Cephas Thompson
Vital statistics
Title Father of the Thompson family
Gender Male
Life state Sim
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Status Deceased
Neighborhood Pleasantview

Cephas Thompson was the first Thompson male as well as the husband of Amelia Thompson and the father of Vince Thompson. Quiet & reserved, Cephas' main concentration in life was to get to the top of his career and make as much money as possible. Because of this driving ambition, Cephas spent little time with his son, Vince Thompson, leaving Vince to be able to roam free at night and have low social skills.


Not much is known about Cephas Thompson other than he met his wife during the time of The Sims 1.


Cephas' presence with the game is that of someone who could care less about the world and more about money & success. With that being said, it was no surprise he rose to the top of the Business career.


Cephas is the first known Thompson and started the Thompson family with his wife, Amelia Thompson (maiden name Boswell).