Flashback High (Season 1)
Format: Online Sims Teen Drama
Produced by:Dramarama Productions
Created by:Krzydegrassifan
'No. of Episodes:12
Episodes: Weekly
Length 9- 20minutes (depends on each episodes)
Website for streaming: YouTube (2008-Present)
Original run: December 12 , 2008
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The first season of Krzydegrassifan's "Flashback High" which began December 12, 2008 and concluded TBA contains 12 episodes. The Youtube Sims series predates the lives of Temptation Falls/Pleasantview residents as they endure the difficulties of being a teenager. Issues amongst the first season include sex, infidelity, homosexuality, peer pressure, substance abuse and child abuse.

The Sims 2 characters Cassandra Goth, Brandi Newbie, Dina Caliente and Nina Caliente are part of the sophomore class of Temptation Falls High. Don Lothario, Mary-Sue Oldie, Daniel Pleasant and Kaylynn Langerak form the junior class of Temptation Falls. PatBenitarFan101/TheHotGossip's Lexie Losanette and Marcy Cheyne played new characters with minor roles during the first half of Season 1, but were promoted to a lead status by Episode 7. Skip Broke and Darren Dreamer who both had guest roles during the first half of Season 1 were later promoted to a lead status by Episode 7. These four characters complete the sophomore class.


Episode 0(Pilot: Fresh Start)

In the series pilot, we explore the lives of the now young residents of Temptation Falls. Dina and Nina are on the lookout for a new cheerleaders. Don continues his romantic affair with Brandi. Daniel and John clash heads as they compete for the label of being captain of the swim team. Cassandra and Mary Sue adjust to being the odd ones out.

Episode 1(Lessons)

When Don learns he is failing his 10th grade Science class, he begins getting tutored by Cassandra. However before the two even get started their judgements on one another affects them. Nina begins feeling guilty over hurting Kaylynn, but realizes her social status is at risk.

Episode 2(Who's Your Girl?)

Don realizes that he must choose between Dina and Brandi, but the decision is bound to break a heart. Jennifer develops a crush on John, despite Daniel's warnings. Meanwhile, Brandi begins connecting with Skip the tortured artist at Temptation Falls High.

Episode 3(Sibling Rivalry)

Hurt that Don chose Dina over her, Brandi threatens to tear Nina and Dina's friendship by messing with Nina's head. Meanwhile, Daniel finds a way to split Jennifer and John up.

Episode 4(The Rise of Nina's Social Empire)

Dina is finally experiencing karma when Nina finds herself on top of the social food chain, with Lexie and Marcy by her side. The formal dance is approaching with everyone in odds. Jennifer is hurt over the John/Mary-Sue situation,

Episode 5(New Kid on The Block)

Darren Dreamer a former private school student, arrives at Temptation Falls High. He soon finds himself the subject of humiliation until Brandi and Cassandra support him. Mary-Sue's 17th birthday has arrived, so she decides to make things right with John. However a family secret rocks her world. Meanwhile, Nina and Daniel hit a few hard rocks.

Episode 6(Energy)

Don and Dina reach the final stage in their relationship. An assignment partners up Brandi and Skip, in which Skip learns the truth about Brandi. Darren develops a crush on Cassandra. Meanwhile, Mary-Sue's sudden discovery spins her life around.

Episode 7(H-A-T-E)

SECOND SEMESTER! Cassandra offically begins seeing Don, however they keep their relationship a secret from Dina. Marcy's distance from Kaylynn, results to Kay abusing drugs from Daniel. Mary-Sue has left town and is nowhere in sight. Brandi's home life takes a turn for the worst,

Episode 8(Hugs and Disses)

VALENTINE'S DAY! Mary-Sue returns to Temptation Falls, however she develops a rebellious side. Cassandra brings Don home, but her father quickly disapproves. Don steps down from being the Captain of the swimteam, leaving John and Daniel desperate to gain the position. However a drug related incident results to a possible danger. Brandi is revealed to be homeless. Nina and Jennifer and Nina are still concerned over Daniel .