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Flag of Tanzania.png Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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Miss Sim Universe 2021, the 13th Miss Sim Universe pageant, will be held at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Naomi Thusi of South Africa will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Host city

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania will host this edition.

Miss Sim Universe 2021's Logo

Dar es Salaam is a major city and commercial port on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast, grew from a fishing village. The open-air Village Museum has re-created the traditional homes of local and other Tanzanian tribes and hosts tribal dancing. It’s part of the National Museum, which offers Tanzanian history exhibits, including the fossils of human ancestors found by anthropologist Louis Leakey.

Areas of competition

The contestants participated in a preliminary competition. The contestants were divided into 3 continental groups: Africa-Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas.

The five contestants, in each group, with the highest preliminary scores advance to the Top

  • Competition 1: SWIMSUIT.

Each delegate from the top, walk on stage with swim wears, the final night panel of judges give their scores, then the delegates with the highest 10 averages will advance to the top 10.

  • Competition 2: EVENING GOWN

Each delegate from the top 10 will walk on stage with Evening Gowns, the final night panel of judges give their scores, then the delegates with the highest 5 averages will advance to the top 5.


Each delegate from the top 5 will answer made by the fans and the final judges, the final night panel of judges give their scores. The next cut will be selected and only 3 of them will advance, then each delegate will answer a question and a walk on stage for last time in the FINAL LOOK, and again the judges will vote.

At the end the contestant with the highest average between the final question and final look will be the WINNER.



58 contestants

Flag of Angola.png Angola Cordelia Gomes
Flag of Argentina.png Argentina Anahi Romitelli 21 Termas del Rio Hondo
Flag of Aruba.png Aruba Luisana Vieira
Flag of Austria.png Austria Marielle Rockenschaub
Flag of Belgium.png Belgium Laura Beyne 20 1.80 Brussels
Flag of Bolivia.png Bolivia Jacqueline Villarroel 20 1.78 Coroico
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Andrea Karamehmedovic 19 1.80 Zenica
Flag of Botswana.png Botswana Zola Tulu 21 1.78 Gaborone
Flag of the British Virgin Islands.png British Virgin Islands Sasha Lakia 21 1.79 Tortola
Flag of Canada.png Canada Thelma Martin 22 1.90 Calgary
Flag of Chile.png Chile Paz García 23 1.78 Arica
Flag of Costa Rica.png Costa Rica Zaira Barrantes 22 1.80 San Jose
Flag of Cuba.png Cuba Estrella Malditos 22 1.80 Bayamo
Flag of Curacao.png Curacao Jennifer Saa
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.png D.R. Congo Lumeka Mukuta 22 1.80 Goma
Flag of the Dominican Republic.png Dominican Republic Marieli Candelario 21 1.79 Duarte
Flag of Ecuador.png Ecuador Renata Valentín 24 1.76 Machala
Flag of Egypt.png Egypt Kéfera Suyuti 19 1.86 El-Mahalla
Flag of Gambia.png Gambia Fatoumatta Ngom 18 1.80 Banjul
Flag of Germany.png Germany Saxon B Krüger 20 1.76 Kiel
Flag of Greece.png Greece Althaia Ismena 20 1.80 Athens
Flag of Greenland.png Greenland Arnapkapfaaluk Querngaaq 18 1.84 Ittoqqortoormiit
Flag of Haiti.png Haiti Fabiaula Pelissier 26 1.77 Petionville
Flag of Hungary.png Hungary Imara Varga 21 1.78 Budapest
Flag of India.png India Lymaraina C Singh 20 1.78 Bangalore
Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia Serina Gutawa 25 1.74 Bali
Flag of Italy.png Italy Aida Rossi 19 1.80 Matera
Flag of Japan.png Japan Riyo Pisaguima 23 1.68 Kobe
Flag of Kenya.png Kenya Layla Barasa 26 1.69 Nairobi
Flag of Korea.png Korea Kim Jin-young
Flag of Kosovo.png Kosovo Xhenita Kushrimh 20 1.78 Prizren
Flag of Laos.png Laos Noi Saysamongdy 21 1.68 Prizren
Flag of Lebanon.png Lebanon Reine Bardawil 18 1.60 Tripoli
Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania Kristina Vereniūte 20 1.80 Vilnus
Flag of Malaysia.png Malaysia Amanda Krishnan 18 1.78 Perak
Flag of Mauritania.png Mauritania Chanya Farah 20 1.87 Nouakchott
Flag of Mexico.png Mexico Jenna Melendez 23 1.74 Puebla
Flag of Morocco.png Morocco Valeria Putri 23 1.77 Kenitra
Flag of Nepal.png Nepal Deepa Lama 21 1.80 Janakpur
Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand Ariana Rai 23 1.88 Auckland
Flag of Nicaragua.png Nicaragua Andrea Gualito 21 1.78 León
Flag of Norway.png Norway Aina Goksor
Flag of Panama.png Panama Darelys Mar Benavidez
Flag of Papua New Guinea.png Papua New Guinea Grace Elanu 24 1.82 Banz
Flag of Paraguay.png Paraguay Malú Cazares 23 1.79 Asunción
Flag of Peru.png Peru Deborah de Souza 19 1.76 Lima
Flag of the Philippines.png Philippines Clarissa Aquilino 25 1.88 Bukidnon
Flag of Poland.png Poland Monika Bela 22 1.81 Warsaw
Flag of Portugal.png Portugal Theresa Costa 24 1.80 Leiria
Flag of Russia.png Russia Elizabeta Popova 21 1.88 Chelyabinsk
Flag of San Marino.png San Marino Bartolomea Di Pietrantonio 18 1.80 Serravalle
Flag of Sierra Leone.png Sierra Leone Trinity Princess 23 1.78
Flag of Singapore.png Singapore Asya Shen 25 1.74 Singapore City
Flag of Somalia.png Somalia Abiyah Mekwawa
Flag of South Africa.png South Africa Vivian Baas

Flag of Suriname.png Suriname Melany Van Eyck 23 1.79 Wanica
Flag of Tanzania.png Tanzania Tiombe Lyome 23 1.82 Dodoma
Flag of Tonga.png Tonga Percilla Cocker 21 1.76 Nukualofa
Flag of Turkey.png Turkey Arya Demirel 24 1.77 Izmir
Flag of Uruguay.png Uruguay Ana Carolina Galione 18 1.78 Colonia
Flag of USA.png USA Alayah Crawford 21 1.82 St. Louis
Flag of Venezuela.png Venezuela Verushka Rodriguez 22 1.78 Trujillo
Flag of Vietnam.png Vietnam Trân Thu Vy 26 1.74 Ca Mau



  • Greenland
  • Papua New Guinea



  • Laos


  • San Marino


  • Belgium
  • Curacao
  • Lithuania
  • Mauritania