Dahlia Alido
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Dahlia Alido








Dahlia Alido (maiden name)
Dahlia Hart (first married name)
Dahlia Coosband (second married name)
Dahlia Armsworth (third married name)
Dahlia Yellow (fourth married name)


Adam Hart (ex-husband)
Garfield Coosband (husband; deceased)
Reginald Armsworth (ex-husband)
Rhett Yellow (ex-husband)


Winston Othel (kissed)
Ross Shewd (boyfriend)


Nerissa Hart (daughter)


Sahara Aller (grand-daughter)


Dahlia Alido (previously Hart, Coosband, Armsworth and Yellow) is a Sim in the town of Pineview. She is not there in the beginning but comes later along with her recently divorced mother, Suzie. Her and Suzie's relationship becomes strained when Dahlia says that it is her Mother's fault for them having to constantly move. This is why she barely had any friends. Their relationship improves when she quickly becomes friends with the other neghborhood kids. As a teen she begins dating a boy named Adam Hart. After she aged into an adult she continues her realtionship with Adam and moves out of her house and moves in with Valerie, Annabel and Blanche in the apartment.

After Val and Annabel move out Dahlia is asked by Adam to move in and she talks with Blanche about it. Blanche is OK with living alone, it will be a break from her childhood. She and adam move into their own home, the one previously owned by Devlin and Kelly, and he then suprises her with a wedding ceremony, the two marry and three days later Dahlia discovers she is pregnant. She becomes overjoyed when her father, Cyrus returns. The question is why is he back?

Dahlia then gives birth to a daughter, Nerissa. She then recieves news that her father has died and is saddened until Suzie tells her the whole story.

The Fire

Dahlia and Adam , along with the child-age Nerissa attend Melissa'ss grand opening and after partyy When Clara sets the fire, hoping to kill Toni, Davvis and Ernest. Dahlia and her family get out. She becomes nervous the next day when Adam arrives home from work with a co-worker named Dixie, he begins to flirt with her in front of Dahlia. She then begins questioing her husband's fidelity... (Cliff hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is reveale that Adam has begun an affair with co-worker Dixie. However, Dahlia ia un-aware of this. She also seems to be involved in a flirtatous relationship with another sim, Winston Othel, a very rich sim. Dahlia confronts Dixie ne night telling her she wants her marriage to work. Dixie's lastname is revealed to be Dixie Allbee, Janice Allbee's daughter. Dahlia has no knowldge of Janice's past actions. However, is Dixie the product of Abraham and Janice's affair? It is revealed that she is not.

Later when Dahlia sees Melissa Schwann flirting with Winston Othel she confronts her. She then tells Melissa about Adam's affair. Melissa encourages her to try nd save her marriage as Melissa regrets giving up on hers so easily. Dahlia confronts Adam. Adam tells her that he loves Dixie and her and that he cn not decide. This leads to Dahlia and Adam separating. While they are separated Dixie learns about what her mother did to the Wilt Family and decides to break-up with Adam, not wanting to be just like her mother. Dixie then leaves Pineview. Dahlia kisses Winston but she and Adam decide to give their marriage another shot.

She then recieves that her mother has passed away. When she recieves Suzie's ashes the name on the grave reads "Suzie Custer" meaning that when she went to see Blare they re-married. The next day she recieves her step-father's ashes. She then tries desperately to repair her and Adam's troubled marriage, she even suggests they have another child before they are too old. Adam rejects the idea and tells Dahlia he is still in love with Dixie. He then leaves her for Dixie.

Dahlia then embraces the single life. However, she soon realizes that she is no youngster and that she would like a significanttoher for when she becomes an elder. She then meets a visiting Garfield Coosband, she asks him out, he accepts. They only date for a week when Garfield pops the question, on a whim Dahlia accepts and they marry on the spot. However, Garfield reveals after they marry that he is ill and has been for some time.

He reassures Dahlia that he loves her, alas three days later Garfield dies from his illness. She is grieves for a while but everday she comes closer and closer to becoming an elder, she then begins searching for another, age appropriate sim, who she can share the rest of her life with. She comes across Reginald Armsworth. They only go on one date When Dahlia aks him to marry her. Shocked, he says yes. They marry the following morning. She and Reginald remain married through the age transition of Adult to Elder which makes Dahlia happy. However, they soon realize that they married too quickly and that they are not in love. with this realization Dahlia and Reginald divorce, on good terms.

Dahlia lives alone for a while. She is upset when she learns that Adam has married Dixie. She then meets Rhett Yellow, son of the late Pritchard Yellow the former love-interest of Joanna Quarren. They date and quickly fall in love he asks her to marry him, she gleefully accepts and they have a park wedding. Dahlia finally finds her true love. However, at Faline's party a young adult age woman, Jan Alder, shows up it is reveald that she is Rhett's daughter from a previous union... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Dahlia and Rhett are still married. She has accepted that he has a daughter. She was initially upset that he didn't mention it. Jan currently lives with Dahlia and Rhett. When Jan is killed in a fire, caused by Emma-Lee Schwann Rhett begins having emotional breakdowns which causes Dahlia to re-evaluate her marriage. But un-like her mother she decides to stick it out with Rhett. Rhett then expresses his idea to have another child. Dahlia informs him that she cannot give him another child as they are elders.

She tells him that they could adopt a child, even though Dahlia doesn't want anymore children, Rhett rejects the idea and then informs Dahlia he wishes to find another, younger woman who can bear him another child. Dahlia, disgusted by the idea, tells Rhett she wants a divorce and they split up. Rhett moves-out and begins his search. Just as Rhett leaves Dahlia's life, her first ex-husband Adam returns to Pineview. He informs her that he and Dixie didn't work out and that she found him exhausting.

Dahlia then begins to ponder if she could possibly reconcile with Adam and give their relationship another shot. She and Adam then resume their relationship when she learns that Rhett re-married to Esme Jugo who becomes pregnant with his child. She then begins to fall back in love with Adam again. She then tells Nerissa about her and Adams possible reconciliation. To Dahlia's shock, Nerissa tells her mother what an awful idea it is. She then reminds her how terrible things were with Adam at the end of their marriage.

Dahlia decides to end her relationship with Adam. She then decides that there is nothing left for her in Pineview. She then decides to move to Clariville and leaves Pineview.


Upon Dahlia's arrival in Clariville, she runs into former neighbors, Winston Othel and Vy Othel. Winston has changed his ways. Laurel is now a young adult, engaged to be married. Kay is a child, and looks like her mother. When Dahlia moves intoher cottage she meets a fellow neighbor, Ross Shewd, a new love-interest. She for the most part enjoys her life in Clariville.

She is upset when she recieves word that many of her friends from Pineview, have begun to pass away with time. She contemplates moving back to spend her remaining time with her daughter and grand-daughter. However, when Nerissa and Sahara come to visit Dahlia decides to stay. She then begins to date Ross, He asks her to marry him, Dahlia declines. She tells him that she loves him but that she's been married too many times to do it again.

She and Ross move in together and live a happy existence. They share their remaining few days together, Dahlia then passes away with old age. Leaving Ross behind.