This is the story of a sim of mine called Melanie Potterie. She was once an author and then she was the head of a secret orginization. It all begins when Melanie was born 4th November 1990. She attended school every day. She, at home, wrote a small book called Fangclawes. This made her popular with classmates like Harold Pleasent (Daniel and Mary-Sue's only son) and Minnie Burb (Lucy's sister). She, with Harold and Eric Caliente, they publish 2 school yearbooks.When she started Pleasantview High School, she brought home a report card with A+ every single day. Then, at 16, she got through to college early. Eric and Harold joined her. She graduated with Harold (as Eric was kicked out) in 2015, at the age of 25. During the college years, Harold and Melanie fell in love with one another. In termtime, they took time off (they were permitted by Professor Ocean Potterie (who is great-auntie of Melanie). Then he proposed at their holiday home. They got engaged and nearly married (if it was not for a Professor next door). They got married at their home after college. They produced a boy called Howard Potterie (who took his mother's writing skills). She gave up writing. She embarked on secret orginizations. She made an alien protection service called 123. It scared away 24 aliens and 450 spaceships. She then created the SCUPS (SimCity Undercover Policing Squad). She employed over 22 workers on every case. There is numerous casefiles as well coming soon on this page. Her sucess height was the Fate Of Veronaville sort-out. Veronaville was a nice place to live. Until 2034. A different world erupted there. The place was swarmed by aliens. They had got everyone. It was an empty place. Only 3 people came back. Benedict Monty, Tybalt Capp and Oberon Summerdream came back, with no memory. People evntually moved away until it was desert. Though Melanie knew the owner of Veronaville. He stayed. She travelled, asked him to sign into Pleasantview. He did and became a new Shopping District. It was filled by shops and Benedict moved there, being the only resident. His name changed and he became an inventor. He built a robot called Edmund. Edmund was powerful. He moved into the Brook family and became famous for hairdressing and pet shop owning. In 2037, Melanie's husband, Harold Potterie, had built an Aging Machine. He aged into a 104-year old man and died the next day. Melanie got rid of the Age-O-Matic for 200,000 Simoleons. She then married Eric, who had been single for years. He bought the Age-O-Matic and turned himself into a 17 year old. And after 10 years, he aged back. In 2067, Melanie died, she had 22 grandchildren via 7 children and 2 husbands. Though in 2200, she was resurrected by Benedict's great-grandchild. She died 100 years after that. Then she was ressurected by Benedict great-great-great-grandchild in 2350 She lived on and on until 4th November 2499
Melanie Potterie
Name Melanie Potterie
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage 100+
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Aries

Potterie Family
Parents Jeff Potterie, Tracy Potterie
Sibling(s) Benny Green (nee Potterie)
Spouse(s) Harold Potterie (nee Pleasant), Eric Caliotterie (nee Caliante)
Child(ren) Howard Potterie

Neighborhood Pleasantview
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