Franky Werner

Franky Werner

The Fantastic Franky




Young Adult


Desk Jockey


"Franky" (nick-name)


Frank Werner Sr. (father; deceased)
Catherine Andrews (mother)


Arnold Werner (half-brother)
Mary Ann Maycourt (half-sister)
Skye Sommers (half-sister)


Cheryl Fenmore (ex-wife)
Haley Kramer Grendel (ex-wife)
Cheryl Fenmore (ex-wife)
Haley Kramer Grendel (ex-wife)
Haley Kramer Grendel (wife)


Sydney Culver (ex-girlfriend)
Haley Kramer Grendel (ex-girlfriend)
Haley Kramer Grendel (ex-girlfriend)
Haley Kramer Grendel (ex-fiancee)
DeDe Halcoyn (ex-lover)
Carly Tellando (ex-girlfriend)
Cheryl Fenmore (flirtation)


Kitty Fenmore (daughter)
Lisa Werner (daughter)
Noah Werner (son)


Walter Cabot (grand-father; deceased)
Frances Cabot (grand-mother; deceased)
Alicia Cabot (aunt)
Candi Cabot (cousin)
Leo March (great-uncle; deceased)
Travis Cabot (uncle)
Jane Werner (niece)
Eric Maycourt (nephew)


Frank "Franky" Werner Jr. is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


Franky is first revealed in existence when his criminalistic mother, Catherine Andrews, comes to town and his aunt, Alicia Cabot, feels that she is keeping bigger secrets from her other than that her ex-husband, Reggie Andrews was actually gay. Eventually Alicia holds an confrontation/intervention and Catherine revales that she has a son by her then un-known Second husband, Frank Werner Sr. Catherine reveals that she had initally married Frank for his money but after his death she discovered she was pregnant. It was briefly thought that Franky was the son of Frank's other son, Arnold Werner, as he and Catherine had an affair during her marriage to Frank. But she informs the town that Franky is in fact Frank's son and that he has two half-siblings, Arnold and Mary Ann Werner. Catherine tells her loved ones that sinca Mary Ann loathed her they struck up a deal, she would allow Catherine to have her father's fortune at no contest if she gave Franky over to her as she wished to spare her little half-brother having Cathy for a mother and at the time Catherine agreed and after having her son, handed him over to Mary Ann and took the money and left, she would ltaer go on and declare it to be the darkest day of her life. After this revelation Alicia has her PI, Cassidy Free, track down Mary Ann and Franky and bring them to town. Cassidy succeeds and Alicia's plan goes well. However, Mary Ann and Franky are vrought to town under a false pretense that her other brother, Arnie, has died. When Alicia traps Mary Ann and forcefully takes Franky from her Mary Ann tries to get the law enforcement involved but seeing their agreement was mutual and not legally binding Franky is given back to Catherine, who is happily reunited with her toddler aged son. Franky then comes to bond with his mother who seems to have changed and he gets to know his aunt and cousin, Candi Cabot.

Eventually Franky's older brother, Arnie, comes to town and after Catherine is involved in the whole Donna Talbot/Tony Rossatino scandal he is given back to Mary Ann and Arnold for them to raise. Days later though he is given solely to Arnold as Mary Ann marries Winston Halcoyn, in attempt to get the fortune she once wishes she had, back. However, since Arnold once cared for Catherine deeply he allows her to hide in his home from the cops and see her son. Once they learn that there are no formal charges against her Arnold gives her custody of Franky and she takes him and they move back in with Alicia and Candi. He meets his grand-mother, Frances Cabot when she arrives in town for a visit and despite her cold behavior towards her daughters she seems to love her grand-children. His mother then begins to date again when she meets Ethan Irving, who seems to like Franky and begins to help Catherine plan his birthday. Franky then ages into a teenager and his mother and Ethan marry. Franky quickly takes to his new step-father and loves to see his mother so utterly happy. Franky begins to date a girl named Sydney Culver. During this time he begins t resent his siblings, Arnold and Mary Ann, as they spend little time with him. Also Catherine begins to fear Ethan may leave her when his young ex-girlfriend, Amanda Campbell, comes to town and he expresses his desire for them to have their own child. This once more causes his mother to fall back into her manipulative ways as she fakes a pregnancy and labor, where she then steals the child of Ralph Grendel and Sandra Kramer, leaving them devestated and Franky with a new "sister", Emma Irving. Mary Ann then re-marries to Brian Maycourt and leaves town but not before she, Arnold and Franky make ammends and come together as a family.

Franky then, un-seen, breaks up with Sydney and begins to suspect his mother of something after noticing her un-usual behavior whenever he or Ethan talk about Emma. He then enlists the help of Haley Kramer Grendel in discovering what had truly happened after learning that both their mothers had their babies on the same day at virtually the same time, only Sandra and Ralph were told their baby died. They begin to probe the delivering doctor, Monica Bremmer, for answers but she begins to fall apart and tells them nothing. This also peaks the interest of newly returned Maurice Dalton. During this all Franky and Haley begin to grow close. As Franky and Haley get closer to discovering what it is Monica is hididng.... they are kidnapped. Soon the whole town goes out in effort to look for them. While they are held in captivity, Catherine reveals that Emma is in fact, Ralph and Sandra's daughter nd pleads for the kidnapper to return Franky (and only him) safely. Soon Winston and Derwood comes across the kids and, Emma being held at the abandoned science lab by Carter Irving, the father of Franky's step-father, Ethan. Carter only meant to kidnap Franky and Emma who he thought were his grand-children and hold them for ransom as all the money he took for his merger to Halcoyn Communications is gone, he remakrs that Haley just got in the way. Winston takes Carter on in a fight while Mona frees the children and gets them to safety. When Franky learns of what his mother had done, he cuts her from his life and moves in with his aunt Alicia and unlce Travis. Then, following their traumatic ordeal, Franky decides to ask Haley out on a date, haley happily accepts and the two begin to happily date.

Soon after, DeDe and Dorian Holt begin dating... giving Haley and Franky another couple to double with. Franky and Haley soon fall in love. However, Ralph soon grows distrustful of Franky because of his mother's past actions and enlists Dorian to help him keep an eye on Franky. Though Dorian, complys he tells Ralph that it makes him feel uncomfortable. Ralph then begins to tell Haley to leave Franky, which Haley and Sandra oppose. This leads to Ralph assaulting Franky one evening, telling him to stop seeing his daughter. When Catherine learns of this she comes to her estranged sons's defense, though he is grateful... Franky still refuses to forgive his mother. He and Haley continue to see each other and Franky tells Haley they should run away together. Haley agrees. However, Dorian learns of this and alerts Ralph just as they are preparing to leave town. Sandra and Catherine also learn of the plan and race to stop the children before Ralph finds them. Ralph finds them first and once again goes for Franky... However, Catherine again intervenes in time and comes to her sons' defense. Ralph then tells Franky that if he doesn;t leave Haley he will re-enstate the charges and send his mother to jail for what she did. This then leads Sandra to strike Ralph and ask for a divorce.

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