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Curly Shortman
Vital statistics
Title Ghost Of Grand Admiral
Gender Male
Life state Human
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Status Deceased
Neighborhood HMS Amore

Curly Shortman was a sim who appears in The Sims 2.


He was born to The Lord Admiral Of The Royal SimNavy and The Lady Admiral Of The Royal SimNavy and was infact brought up in a The Heptagon in The Sim Desert near The Octogon and The Decagon. During his baby years, he liked to play with toy boats and had bath toys of every type of boat there ever was. His todler years saw him drawing boats, which were later turned into the HMS Amore. As a child, he went to Veronaville High School where he took up Design And Technology as his favriote subject. When his teen years came, he actually chose D&T as the thing he wanted to get a career out of. With good qualifications, he was automatically given the proffesion as Admiral Of The Royal SimNavy because of his parents position.

His final days of his life came when he discovered that one of the ships he was about to sail on (HMS Amore) was actually drawn by him as a toddler. He was the commanding officer on a special assignment to measure the hieght of wind tides at the coast for government statistics during the high tide season. On the morning of setting sail, he received a telephone call about his parents. He was rushed to The Royal Hospital Of Strangetwon where they were found dead. After that, he inherited the role of Lord Admiral, needing to find a wife to continue his legacy. As he was coming before the queen sim (Alexandra Mary) he was mysteriously shot in the neck and died. His killer was never found.