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His father is Rashdan Mayosama, he works currently as a doctor (thats why he chose this name for Jarrah). His mother is Naoko Yoshida, from a famous japanese ninja clan

He lived in Japan with his mother and Sahar until 4 years, then his father kidnapped him and took him to the desert where his werewolf clan lives, during that time he didn't allow him to go outside and forced him to train and study all the time so he can be his successor. He went through a tough childhood because his father was expecting a lot from him; for example in a winter night his father locked him inside a well for entire night because he got 18/20 in Algebria quiz; he wanted him to be perfect...

He wanted to make from Jarrah a war machine and to be a tough man, and he was doing his best to make his father happy. When he is about 16 his father forced him to be engaged to Sahar the girl who used to babysit him (she was 21 years old) because thier genetics can give a strong werewolf children

However, both of Sahar and Jarrah couldn't refuse this engagement, but after they signed on papers Sahar told him that she did that because she wantto save him from his father and make the promise that she did to his mother