Harvey "Harv" Quarren Ia a Sim in the downloadable town of Pineview. In the beginning he is a child and living with his parents, Jed and Joanna, and his sister, Blanche, until his mom has his other sister, Dorothy. Harvey is shy and has trouble making friends but later overcomes his shyness. His major story line came in when he was a teenager and developed a crush on the paper girl, Sharon Adams. He didn't know how to ask her out, so he went to both his mom and sister, Blanche. Eventually he managed to ask her out and the two began to date and even go steady. Once they both became adults Harvey asked her to marry him and they were married that evening. However, they are still living at the Quarren home making the occupant count a total of, 7 Sims. Then Blanche moves out and Sharon gives birth to twins, Martin and Muriel. He and Sharon have a happy marriage and at first it appears they have the perfect life. Sharon then tells Harvey they need their own place. Harvey then tells her that he wants to remain in his parents home as Blanche is gone and Dorothy won't be sticking around and Zed is already showing signs of a bad parental relationship. He tells Sharon they are needed to take care and watch over Joanna and Jed in their old age. Sharon accepts Harvey's reasoning. When Muriel and Martin age into children Muriel begins showing that dis-affection for both her parents, continuing the Quarren Children's parental relationship problems.

Muriel's Choice/The Fire

Harvey and Sharon's relationship with their daughter, Muriel continues to worsen. Muriel says she wishes to live with her aunt, Blanche. Harvey and Sharon talk it over with Blanche and agree it would be best for Muriel. Muriel is then excited and she and Blanche seem to be happy. Muriel soon begins to get in Blanche's way with her work, causing tension. He and his family attedn melissa opening and party. They all manage to get out alive. He then witnesses his mother pass out on the kitchen floor... (Cliff-Hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed his mother survived her illness. He and Sharon are still married. Muriel and Martin have just become teenagers. He is excited when Blanche returns and has her daughter, Rosalyn, at his other sister, Dorothy's, wedding. However, un-known to Harvey his wife Sharon has engaged in an affair with Winston Othel.

Harvey then runs for mayor of PIneview, opposite Winston. Sharon must then decide who she truly loves. Winston then dumps her as the risk of a scandal is too high. However, Sharon discovers she is pregnant. When she gives birth to Zelda, it is revealed that Harvey is the father. Harvey then wins the election but denounces his mayor-ship to take care of his new-born daughter, and plan his deceades half-brothers funeral.

After Zelda's birthday Sharon tells Harvey about her affair. Harvey is mad but he and Sharon decide to work past it and remain married. However, at Faline's birthday party Harv meets Jan Alder, a new resident to Pineview, now an opportunity for Harvey to be un-faithful has presented itself... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Harvey and Jan never embarked upon an affair and he and Sharon are still married. Martin and Muriel are grown and living their own lives and Zelda has just become a teenager. He is elated to hear that his half-brother, Zed has been resurected. He then becomes upset when he learns that Blanche has died. He amkes arrangements with Dorothy, so that Zelda can remain with her after he and Sharon pass away, which they do four days later.

Harvey Quarren
Hi! My name is Harvey Quarren!
Name Harvey Quarren
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Family
Sign Cancer

Parents Jed Quarren (father; deceased)
Joanna Quarren (mother; deceased)
Sibling(s) Blanche Shell (sister; deceased)
Dorothy Wilt (sister)
Zed Quarren (half-brother)
Spouse(s) Sharon Quarren (wife; deceased)
Child(ren) Martin Quarren (son)
Muriel Quarren (daughter)
Zelda Quarren (daughter)
Norris Wilt (nephew)
Ulvar Wilt (nephew)
Rosalyn Quarren (niece)
Olympia Shell (niece)
Annie Quarren (niece)

Neighborhood Pineview