes Franky yo see Reggie for a check up she sees him with his old lover, Harry Repel, which upsets Catherine. She tells Alicia, who is also jealous of John's relationship with Karen Collins. They then conjur up a plan to break their exes up, but decide not to. They are then intruded by a visit from their long absent mother, Frances Cabot. Then her cosuin, Mike March arrives in town shortly after. This is when The Sun-Crest Killer, begins to stalk the people of the dismal town. When detective, Chris McCain arrives to crack the case wide open Franny goes to him and actually accuses Catherine of being the killer and informs him of her daughter's criminal background. However, Catherine is cleared as she was with Ethan Irving, when her Reggie and Harry were attacked. It is revealed that she and Ethan have begun seeing each other and are falling in love. Catherine then sinks into the background as the killer contonues to stalk the towns people and she continues on her romance with Ethan. Alicia then shares with Catherine that Mike had come to town to warn her that he believes that Franny is the killer and was responsible not only for the death of their father, Walter, but of their beloved uncle, Mike's father and Franny's brother, Leo. Both sisters find this un-believeable but then become worrisome when Mike is attacked, but survives. While Catherine is attending to Mike at the hospital, she leaves to use the bathroom. At which time her mother enters and attempts to smother Mike and finish him off. However, Catherine returns in time, stops her mother and saves Mike. She then confronts Franny who then reveals that she is in fact the killer. Catherine, gives Franny time to flee as she is her mother.

Then Catherine begins to re-evaluate her relationship with Ethan Irving after she takes Franky to his first day of high school and hears the other mother talking about their husbands and amazingly perfect lives. She then goes to see Ethan right after he was hired as Vice President of Halcoyn enterprises and talks to him about their future. He then simply asks her if she wants to marry him and to her delight she says yes. They begin to plan a wedding but one night throw it all away and marry privately at city hall. Shortly after their wedding Catherine's one time enemy, Eliza Werner, comes to town. It is clear she wants revenge on Cathy for making Frank divorce her. Ethan then bombshells Catherine by telling her he wants to have a a baby, something she doesn't want to do. However, she begins to feel threatened when Amanda Campbell arrives in town and is revealed to be Ethan's young ex-girlfriend. Afraid he may leave her for Mandy Catherine seeks out to see if she can have a naother child and keep Ethan but is informs that having a child at her age would be dangerous. This causes her to confront Amanda, whch leads to her break-up with Jasper Centowski. Catherine is then attacked by Kelly Maycourt as a revenge plot by Eliza Werner, the exw-ife of Catherine's second husband and Franky's father, Frank Werner. She then begins to gain some more happiness after Ethan assures her that he doesn't need a baby and that he loves her regardless. However, Catherine then catches his watcching one of Mandy's segments on TV and feels threatened once again, especially with her now single. Catherine then gos to the hospital and speaks with Monica Bremmer, the hospitals new young Dr. There she ropes Monica into helping her with something. It is revelaed that Cathy wants Monica to help her fake a pregnancy in order to keep Ethan whom she feels will leave her form Amanda. She bribes Monica, who accepts the money and vows to help. Catherine's original plan was to fake a pregnancy and then adopt a child in secret and pass it off as her and Ethan's child. However, she is denied the adoption due to all of her past crimes. She freaks and Monica suggests (with immense guilt) that they could take Sandra Grendel and Ralph Grendel's soon to be bron child in it's place. Catherine, not even thinking about her friendship with Sandra immediately accepts the plan and the old Catherine emerges once again! Catherine then gans weight to look as if she is pregnant and when Sandra goes into labor, Catherine puts the plan into effect. It manages to work and Monica tells the Grendel's that their new born daughter was stillborn when really she goes home with Catherine and Ethan they name her Emma Irving. Sandra and Ralph are devestated.

