Clyde Rossim
Clyde as he appears in the beginning of G3










Bonnie Rossim (mother)
Ken Rossim (father)


Valerie Castillo (half-sister)


Mehrissa Woodrow (ex-wife)
Mehrissa Rossim (wife)


Olga Todd (ex-girlfriend)
Betty Peterson (ex-fiancee)


Faline Rossim (daughter)


Martine Youth (niece)
River Castillo (nephew)
Ramiro Castillo (brother-in-law)


Clyde Rossim is a Sim in the town of Pineview. He is not there in the beginning he is born later after Bonnie Scroll and Ken Rossim get married and have him. For the most part he is a good kid who maintains good grades, he befriends, Ernest Shell, Olga Todd, Dorothy Quarren, Esme Jugo and Mehrissa Woodrow. When he ages into a teenager he and Mehrissa begin to date. He cares for her deeply. However, he doesn't know that Olga also has feelings for Clyde despite the fact that she is dating Ernest.

He is close to his half-sister, Valerie and he quicly befriends her husband, Darwin he is also a loving and caring uncle to their child, Martine. One night while all the "Next Generation" Sims are out at a house party, hosted by Esme, Olga, a "Generation 03" Sim decides to make her move and kisses Clyde. Though he hesitates, he rebuffs Olga and tells her he is seeing Mehrissa and would like to see things through. Olga's im-patient-ness grows. Clyde then tells Mehrissa what happens and they briefly seperate but reconcile.

When his parents throw him a birthday party, Valerie and Martine run into Darwin and they share an awkward moment but move-on. When Clyde then ages into an adult he then proposes to Mehrissa, she accepts. Darwin then re-proposes to Valerie, she rejects. His parents then announce that they are moving to the Sim-ji Isles, Bonnie then argues with Ken and tells him no. Ken then tells Bonnie he is going, with or without her.

The Fire

Clyde, along with Mehrissa, attends Melissa's grand-opening and after party. He runs into a flirtatious Olga while he is there. He constantl rejects her advances and explains he is going to marry Mehrissa. When the fire breaks out, he makes sure he and Mehriss get out safely. The next day Olga comes over to apologize for her behavior. However, when Mehrissa walks in the house she catches Clyde and Olga in a sweet embrace... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories pick up 5 years later, it is revealed that Clyde did marry Mehrissa. However, their marriage was short lived. After the birth of their daughter, Faline, the divorced and she left him. He now lives with his divorced mother and daughter. He is now dating Olga Todd. He lter breaks-up with Olga due to her manipulative behavior. He becomes extremely attached to his daughter Faline. He is overjoyed when his parents re-marry. However, their home becomes cramped and Clyde and Faline move-out. Mehrissa allows them to stay with her. However, Clyde must sleep on the couch.

Eventually he and Mehrissa grow close again. This leads to Clyde proposing, again. She rejects his offer as she has accepted a job in another town. She acknowledges her feelings for Clyde, says goodbye to him and Faline and leaves. He then moves out of Mehrissa's house and he moves in with His sister, Valerie, her husband, Darwin, Ernest and Martine. He then begins to see a repair-woman, Betty. He then decides, after dating a while, to make an honest woman out of Betty and proposes. Betty Accepts.

He is then seduced by Olga, he then breaks off his engagement with Betty in hopes of rekindeling his romance with Olga. However, Olga refuses to leave Horatio. Clyde then tries to win Betty back, she rejects. He continues to pursue her but to no avail. When he proposes for one final time Betty rejects him... again. When he aks her why, she says it isn't because she doesn't love him, it's because he never stopped loving Mehrissa.

Clyde, realizing the truth in Betty's statement, leaves Pineview to see things through with Mehrissa. He leaves Faline with Valerie and Ramiro... (Cliff-hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Mehrissa and Clyde have re-married and have moved back to Pineview, they are coming to the end of their adult days and Faline is living with them again. He is saddened by his sister's death. Ramiro was supposed to come live with Clyde and Mehrissa but ultimatley decided to live with the newly re-married Martine and Johann.

Then Faline ages into a young-adult and moves out. Clyde and Mehrissa have a happy re-marriage and once Faline leaves Mehrissa tells Clyde that maybe they should adopt a child. Clyde tells her he doesn't want to as they do not have much time left and he wishes to spend it with her and Faline. Mehrissa agrees. A week later they pass away, peacefully.