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Haley Kramer Grendel
The Harmonic Haley




Young Adult




Haley Kramer (birth name)
Haley Grendel (father's surname)
Haley Kramer Iago (first married name)
Haley Kramer Marquez (second married name)
Haley Kramer Werner (third/fifth/seventh married name)
Haley Kramer Grinaldi (fourth married name)
Haley Kramer Brigham (sixth married name)


Ralph Grendel (father)
Sandra Grendel (mother; deceased)
Natalie Crenshaw (step-mother)


Emma Irving Grendel (sister)
Ray Jordan (half-brother)
Amanda Campbell (step-sister)


Mitch Iago (ex-husband)
Ramon Marquez (husband; decased)
Franky Werner (ex-husband)
Kurt Grinaldi (husband; deceased)
Franky Werner (ex-husband)
Craig Brigham (ex-husband)
Franky Werner (husband)


Franky Werner (ex-boyfriend)
Franky Werner (ex-boyfriend)
Franky Werner (ex-fiance)
Lazlo Grinaldi (ex-lover)
J.J. Orwell (ex-boyfriend)
Jake Cannery (one-night-stand)


Trudy Iago (daughter)
Miguel Marquez (son)
Lisa Werner (daughter)
Neal Werner (son)
Ryder Cannery (son)


William Halcoyn (grand-father; deceased)
Daria Grendel (grand-mother; deceased)
Roxy Crowley (aunt; deceased)
Winston Halcoyn (uncle)
Marylin Kincaid (aunt)
Olivia Kramer (aunt)
Elaine Holt (aunt; deceased)
Derwood Halcoyn (cousin)
DeDe Halcoyn (cousin)
Dorian Holt (cousin)
Blair Halcoyn (cousin)


Haley Kramer Grendel is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


Haley first appears when her mother, Sandra Kramer, calls her grand-mother, Daria Grendel, informing her that Haley's father and Daria's son, Ralph Grendel, was behind on child support. However, this comes as a shock to everyone as Ralph did not inform anyone, including his mother, that he had a daughter by Sandra. Daria then invites the two to town, at the time Haley was just entering her toddler years. Ralph is shocked upon seeing them again and it is revealed that he and Sandra ended their engagement when she cheated on him with Dr. Kevin McCain. Ralph is happy to see Haley again and he and Sandra work something out when Sandra announces she'll be staying in town. Overtime, Sandr and Ralph fall in love with each other all over again and when at her uncle, Winston Halcoyn's wedding to Mary Ann Werner, they announce their plans to marry. Then after some time a secret ceremony is held where Ralph and Sandra marry to Haley's delight and she soon ages into a child after that.

Haley never met her paternal grand-father, William Halcoyn but was close to her grand-mother, Daria Grendel and was deeply saddended by her death. At the time Kevin had returned to town and was trying to steal Sandra away from Ralph. As Ralph goes through a depression Sandra begins to give into Kevin's advances and her parents decide to separate just as she begins to go to school. Eventually her parents reconcile after Sandra and Ralph share a passionate kiss at the hospital. Sandra then becomes very ill and thinks she is going to die but she manages to live and is then revealed to be pregnant with another child and Haley's sibling. Sandra gives birth to a baby girl but dut to Catherine Andrews and Monica Bremmer's plan the Grendel's are told that the baby was still born, when in fact Catherine takes the child and passes it off as hers and Ethan's naming her Emma. Haley (now a teenager) teams up with Catherine's son, Franky Werner and together they look into what happened because, Franky was suspicious from the get go about his mother's pregnancy.

They pressure Monica into giving them information but, remembering Catherine's threats she withold that the chil is Ralph and Sandra's. During this investigation, Franky and Haley grow close despite that Haley's cousin, DeDe, also has a crush on Franky. Aside from gut feeling they begin to give up on proving that Emma is not an Irving when Franky, Haley and Emma are kidnapped and held for ransom. During their capture, Monica, who becomes guilt ridden reveals that Emma is in reality, a Grendel. This clears her conscience and causes everyone to cut Catherine from their lives bit does not bring the children back. DeDe, Dorian and Mitch Iago skip school in attempt to find their classmates and they are soon followed by Derwood, Wnston and Mona. They all congregate at the old science lab which is under repairs and there they discover Haley, Franky and Emma being held by Carter Irving, Ethan's father. He was originally just planning to take Franky and Emma (believeing them to be his grand-children) and hold them for ransom so Ethan would pay up.

Winston and Derwood take Carter down and Mona frees the children. Back at the police station, Haley and Franky's suspicions are confirmed and even Franky tells his mother has no place in his life and moves in with his aunt Alicia and unlce Travis. Haley then leaves with her cousin, parents and new baby sister. Then the following day at school, realizing they like each other Franky asks Haley out and she gleefully accepts. However, her father is less than pleased about the relationship because of Franky's relation to Catherine. He sets Dorian and DeDe up to "spy" on Franky and Haley. However, Dorian and DeDe wind up falling for each other as well.