Marlin Youth Is a Sim in the town of PIneview. In the beginning he is living with his wife and son, Peggy and Darwin. The Youth's have been living in Pineview the longest. The evn knew Suzie Alido before she left and then came back. One night while in the Pineview Park during a thunderstorm Peggy is struck by lightening and killed. He deeply mourns the loss of his wife. Since she was a homemaker, the Youth home for a while becomes very dirty and unsanitary. Marlin eventually asks maid, Toni Shell, to mave in abd become a live-in nanny and Maid. She does and lives with them until Darwin reaches mid-teenager-hood. She then moves out and out of Pineview. Not before kissing Marlin and then the two develop crushes on each other, however she still moves away. Marlin's relationship with his neighbors becomes strained when Peggy dies. They suspect that he killed her, for an un-known reason. He has since been able to repair his relationship with almost every neighbor. He then begins to date a townie named Dagmar Platz, mush to Darwin's dismay as he prefer's Toni. The day before Marlin's birthday Dagmar leaves him for the much younger, Davis Schwann. Despite the fact that Davis is in a "Committed Relationship" with Melissa Shin and expecting a child with Annabel Wilt. After the break-up Marlin's birthday was just going to be him, Darwin and Valerie and some cake. Then, Toni shows up, along with her now chil-age son, Ernest. She and Marlin then pick up where they left off and share a passionate kiss. Toni then give Marlin a gift, which is the Elixir of Life. He drinks some allowing him to stay younger for a few more days, making him and Toni the same age. Then Toni and Ernest move-in. Three days later Marlin takes Toni out for a fancy dinner and asks her to marry him, she accepts and the two marry a week later in the park with everyone, including Peggy's ghost, watching them.

A Dark Secret/The Fire

Marlin has no idea that Ernest's actual father is, Byron Shin, who Toni worked for when she left Pineview. The two began an affair which resulted in Ernest's birth. This makes Ernest and Melissa Shin half-siblings. This also means that Ernest has a claim to the Shin fortune. With the arrivle of Byron's wife and Melissa's mother, Clara, it is un-known who or what she is after. Toni finally tells Marlin of her ffair with Byron Shin when she left Pineview. He is upset that she messed around with a married sim. They then separate.

They attend Melissa's grand-opening and fater party. When the fire breaks out Marlin looks for Toni and makes sure she gets out all right. The two then kiss and reconcile.

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Marlin and Toni have been living peacefully together. He and Toni then take a trip to the Sim-Ji Isles and upon their retunr they spend one final night together and the next day they pass away peacefully. Ending the Youth/Shell story.

Marlin Youth
Hi! My name is Marlin Youth!
Name Marlin Youth
Gender Male
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Capricorn

Spouse(s) Peggy Youth (wife; deceased)
Toni Youth (wife; deceased)
Dagmar Platz (ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Child(ren) Darwin Youth(son; deceased)
Ernest Shell (step-son; deceased)
Martine Youth (grand-daughter)

Neighborhood Pineview