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Chris Gray
Vital statistics
Title Ghost Of
Gender Male
Life state Human
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Status Deceased
Neighborhood Shoreline Trails

Chris Gray was a Sim who appears in The Sims 2.

Early Life

During his first adult years, he moved into Rockwell Acres with his roommates, Ossie Madison and Felicity Usher III. The first thing he did in his new home was took a shower and bounced on a trampoline. As soon as Ossie arrived home, they made freinds over the course of one day. The next thing to do was to clean up the house by filling up the bin with trash. That earned him the 2,000 simoleons he needed to buy a double bed worth at least 50. Then he moved out to Shoreline Trails.

Late Life

He got a job as a lab cleaner at long hours and low wage. Soon he earned anout one skill point and performed a surf move