Ken Rossim
Ken R
Ken as he appears in TNG








Ken (nick-name)


Bonnie Scroll (ex-wife)
Bonnie Rossim (wife)


Suzanne Schwann (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Suzie Custer (ex-fiancee)


Valerie Scroll (step-daughter)
Clyde Rossim (son)


Mehrissa Woodrow (daughter-in-law)
Faline Rossim (grand-daughter)


Kenneth "Ken" Rossim is a Sim in the town of Pineview. In the beginning he is the newest neighbor to town and is living alone. He begins to date Bonnie Scroll and Suzanne Schwann but doesn't want play the field and when Bonnie finds out she dumps him but instead of going to Suzanne he dumps her and goes back to Bonnie and the two date, fall in love and marry.

After they marry they live a normal life and he forms a strong bond with his step-daughter, Valerie. Bonnie soon discovers she is pregnant and Ken is eccstatic. They have a son, Clyde. And they raise him together, along with Valerie. He helps Bonnie save money for her gallery. Later he tells her that he would like another child and they fued for a while as she tells him two is enough. They later reconcile and come to the conclusion that Clyde is enough. He is at his step-daughter's, Valerie's, wedding and is seen hugging her after.

He later tells Bonnie that after they raise Clyde he wants them to move to Sim-ji Island where they spent their honeymoon. Bonnie says no and tells him she wishes to stay in PIneview. This causes tension in their marriage which appeared happy for so long.

Moving/The Fire

He and Bonnie attend Melissa's Grand opening and after party. They arrive in a feud over the move idea. When the fire breaks out Bonnie and Ken manage to get out of harms way in time. However, both mourn the loss of their friends, Florentina and Gerald. Ken then tells Bonnie it's time to move. She tells him no again and he packs his bags and leaves, leaving their relationship status in question... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

The Stories pick up 5 years later. Ken returned from his trip a year later but did not reconcile with Bonnie and the two divorced. He then moved out and into his own place. He has since begun dating the newly divorced Suzie Alido. Due to her loneliness Suzie begins pressuring Ken into marriage. He is hesitant as he still loves Bonnie. He becomes upset and jealous when her other ex, Cal Scroll, returns. He is bothers by Cals constant filrtations with Bonnie despite that he is seeing Anita. When Bonnie and Hans announce their engagement Ken feels obligated and proposes to Suzie, despite the fact that he does not love her, she gleefully accepts.

When Hans leaves Bonnie at the altar ken rushes to her side and the two share a kiss. Suzie sees and realizes that Ken and Bonnie belong together and they break-up on good terms. Then there on the spot Ken and Bonnie re-marry. Wrapping up their story.

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Ken at the end of the Original Stories