Franklin Coosband
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Small Businessman


"Frank" (nick-name)


Anita Coosband (wife)


Mystery Sim (ex-lover)


Garfield Coosband (son)
Annabel Wilt (step-daughter)
Devlin Wilt (step-son)


Sigrid Wilt (step-grand-daughter)
Ljot Sell (step-grand-son)
Abel Wilt (step-grand-son)
Norris Wilt (step-grand-son)


Franklin Coosband is a Sim in the town of Pineview. He is not there in the beginning as Anita was first married to her first husband Abraham. He later met her at the market after Abraham had died and asked her out. They quickly fell in love and had a fabulous winter wedding. His step-son, Devlin, dis-approved of their union and the two became enemies. Anita later talked to both of them and they eventually became BFF's. He was and still is an Elder, even when Anita met him. He helped pay off Anita's debt and even hired the family a maid. He has been there to help raise Devlin and now he, along with Anita is dealing with the rebellious Annabel. After Annabel gives birth to her daughter, Sigrid, Franklin, Anita and Annabel agree it be best that Anita and Franklin raise Sigrid as their own. When Annabel takes Sigrid back he is heartbroken as he has no real children of his own. When Annabel and Sigrid move back he is elated. He however, is hesistant when Devlin and his wife, Kelly move back in as she announces her pregnancy. He forms a quick bond with his grand-son Abel.

He then notices Anit'a growing concern for him when he approaches his final days. She does all she can and offers him some Elixir of life. Franklin, to everyone's shock, says no. He and Anita then go on a vacation and when they return he, Anita, Devlin, Kelly, Abel, Annabel and Sigrid all celebrate Franklin's life and later that night he passes away, leaving behind his wife, step-children and step-grand-children. His grave is placed in the back yeard along with Abraham's. After Clara's fire a sim arrives at the Coosband home and tells Anita he is Franklin's son, Garfield...

The Next Generation

When the stories resume, 5 years later, it is revealed that Garfield was Franklin's son. However, Franklin didn't know about Garfield, as his mother never told Franklin. Garfield simply wished to pay his respects to his father and condolences to his step-mother. He then left Pineview. Garfield returns and quickly falls in love with Dahlia Alido. They marry but Garfield soon dies due to an illness he has had for quite some time.

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