Miss Sim Universe 2009
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Miss Sim Universe 2009, Natalia Manganeli


August 14, 2009


Alesha Dixon, Enrique Iglesias


Crown Convention Center and Colon Park, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


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Natalia Manganeli 22px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.png Brazil


Ludmyla Huzz Jalaf 22px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg.png Denmark


Munai Gonzalez 22px-Flag_of_the_Philippines.svg.png Philippines


Paloma Dias 22px-Flag_of_Bolivia.svg.png Bolivia


Natalia Manganeli 22px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.png Brazil

Miss Sim Universe 2009, the 2nd Miss Sim Universe pageant, was held in Crown Convention Center and Colon Park in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (due to technical problems the organization had to move to Colon Park during the competition, so this was the first and only time that the contest was held in two different locations) on Summer 2009, on August 14, 2009. Forty four contestants (10 more than in last year competition),  compited in the event which was broadcasted and dristributed globally via Internet, on misssimworld Channel in English; and was watched by an audiencie of 60,000 viewers worldwide, becoming the most watched edition to date. The Top 15 Announcement was watched for more han 76,000 viewers, becoming the most watched moment in Miss Sim Universe history.

The final show was presented by famous actor and recognized "Hugo Boss Campaign" model, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the famous actress and "desperate housewife"Eva Longoria. Famous singers Alesha Dixon and Enrique Iglesias sang during the event in Swimsuit and Evening Gown Compeititons.

At the end of the event Barbara Ortiz crowned Natalia Manganeli from Brazil, who become Miss Sim Universe 2009.

Host city

On 4th April, 2009 the Miss Sim Universe organization finally announced that Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic was the official host city to held the 2nd edition of the contest. The other countries which fought to take home the

2009 Stage

event were France, Trinidad & Tobago and Australia (which would host the competition in 2013). The election of the country was because of the thematic that the organizers wanted to give to this year pageant, based on water and caribbean.

Firstly the competition was held in Crown Convention Center, made exclusively for the competition. A huge stadium was build (larger than last year edition) with a capacity of more than 1,000 viewers were there was a stage sorrounded by a small pool. During Top 5 announcement and due to technical problems, the competition moved to another location, to Colon Park in Santo Domingo, in a way smaller outdoors stage the winner was announced.

Areas of competition

During the final competition, all the delegates had a presentation mini-runway called: "Meet the Delegates", of this way the judges can valorate their presence and overall beauty. The top fifteen contestants (based on their Meet the Delegates presentation scores) competed in the swimsuit competition, and the top ten (based upon individual swimsuit scores) competed in evening gown. Due to tehcnical problems the Final Questions Competition was cancelled, so after the Top 5 announcement (based upon individual evening gown scores) the winner was announced.

Background music

  • Meet the Delegates: Dance Hits Remix
  • Swimsuit Competition: Alesha Dixon "The boy does nothing"
  • Evening Gown Competition: Enrique Iglesias "Tired of being sorry"


  • Miss Sim Universe Organization
  • Martijn V Kessel. Recognized Sims 2 machinima and photographer
  • Dora Crotova. Miss Sim Europe 2008
  • Mr. Milton Davidson. MasterModel Agency President
  • Liana Sims. Sims 2 Fashion Designer
  • Marc Vercettie. Sims 2 Fashion Designer
  • Jam Serramo. Beauty pageants expert
  • Jorge Arbelaez. Miss Doll Universe President
  • Aidan Smeaton. Recognized Sims 2 machinima
  • Sam Raj. Beauty Pageant expert


Final results Contestant
Miss Sim Universe 2009
  • 22px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.png Brazil - Natalia Manganeli
1st Runner-Up
  • 22px-Flag_of_Bolivia.svg.png Bolivia - Paloma Dias
2nd Runner-Up
  • 22px-Flag_of_India.svg.png India - Nafissa Kaur
3rd Runner-Up
  • 22px-Flag_of_France.svg.png France - Daphnée Plantard
4th Runner-Up
  • 22px-Flag_of_Greece.svg.png Greece - Ariadne Floros
Top 10
  • 22px-Flag_of_Kazakhstan.svg.png Kazakhstan - Margarita Nassyrova
  • 22px-Flag_of_Italy.svg.png Italy - Isabella Montesanti
  • 22px-Flag_of_the_People%27s_Republic_of_China.svg.png China - Jia Li Feng
  • 22px-Flag_of_Thailand.svg.png Thailand - Akemi Ichiro
  • 22px-Flag_of_Germany.svg.png Germany - Juliana Stegmer
Top 15
  • 22px-Flag_of_Colombia.svg.png Colombia - Sofia de la Ossa
  • 22px-Flag_of_Spain.svg.png Spain - Aina Fernandez
  • 22px-Flag_of_Russia.svg.png Russia - Anna Ivanova
  • 22px-Flag_of_Australia.svg.png Australia - Kiana Derosa
  • 22px-Flag_of_the_Dominican_Republic.svg.png Dominican Republic - Nadia Rodriguez


  • Brazil won the crown for first time
  • Both winner are from South America
  • The Top 2 was formed by two south american girls
  • The Top 15 was formed by 3 girls from America, 4 girls from Asia, 6 girls from Europe and 1 girls from Caribbean.
  • The Top 5 was formed by two latins, two europeans and one asian. The two latins stayed in the two first potitions, the two europeans stayed in the two last potitions and the asian stayed in the middle.
  • Colombia placed in 11th position for second time in a row
  • Countries that also placed last year: India, Colombia and Russia
  • No one of the Top 5 countries of 2008 placed in Top 15, including 2008 winner: Puerto Rico
  • 15 countries debuted in 2009 competition: Bolivia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Ukraine & UK
  • 5 countries compited in 2008 Miss Sim Universe competition but not in 2009: Aruba, Belgium, Egypt, Nicaragua & Tanzania
  • 3 of the Top 15 countries were debuting
  • The best debut was for Miss Bolivia, who ended as 1st Runner Up
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