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John Jones
Vital statistics
Title Ghost Of Mister John Jones RIP
Gender Male
Life state Human
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Status Deceased
Neighborhood Pleasentview

John Jones is a sim who appears in The Sims.


He was born into a very rich line of inheritance. His baby life had him treated like any other baby and he also had his own floor as one big playroom. As he became a toddler, he used to explore places, which usually got him knowing more than he needed to know, even though he didn't understand his discoveries. When he became a child, he was enrolled in a private school where he was prevented from making friends and was only allowed to know other students as work colleges. As he teened-up, his parents cracked down on discipline and he was even whipped when he didn't behave. As an adult, he wanted other children to be overly loved, and not be kept back from a succesive life as he did and became an astronomy teacher in Pleasentview Hills High School. Soon, he was openly enhgaged to another astronomy teacher, Ms. Smith. After they became married and retired, they lived a childless life together in Pleasentview. After his wife, Emily died he was visited by her ghost until he died aswell, they are both buried in their house cemetary and they continue to haunt the house tho this day, ant it's new owners.