Devlin "Dutch" Wilt is a Sim in the downloadable town of Pineview. In the beginning he is a child living with his mother, Anita, and his father, Abraham. As well as his toddlar sister, Annabel. Shortly before his birthday his father dies and he is perhaps the most saddened by his death. When he learsn through gossip that his father was having an affair he comforts his mother. When Anita and Franklin marry, Devlin disapproves and gets off to a rocky start with his step-father. They even become enemies and Devlin runs away. Anita Calls the police immediatley and he is brought home the next day. When He and Anita and Franklin sit down and talk he and Franklin mend fences and eventually become Bff's. He then begins hanging around this girl he goes to school with, Kelly McGaw. They eventual go steady and when Devlin ages to an Adult and moves out he immediatley askes Kelly to come with him and the two buy a house together. However, due to their bohemian and laid back lifestyle they can't afford the bills on their home and eventually everything down to the toilet is repossesed. Then they are evicted from their home. Devlin then says he and Kelly (who he married) are moving back home just days after Annabel and Sigrid moved back in. He also announces that Kelly is pregnant. Kelly then gives birth to their son, Abel. He then engages in a feud with his mother as he married with out her knowing. They eventually reconcile and he begins raising his son. Though he and Kelly initially shared a laid back lifestyle, he begins to shape-up and begins focusing on his career in Oceanography. He advises elly t do the same but she says she is who she is. The two quarrel about what they should do and what is best for Abel. They talk about divorcing but Anita intervenes and tells them not to as she knows they love each other deeply. Devlin apologizes and asks Kelly if she would consider getting a job, she accepts and gets a job as a Piano tuner.

The Fire

Devlin and his wife, Kelly along with a child age Abel attend Melissa's shop grand-opening and the party at the park. He runs into his mother, sister and niece while he is there. When Clara sets the fire and all hell breaks loose. Devlin, Abel, Anita, Annabel and Sigrid manage to get out and away from the fire in time. However, Kelly is not so lucky and she is killed in the fire.

After the fire Devlin enters a stage of immense grief and turmoil he goes out for a walk the following day and runs into Dorothy Quarren, who aged the night of the fire. She comforts Devlin and the two remember times when they were little and played with all the other kids like, Valerie, Annabel, Harvey, Blanche, Davis and Darwin. Then out of no-where Devlin and Dorothy share a passionate kiss... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories pick up 5 years later, it is revealed that Devlin and Dorothy had engaged in a relationship but broke up, then then got back together and are now living together and are engaged. Devlin is finding it difficult raisisng the now teenage Abel with out Kelly. Dorothy becomes upset when Devlin mentions or compares her to Kelly. This causes tension in their rocky relationship. Their wedding, planned by Anita, goes flawlessly in the newly constructed Pineview Park until Blanche goes into labor and gives birth to her daughter, Rosalyn. Devlin, Dorothy and Abel begin their life as a family.

He is elated when Dorothy announces her pregnancy and later gives birth to their son, Norris. He then consols her when her half-brother, Zed dies. After Abel becomes a young adult he reaches the boiling point, he feels Devlin love his "new family", Dorothy and Norris, more than him and gives him an ultimatum, Him or them.... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later. It is revealed that Abel, Devlin and Dorothy have found a common ground and have become a functioning family. However, Devlin shortly dies after Abel marries his second wife, Anya Platz. His death gives, Annabel Wilt, his siter. The strength to return to Pineview.

Devlin Wilt
Hi! My name is Devlin Wilt!
Name Devlin Wilt
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Poularity
Sign Leo

Parents Abraham Wilt (father; deceased)
Anita Coosband (mother; deceased)
Franklin Coosband (step-father; deceased)
Sibling(s) Annabel Sell (sister)
Bill Sell (brother-in-law)
Spouse(s) Kelly Wilt (wife; deceased)
Dorothy Wilt (wife)
Child(ren) Sigrid Wilt (niece)
Abel Wilt (son)
Norris Wilt (son)
Ulvar Wilt (great-nephew)

Neighborhood Pineview
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