Josiah "Jed" Quarren is a Sim in the downloadable town of Pineview. In the beginning he is married to his wife, Joanna, and thye have two kids, Harvey and Blanche. They soon have a third, Dorothy. He has terrible carer luck, he is in politics (he knew Flo's second husband, Drake) and he constantly gets promoted and then demoted. He helps his wife through her caffine addiction. and later he helps her through her illness. One night while working on getting a promotion by gaining logic through looking through a telescope he is abducted by aliens. He comes back pregnant which Joanna almost leaves him for. They later reconcile and are prepared to raise yet another child. Jed gives birth to an alien child and names him Zed. As Zed reaches child-hood he begins to dis-respect Joanna as she is not his real mother. resulting from this is Joanna going through another nervous breakdown, she and Jed argue, again. This time however, Joanna tells him they need space and she moves out and then moves in with Blanche.


During his and Joanna's seperation he at first begins pleading Joanna to come home, she says no. He is heart broken when she begins to see Pritchard Yellow. Since they are seperated they are allowed to see other people. For the most part Jed sees no one, during their seperation there is a tender moment between Jed and Alberta Todd, however, Jed decides not to act on it. He and Joanna eventually reconcile and they begin to see Florentina for help.

The Fire

Joanna and Jed attend Melissa's grand-opening and the after party. Once Clara sets the fire they escape in time. However, they have forgotten Dorothy's birthday and that night she ages into an adult. They apologize later and re-connect with Dorothy. They mourn the loss of Florentina and Gerald, who both perished in the fire. Jed then announces he will retire at the end of the week. Joanna soon becomes sick with a routine flu. However, when Jed arrives home from his last day of work he witnesses Joanna collapse on the kitchen floor... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later it is revealed that Jed saved Joanna from death, again. He has retired and he and Joanna are very much still in love. He is now retired. He is overjoyed when Dorothy weds and Blanche gives birth. Then a few dats later he and Jonna peacefully pass away. Ending the Quarren's story.

Jed Quarren
Hi! My name is Jed Quarren!
Name Jed Quarren
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Popularity
Sign Aries

Spouse(s) Joanna Quarren (wife; deceased)
Alberta Todd (kissed; deceased)
Child(ren) Harvey Quarren (son)
Blanche Quarren (daughter)
Dorothy Quarren (daughter)
Zed Quarren (son)
Sharon Quarren (daughter-in-law)
Martin Quarren (grand-son)
Muriel Quarren (grand-daughter)
Rosalyn Quarren (grand-daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview