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Diamondio Cinaya

Name: Diamondio Cinaya
Gender: Male


Spouse: Diamondia Cinaya
Child(ren): Sally Cinaya & Fenne Cinaya

The Sims 3
Hi! My name is Diamondio Cinaya!

Life stage: Adult
Life state: Human
Traits: Athletic, Workaholic, Easily Impressed, Schmoozer and Handy
Lifetime Wish: Become a Superstar Athlete
Favorites: Electronica, Fish and Chips, Aqua

Status: Downloadable
Neighborhood: Sunset Valley


Diamondio Cinaya

This sim was made by DiamondSim

He also likes to work, repair things and work out. He's married to Charlene and they gave birth to twins, Sally & Fenne Cinaya. His career is in athletics and he's on level 8. He taught Fenne Cinaya to walk and talk. His wife taught Sally Cinaya too. His lifetime wish is'nt over yet


Diamondio's outfit