Shortly after Emma enters their lives, Franky begins to suspect his mother of mid-deeds when he notces the way she is around Emma and when people can't find a resemblence. He and Haley Kramer Grendel then pput the pieces together however, before they can inform her parents of their throry they, along with Emma are kidnapped. When Cather, Ethan, Alicia, Ted, Arnold, Karen, Kevin, Ralph, Sandra, Travis, Chris and Monica arrive at the police station, the kidnapper calls Ethan and everyone is shocked when catherine only pleads for Franky's release. Ethan accuses her of loving him more than their daughter, this is when Catherine and Monica reveal that Emma is in fact Sandra and Ralph's daughter. Catherine admits this because she was trapped and Monica out of guilt. This causes everyone in Catherine's life to turn against her and once more even Alicia renounces her sister as well as Travis. Eventually the kidnapper is revealed to be Ethan's father, Carter, who only intended tot ake Franky and Emma, who he thought was his grand-daughter, but when he grabbed Franky Haley was with him. He held them for randsom because the money from his faux merger witht he Halcoyn's ran out. He is eventually apprehended and all the children are returned, this time Emma goes home with her real mother and father. Franky disowns his mother and stays with Alicia and Travis. Ethan, disgusted by Catherine then divorces her and leaves town. Catherine is then visited by the spirit of her mother, Franny, one night. However, instead of offering support and love Franny appears and beartes her daughter in a ghoulish manner. She reveals that Catherine needs to look in the mirror because they are one in the same, causing Catherine to have a full blown meltdown. She sets out to once and for all to change after a brutal and volatile confrontation with Sandra. She then decides to sabotage the oppsoing mayoral candidate, Julius Orwell, by joining his campaign and wooing him in an attempt to get informaton. She succeeds and he reveals that he and Lila only married to secure a win in the election. Catherine then uses this information to expose them and get her relationships back. However, she comes across Derwood Halcoyn and Amanda Campbell in a passionate embrace. She then contemplates telling her half-brother that his wife is cheating to get him back. At Candi's wedding, she almost makes ammends with Alicia but, Alicia tells CAtherine she just can't let what she did slide. Catherine then reveals Julius and Lila's cherade after Saul loses. The result, impeaches Julius and gives Saul the win. Catherine then begins a secret romance with Escobar Reyes, he asks her out, saying that he knows what it feels like being socially isolated.

Soon a relationship between the two begins to blossom. Then, Cathy is again visited by a ghoulsih vision of her mother, Franny. This time Franny tells Catherine that her darkest secret even is set to reveal itself and, that it could possibly sever any ties to reconciliation for her already shined upon sins. Catherine then becomes paranoid and worries about what secret her mother could be speaking about. Then a young woman named Skye Sommers comes to Sun-Crest Point. At Escobar's gallery opening, Skye makes an announcement and reveals that she is Catherine's daughter and, that her father is Catherine's ex-husband, Reggie Andrews. This news shocks Reggie and asks catherine if it is true, knowing this is the secret, Cathy admits that the day she caught Reggie and Harry together was the day she learned she was pregnant. After she left Reggie she gave birth to a daughter, who she immediately gave up for adoption, never knowing the child's name. This revelation breaks the strong bond Catherine and Reggie always had. Once more, Alicia, Travis, Franky etc. cut Catherine from their lives. However, Skye comes to her mother's defense and tells them she has no hard feelings but, only desired to meet her biological family. This mends the fence between Catherine and the rest of the Cabot clan. And, Escobar tells Catherine that though he too is alerted, he tells Catherine that ot doesn't surprise or shock him. Skye leaves town after meeting her family and reuniting them, she tells them that she lives in Arbor Acres and was raised by a good man, Milton Sommers. Following their daughter's departure, Reggie begins to reconcile with Catherine but, holds great contempt for what she did. Escobar then decides to open up a gallery in France, he asks Catherine to join him, she accepts. After that she and Escobar leave Sun-Crest Point, to start a life together.

