Dame Magatha Anderstein is an elder sim living with her daughter Anita Oakley, son-in-law Edgar Oakley, granddaughter Franine Willows, great granddaughter Gracie Willows and her cat, Plimpy. Her twin sister, Sania Fendlesworth, was put in The Home for Insane Girls (which was destroyed and was turned into a school which Gracie attended) and died there. She helped Gracie when she mentioned that her deceased twin sister was haunting the school. In the end, she came to the school to calm her sister's ghost. The ghost then dissolved and was finally laid to rest.
Dame Magatha Anastasia Fendlesworth Anderstein
Name Dame Magatha Anastasia Fendlesworth Anderstein
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Virgo

Anderstein Family
Parents Hibiscus Fendlesworth, Ankanavia Fendlesworth
Sibling(s) Sania Fendlesworth
Spouse(s) Jonathan Anderstein
Child(ren) Anita Oakley, Jeremy Anderstein

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