Joanna Quarren is a Sim in the town of Pineview. In the beginning she is married to her husband, Jed. They have two children, Harvey and Blanche, but Joanna is also pregnant with their third child, Dorothy. She is a homemaker and dealing with three children while Jed was constantly getting promoted then demoted took a toll on her. She became addicted to any kind of energy booster (coffee, hot chocolate, espresso). Jed finaly took some time off and stayed at home to help with the cleaning and allowed Joanna to get some rest. After things returned to normal Joanna came down with the flu. She did as recommended to get better but she almost died twice during the time she was sick (she was saved both times by her husband, Jed). She eventually got better and their lives once again got back on track. One night while stargazing through a telescope to gain logic for a promotion Jed is abducted by aliens. He is evetually returned but he is also pregnant with an alien child. This obstacle takes the biggest toll on their strong marriage. Joanna soon comes to terms with her husband's pregnancy and decides to help raise the child. Jed gives birth to the child and names him Zed. She welcomes Sharon and her grandkids, Martin and Muriel to the family but becomes sad when Blanche moves out. Joanna once again goes through a nervous breakdown as she is having trouble raising the teenage Dorothy, dealing with her son, Harvey and daughter-in-law, Sharon and their twins and raising her step-son, Zed, who is now a child. Jed comes to her aid but this is the last straw. She and Jed get in a fight and Joanna says she needs some time alone and she moves out and moves in with Blanche for some "space."


After Joanna and Jed seperate Jed makes numerous attempts to get Joanna to come back home. She refuses and stops taking his calls and e-mails. She then meets a Sim named Pritchard Yellow. They begin a romance, this sin't considered an affair as during the seperation both jed and Joanna are allowed to date other sims. Just as Joanna is on the verge of falling in love with Pritchard, one night while out to dinner, Joanna dn Pritchard run into Dorothy. Dorothy then confronts her mother and yells at her for running out on her children and grand-children and Jed. Joanna then leaves her date with Pritchard, devestated.

Following Dorothy's rant, Joanna breaks-up with Pritchard and begins to speak with Jed and the two reconcile. They agree they need counseling and begin seeing Florentina as she is a therapist and trained in couples counseling.

The Fire

The Quarren's, except Dorothy. Attend Melissa's grand-opening and the after party. They all manage to escape after Clara sets the park on fire. She then realizes when she sees Dorothy as an adult that she forgot her daughter's own birthday and they re-connect and forgive and forget. Jed soon announces that at the end of the week he will retire. Joanna then gets sick with a routine flu virus. However, when Jed returns home from his last day of work he witnesses Joanna collapse on the kitchen floor... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Joanna survived her illness thanks to Jed. She has begun focusing on beign a good grandmother and mother. She is overjoyed when she hears of Blanche's pregnancy and return and Dorothy's engagement. She is overjoyed when Dorothy marries and Blanche gives birth to her own daughter, Rosalyn. She and Jed then throw a golden anniversary party. She has recently been hving suspicions about Sharon. She hopes Sharon will not hurt Harvey. Three days later Joanna and Jed both pass away peacefully. This Ends The Original Quarren stories.

Joanna Quarren
Hi! My name is Joanna Quarren!
Name Joanna Quarren
Gender Female
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Family
Sign Aries

Spouse(s) Jed Quarren (husband; deceased)
Pritchard Yellow (ex-boyfriend; deceased)
Child(ren) Harvey Quarren (son)
Blanche Shell (daughter)
Dorothy Wilt (daughter)
Zed Quarren (step-son; deceased)
Sharon Quarren (daughter-in-law)
Martin Quarren (grand-son)
Muriel Quarren (grand-daughter)
Rosalyn Quarren (grand-daughter)
Norris Wilt (grand-son)

Neighborhood Pineview