Davis Schwann
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Davis Schwann






Party DJ




Suzanne Schwann (mother; deceased)
Mystery Sim (father)
Alec Todd (step-father)


Olga Todd (step-sister)


Melissa Shin (ex-wife)
Harper Alder (ex-wife)
Emma-Lee Schwann (ex-wife)
Annabel Wilt (wife)


Valerie Scroll (ex-girlfriend)
Dagmar Platz (ex-lover)
Jan Alder (lover; deceased)


Sigrid Wilt (daughter)
Jacque Schwann (son)
Anya Platz (daughter)
Percy Schwann (son)
Astrid Schwann (daughter)


Ulvar Wilt (grand-son)
Karre Ulter (grand-son)
Annie Warp (grand-daughter)
Susanna Schwann (grand-daughter)
Zed Quarren (son-in-law)
Abel Wilt (son-in-law)


Davis Schwann is a Sim in the town of Pineview. In the beginning he is a child and living with his mother, Suzanne. His father is an un-known past lover of Suzanne's. When he becomes a teenager he chooses the romance aspiration like his mother and embraces it. It begins dating Valerie Scroll but then gives into temptation and begins cheating with her bestfriend Annabel Wilt. When Valerie realizes that he's been cheating, but not with who, she is devastated and breaks-up with Davis.

Once again free Davis just sees Annabel regularly for make-out sessions but doesn't ask her to go steady, like she really wants. He then begins to date another girl, Melissa Shin. She is different though, Melissa wants nothing short of a real relationship, leading her to ask Davis to go steadyand he reluctantly says yes. However, he keeps Annabel as a lover, culminating in her pregnancy. When Annabel gives birth to their daughter, Sigrid, She gives her to Anita and Franklin to raise. Davis agrees. And they keep Sigrid's parentage a secret. When Annabel talks to Davis about Sigrid he says he wants nothing more to do with the child. Annabel then sees himfor what he is, a loser. She dumps him and he leaves but not heartbroken as he has many more lovers. He runs into Valerie before her wedding to Darwin and the two share a kiss, one of his longest wants since their break-up. When she feels nothing she realizes she has always loved Darwin.

He is heartbroken when his mother dies. He then marries Melissa, even though he cheats on her, after her father, Byron Shin, passes away and leaves her all of his money. He doesn't seem to care when Melissa becomes pregnant and gives birth to their son, Jacque. He has been egaged in an affair with Dagmar Platz since she broke up with Marlin Youth. She has since become pregnant with his child. This makes Davis the father of what will be three children. One day while Melissa and baby Jacque are out shopping he calls a pregnant Dagmar over for a woo hoo session but they are caught by Melissa who arrives home early. Dagmar leaves and Davis and Melissa duke it out with Melissa divorcing Davis, taking Jacque and moving out.

Dagmar then gives birth to a daughter, Anya, she then realizes she doesn't have what it takes to be a mother and leaves her with Davis and skips town.


Once again Davis runs into Valerie one night after she and Darwin had a bad fight. They were arguing about her dream of opening her own orchard. Davis sees this as an opportunity to win Valerie back, as she is the only Sim who seems to be able to at some point say no to Davis. They kiss and head back to his place and woo hoo. This results in Valerie and Darwins divorce. Currently it is un-known if she will engage in a relationship with Davis again or not.

The Fire

Davis os one of three sims that Clara Shin targets to kill. Her reason for wishing to do away with Davis is that he like Byron cheated on Melissa. He attends his ex-wife's grand-opening and after party. He brings along with him the toddlar aged Anya. Jacque meets one of his half-sister's, He has yet to learn of Sigrid's existence. When Clara sets the fire Davis makes Sure that Anaya gets out safely and himself. He then begins to believe that life is too short. The next day he approaches Valerie with the intent to ask her to marry him. However, at the same time Darwin approaches her with the same question... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Valerie rejected his proposal and accepted Darwin's. Davis then fled Pineview, for 4 years. When he returned he re-married to Harper and had yet another child, a son Percy. He has stated that he has changed. When Annabel finally decides to tell Sigrid that Davis is her fathe Sigrid confronts Davis and to her shock Davis embraces his daughter this then leads to Sigrid moving out of Annabel's home and into the Schwann household. Sigrid leaves when she becomes pregnant and gives birth to Ulvar.

His new self is soon proven to be a facade. When Harper catches him flirting with another female neighbor she quickly confronts him and then divorces him. She then leaves town but leaves Percy with Davis. He is then shocked when Melissa arrives on his doorstep tells him she is also leaving town and then leaves Jacque with him. All the children Davis once ignored he is now caring for (Sigrid, Jacque, Anya and Percy).

He then realizes that he wants to win back the sim he has ever truly cared about, VAlerie. He goes over to her home one afternoon and professes his love fore her. Unlike the other time, this time she rejects him and reassures herself that she loves Darwin. Davis then decides to get rid of the only problem standing in his way, Darwin, he then engages Darwin in a fight. Davis wins. However, Valerie arrives on the scene and confronts Dvis and assures him any relationship they had romantically ended when they were teenagers. Davis then, realizing he and Valerie will never be together, flees Pineview.


Davis then returns to Pineview. He has married yet again this time to Emma-Lee. However, Emma-Lee is not pregnant. He is upset when he learns that Darwin has died. He is even more devestated to learn that Valerie has re-married to Ramiro Castillo. He sees Valerie and makes ammends with her, but admits that he will always love her. Valerie does not reciprocate his love but accepts the apology. When Valerie attempts to be friendly to Emma-Lee, Emma-Lee treats her coldly and becomes angry when ever she is around Valerie, it is then revealed that Emma-Lee possesses the insane trait.

Emma-Lee soon falls pregnant and gives birth to a daughter, Astrid. After the whole Valerie fire fiasco when Emma-Lee is in serious trouble Davis shows serious concern for his wife, meaning he may actually care for her. He and Emma-Lee attend the aging party in the park, they are seen sharing a passionate kiss, could Davis actually be in love with Emma-Lee...?

They are at Faline's birthday party, with Percy, Astrid and Anya, when Emma-Lee catches Davis making eyes at Valerie, then a bubble above Emma-Lee's head appears with Valerie's picture and a tombstone, then the long thought Dagmar Platz, Anya's mother, returns... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Davis is still married to Emma-Lee, Astrid is now a child and Percy is a teenager. Dagmar has returned to make peace with her daughter, Anya, who she now lives with. However, Davis has begun an affair, again, this time with Jan Alder. He is upset when he learns that jan had perished in a house fire. However, he doesn't know that his wife, Emma-Lee Schwann was the one who started the fire. He is then shocked when he learns that Jan ws the daughter of his second ex-wife Harper Schwann. Making Jan his one time step-daughter. And when Harper returns to Pineview he begins having old feelings despite the fact that she is dis-interested.

He is devestated when Valerie, passes away. He never got to be with her again. Davis then divorces Emma-Lee, and informs her that he nevere truly loved her but that he did deeply care for her. Emma-Lee then loses it and attacks Davis, he wins the fight. She then confesses that she ven killed for him, Jan Alder. When Davis learns of this he gives Emma-Lee an ultimatum, she can go to jail or leave town. She leaves Astrid behind and leaves. Davis then makes one final decision in his life. He goes to Annabel Wilt and appologizes for all he had done to her. He then does something he should have done years ago, he proposes. Annabel, initially angry, gleefully accepts and they marry on the spot. Days later they pass away, happily.