Last Chance

After Mae marries Kurt Grinaldi, her memory and love for Escobar returns. Mae soon leaves Kurt and travels to France, where she professes her love to Escobar. They then reunite and, Escobar speaks to Catherine about their relatiosnhip. Seeing how happy Escobar is with Mae, Catherine and Escobar mutually end their relationship and Catherine watches as Esocbar and Mae reunite. She then calls up Franky, telling him that she is thinking about moving back to Sun-Crest Point. However, her phone call with Franky is cut short when Catherine looks across the plaza where she is standing and sees... Ethan. Then Back in Sun-Crest Point, the following day, Franky says in passing that Catherine has decided to remain in France, with his step-father, meaning she and Ethan re-married.


Catherine returns to town following the death of her brother, Travis, and the sudden illness of Alicia. Cathy quickly runs to her sister's bedside and seeks her forgiveness before she dies claiming she has changed for the better. Alicia is at first reluctant telling Catherine how what she has done to be horrendous. While back home Catherine reconnects with her niece, nephew, and meets Travis's son, Preston. She also reunites with her own children, Franky and Skye. She introduces Skye to Ethan, her husband once more. She and Reggie re-connect as well and reconcile their once great friendship. She encourages Franky to reconcile with Haley whom he is currently separated from. After catching up with old friends and enemies, Cathy again pleads for Alicia's forgiveness. This leads to an emotional confrontation between the sisters as Alicia admits how she has missed Catherine but she didn't even call her after Ted died. Catherine, breaks down and truthfully apologizes one last time which leads the sisters to finally reconcile. Catherine is the last person Alicia speaks to before she dies. After her sister's death, Cathy remarks how she was the worst of her siblings but is the last alive. Candi, David, Franky, Skye, and Ethan all remark how Catherine is not an awful person. After Alicia's funeral Catherine and Ethan mention how they have to return to France for nectar making, but are seen at Janet's wedding a year later.

Still Shining

A very elderly Catherine makes her final appearance in the spin-off. During this this time her grand-niece, Viviane Centowski, returns to France after revealing to Lazlo Grinaldi, her once step-father, that she has been in love with him and ruining his relationship to Cheryl Fenmore. Catherine reminds Vivi that she is a Cabot woman and that she is capable of taking Cheryl down and winning Lazlo's affections. Vivi realizes that her great-aunt is right and returns to win Lazlo, and succeeds. Shortly, after this, Catherine returns to Sun-Crest Point for the final time. She comes to find Franky and Haley at a cross roads in their relationship, and encourages Franky to confess his love to Haley. She then visits the cemetery, and visits the graves of her parents, siblings, and Ethan, revealing he has passed away. She then collapses, and wakes up in limbo.

There Catherine is visited by her family, except her mother. Her father tells her how he has always been proud of her, and Travis tells Catherine that he is grateful for her entrusting a great deal of money to his son, Preston and for ensuring Carly stays out of trouble. Alicia then tells Catherine that she misses her a great deal. Lastly Ethan passionately kisses Catherine declares his undying love for her and tells her how much he too misses her. She then asks what she is to do now? As this happens Catherine is found by her grand-nephew, Holden, and he has local doctor, Sienna Windsor revive her. However, the Cabot's and Ethan tell Catherine can go back to life if she desires or she can go with them to the after life. Then Sienna attempts to revive Cathy one final time, but then declares Catherine dead, having chosen to go to the afterlife, after all.

Her funeral prompts the return of old friends, family, and even enemies.


Catherine has meen married a total of four times, to three men.

  • Reggie Andrews (divorced) - Due to the fact that Reggie was gay.
  • Frank Werner (widowed)
  • Ethan Irving (divorced - 1st time) - Due to Cathy having stolen the Grendel baby.
  • Ethan Irving (married - 2nd time)

Catherine has two children.

  • Skye Sommers (daughter) - With Reggie, given up for adoption, recently reunited.
  • Franky Werner (son) - With Frank, gave him away for the Werner Fortune, since reconciled.
  • Emma Grendel (illegally adopted daughter) - With Ethan, stolen from Ralph and, Sandra. Given back.
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