Frea Van Baer is a sim living with her grandson, housekeepers and pets in her mansion summerhouse that she inherited from her father, who inherited it from his father, who inherit if from his father, the person who founded Feathers View. She is the mother of Wanda McHolly and Gary Willem, husband of Herman Willem, and grandmother of Oscar McHolly, Miranda McHolly, Andrea Willem and Todd Willem.


The first time you look at her, you will think of a nice and warm old lady who offers her Southern hospitality for sims in need. She has gray hair in the style of a wave, a white ruffled shirt, a long mint colored skirt, golden round glasses and a black wheelchair.


Frea is a very loving grandmother, and is very silly sometimes. Due to her inability to walk, she spends every single day of her life in a wheelchair. She spends her afternoons watching soap operas and taking care of her plants in the greenhouse. She had to live far away from her husband because he has to take care of business in the Netherlands.

Frederica Willem
Frea Van Baer is the elderly maternal grandmother of Oscar. She enjoys taking care of her plants and flowers, and helping those in need. Being the great-great granddaughter of the town's founder, she is quite respected by the folks of Feathers View.
Name Frederica Willem
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Romance
Sign Leo

The McHolly Family
Parents Mary Van Baer
Sibling(s) Jojan Van Baer
Spouse(s) Herman Willem
Child(ren) Wanda McHolly, Gary Willem

Neighborhood Feathers View