Maria Cassandra Grunt is a CAS Sim living in Strangetown. She is currently the wife of Brian Turner , according to my story. She has two children, namely: Roger and Wilco. She also has three step-children: Ripp, Tank, and Buck, whom they were born Maria is now married to Brian Turner

Skills and Career

Maria Cassandra is unemployed, but her skills are all in Level 10.


Maria Cassandra is the daughter of Ricardo Trinoma, Sr. and Luzviminda Trinoma. Their family moved to Strangetown. After hearing that Buzz Grunt broke up with Lyla Grunt (then later died), she moved to the Grunt Residence. Months later, she married to Brian Turner and bore two children: Roger and Wilco.Turner

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Maria Cassandra Grunt
Name Maria Cassandra Grunt
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Family
Sign Scorpio

Parents Ricardo Trinoma, Sr. (father)
Luzviminda Trinoma (mother)
Sibling(s) Ricardo Trinoma, Jr. (brother)
Epifanio Trinoma (brother)
Felina Trinoma (sister)
Spouse(s) General Buzz Grunt
Child(ren) Roger Grunt, Wilco Grunt (children), Ripp Grunt, Tank Grunt, Buck Grunt (stepchildren)

Neighborhood Strangetown
Tyra's Callout Order
STT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Kara Rae Nicole
2 Courtney Jennipher Laura
3 Lulu Laura Erin
4 Sundai Sundai Jennipher
5 Bianca Nicole Sundai
6 Rachel Kara Brittany
7 Rae Courtney Rae
8 Ashley Ashley Kara
9 Laura Brittany Ashley
10 Brittany Erin Bianca
11 Nicole Rachel Lulu
12 Amber Bianca Courtney
13 Erin Llu Rachel
14 Jennipher Lisa
15 Lisa
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