Melissa Friz (nee Shin previously Schwann) is a Sim in the town of Pineview. She is just a teenage girl going to school when she meets, Davis Schwann. He uses his smooth-talking and quickly woos her. She then asks him to go steady and he reluctantly agrees. He continues to cheat on her with Annabel Wilt. After they age to adults she moves in with him, his mother and step-father. He major want is to get married. She and Davis move out and into a very bad apartment. After Davis's, mother's death and his step-father's departure they moved back to Davis's home. After she and Davis move back Melissa recieves news that her father, Byron Shin, has died and she has inherited his entire fortune, 1,200,000 Simoleons. Once Davis hears this he asks her to marry him and she does. However, Davis continues to cheat on Melissa even after they marry and she discovers she is pregnant. She then, 3 days later, gives birth to a son, Jacque, and un-beknownst to Melissa Jacque already has a sibling, Sigrid. One day while out shopping with Jacque, she returns home to discover Davis in bed with Dagmar, a pregnant Dagmar, they then argue and Melissa then divorces Davis and she moves out with Jacque. After her divorce and move she hs trouble getting a job, Anita manages to get her a low-level job as a mailroom technician. After saving some money Melissa opens a flower shop, "Flowers by Melissa" and the business takes off. However, she remains depressed as she always imagined a life with a husband and children but now that dream has been crushed. She doesn not yet know that her father Byron, who lives in another town, hired Toni when she moved away and they engaged in an affair which culminated in Toni's son, Ernest. This makes Melissa and Ernest related. One day while working at her flower shop Melissa is almost frieghtened to death when she runs into her mother, Clara. Clara had run out on her and her father, years ago. Clara says she is sorry and needs a place to stay. Melissa allows her to stay with her and Jacque. However, affter they arone talking a bubble can be seen over Claras heady with Toni in it and a tombstone.

A Mother's Love

Later, Clara and Melissa overcome their distasnt relationhp and become friends again. Clara soon becomes friends with Toni Shell and Davis Schwann. One night while she is out Clara encounters Ernest Shell. She then realizes that he is the result of Toni and her late husband, Byron's, affair. This makes Ernest allowable to the Shin Fortune. Clara then begins to argue with Ernest telling him to leave town and to run away.. She tells him lies like his step-father and mother don't love him. When he arrives home and tells Toni, she is shocked and begins to doubt Clara's intentions.

Melissa then begins planning the grand-opening of her flower shop and a party afterwards in the park. It is then revead tht Clara was responsible for Byron's sudden death and that she is in town to enact revenge upon Toni, Ernest and Davis. Toni because she had an affair with Byron. Ernest because he can now get his hands on the Shin fortune. And Davis because he cheated on Melissa like Byron cheated on Clara.

Scared that something bad will happen, Toni tells Marlin about her affair with Byron Shin when she was away. Marlin is upset that she had a relationship with a married Sim. The two begin a feud and attend Melissa's grand-opening furious at each other. The opening goes smoothly but at the after party in the park Clara puts some hot dogs on a grill and purposely abandons them near a tree which catches fire. Since the entire park is plants the fire spreads quickly.

Melissa manages to get her and Jacque out of the fire safely. Clara tries to run off the lot before the fire catches her. She is then caught by Peggy's ghot and frieghtened to death, no one saves her, or even tries to. Clara's fire kills, Kelly Wilt, Alberta Todd, Florentina Jugo and Gerald Jugo. Once the fire is out the park that eveyone once congregated in lays in ruins. The next day Melissa heads to the computer her interaction with it to find a new place. Indicating that she might leave Pineview with Jacque... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Melissa and Jacqu remained in Pineview. When her floral business took off she used most of the profits to re-build Pineview Park. She is shocked when Davis returns married and with another child. Hinting that she might still have feelings for her ex-husband. She later meets and begins flirting with Rich Sim Winston Othel. Dahlia confronts Melissa about this and tells Melissa about Adam's affair. Melissa comforts Dahlia and tells her she should confront Adam and try to make her marriage work as Melissa regrets divorcing Davis and not trying to save her marriage. Dahlia takes her advice and confronts Adam leading to them separating.

Dahlia eventually reunites with Adam. Melissa becomes heart broken when Winston marries Vy. She then recieves word that she must leave Pineview to take care of her father's lucrative Business. She decides to leave Jacque with his father, Davis. She says good-bye and leaves Pineview.


Melissa leaves Pineview to deal with her father's, Byron, Business in Clariville where it was stationed. She leaves jacque in Pineview with Davis and moves. She must now shift from being a florist to a business-woman. She hopes of findinf new meaning to her life, will she? Upon her arrival in Clariville she moves back into her old house, a gigantic manor. She then begins working in the business career.

While working she soon comes to notice her boss, Dante Friz, she soon develops a crush on him. She then recieves a promotion. Melissa then flirts with him, he falls for her and they begin to date. Soon Melissa discovers that she is pregnant and Dante asks her to marry him.

Melissa accepts Dante's proposal but informs him that when they get married she would like to be surronded by her family and friends and that they must move to Pineview, Dante agrees. Melissa and Dante move to Pineview and she is shocked as she didn't know that Davis had fled Pineview. She quickly takes Jacque in with her, but leaves Anya and Percy with Sigrid and Ulvar.

She is also shocked when she is informed of Alec's death and what he tried to do to Esme. She then gives birth to a daughter, Jorja. She and Dante then marry. She attends the aging party in the park and ages into an elder, as does Dante, with the others. She, Dante, Jacque and Jorja attend Faline's birthday party, while there Dante announces that he, Melissa and Jorja will be moving back to Clariville, much to Melissa's suprise... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Melissa and Dante did move away, they have moved back though for Jacque and Muriel's wedding and Jorja is now a teenager. She and Dante's marriage is still as strong as ever. Melissa is saddened when she hears of Jacque and Muriel's divorce, she is happy when she meets her grand-daughter, Susanna. Melissa can now often be seen chatting with her TNG housewives, Valerie, Esme, Dorothy, Mehrissa and Sharon. Like may of her friends Melissa soon passes away with old age, along with Dante.

Melissa Friz
Hi! My name is Melissa Shin!
Name Melissa Friz
Gender Female
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Family
Sign Gemani

Parents Byron Shin (father; deceased)
Clara Shin (mother; deceased)
Sibling(s) Ernest Shell (half-brother)
Spouse(s) Davis Schwann (ex-husband)
Winston Othel (kissed)
Dante Friz (husband; deceased)
Child(ren) Jacque Schwann (son)
Jorja Friz (daughter)
Olympia Shell (niece)

Neighborhood Pineview