Miss Sims Earth is a sim beauty title. It is also known as the contest that confers it and that is held annually, where the integral beauty, intelligence, security, elegance and bearing possessed by the candidates for the title are qualified. The participants and winners give meaning and importance to this beauty competition promoting environmental causes of relevance and actively involved in the concern for the preservation of Mother Earth.

It is said that the winner is the most beautiful woman on Earth. Each contestant represents a country or region and the winner of the title carries it for a period of about one year, adding to it, the year in which he won it. The current Miss Sim Earth is Aya Souju from Japan

In addition to its environmental objectives, the winner of Miss Sim Earth is involved in international environmental projects. During the month that the contest lasts, the organization takes the delegates of Miss Sim Earth to selected tourist destinations to show and promote these places to the international spectators of the contest. Participants also participate in tree planting ceremonies, environmental programs and immersion cultural programs, and sponsor visits and trips among these related to eco-tourism.


Year Miss Sims Earth Miss Sims Air Miss Sims Water Miss Sims Fire Venue
2021 TBA
Flag of Bolivia.png Bolivia
Santa Cruz
2020 Flag of Japan.png Japan
Aya Souju
Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia
Fahrida Mega Cahyadi
Flag of Albania.png Albania
Kristina Garo
Flag of Bolivia.png Bolivia
Claudia Florian
Flag of Greece.png Greece
2019 Flag of Mexico.png Mexico
Mariana Elizondo
Flag of the Philippines.png Philippines
Mutya De Leon
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia
Jessica Shedania
Flag of Tonga.png Tonga
Diamond Phillips
Flag of Tunisia.png Tunisia
2018 Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia
Gisela Putri
Flag of the Philippines.png Philippines
Emeraude Lansbury
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia
Angelica Gritz
Flag of Greece.png Greece
Toula Sidiriakis
Flag of Sweden.png Sweden
2016/2017 Flag of France.png France
Marilene Maville
Flag of Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan
Gulnara Alimuradova
Flag of Russia.png Russia
Lilliya Gantimurova
Flag of Colombia.png Colombia
Marianna Corth
Flag of Spain.png Spain
2015 Flag of Jamaica.png Jamaica
Kimberly Foster
Flag of Spain.png Spain
Helen Esteban
Flag of Malaysia.png Malaysia
Kimberley Awsett
Flag of Nicaragua.png Nicaragua
Sasha Cortez
Flag of Argentina.png Argentina
Buenos Aires
2014 Flag of Pakistan.png Pakistan
Wandira Hayat
Flag of Albania.png Albania
Kjesi Topoloj
Flag of Colombia.png Colombia
Paulina Vergara
Flag of Bolivia.png Bolivia
Melanie Katler
Flag of South Africa.png South Africa
2013 Flag of Mexico.png Mexico
Paloma Jiménez
Flag of Australia.png Australia
Yannez Gwenola
Flag of Colombia.png Colombia
Jessica Gonçalvez
Flag of Belgium.png Belgium
Justine Annys
Flag of France.png France
2012 Flag of Hungary.png Hungary
Susan Freire
Flag of Colombia.png Colombia
Leidy Roxana García
Flag of Pakistan.png Pakistan
Saima Najimi
Flag of the Netherlands.png Netherlands
Alyna Kavachz
Flag of Colombia.png Colombia
2011 Flag of Mexico.png Mexico
Nicole Martínez
Flag of Ghana.png Ghana
Gladyss Almeida
Flag of Russia.png Russia
Mila Ivanova
Flag of Colombia.png Colombia
Milena Chad
Flag of the Philippines.png Philippines
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