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Miss Sims Earth 2018 was the 7th version of this pageant. It was held in Stockholm, Sweden in the month of December of the same year. For this edition 40 girls from different countries and dependent territories worldwide fight for the crown. Marilene Maville, Miss Sims Earth 2016/2017, from France crowned her successor Gisela Putri from Indonesia.


Result Delegate
Miss Sims Earth 2018
  • Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia - Gisela Putri (Δ)
Miss Sims Air
  • Flag of the Philippines.png Philippines - Emeraude Lansbury
Miss Sims Water
  • Flag of Georgia.png Georgia - Angelica Gritz (Δ)
Miss Sims Fire
  • Flag of Greece.png Greece - Toula Sidiriakis (Δ)
TOP 10
  • Flag of Thailand.png Thailand - Sirinya Arunpipat
  • Flag of Bolivia.png Bolivia - Debora Solar (Δ)
  • Flag of South Africa.png South Africa - Tayla Skye (Δ)
  • Flag of Mexico.png Mexico - María del Río 
  • Flag of Brazil.png Brazil - Samen Silva Caconde (Δ)
  • Flag of Sri Lanka.png Sri Lanka - Imaya Liyanage
TOP 20
  • Flag of Ireland.png Ireland - Marissa Stanley
  • Flag of USA.png USA - Demi Leigh Jordan
  • Flag of Cyprus.png Cyprus - Evangeline Georgiou (Δ)
  • Flag of Venezuela.png Venezuela - Genesis Krujip
  • Flag of France.png France - Claire Bartholdi
  • Flag of Spain.png Spain - Dolores Morcillo
  • Flag of Haiti.png Haiti - Claudie Menard (Δ)
  • Flag of Japan.png Japan - Hiroko Chiba
  • Flag of San Marino.png San Marino - Chiara Manfredin
  • Flag of Ecuador.png Ecuador - Danika Morales

(Δ) Classification by grupal competition of medals


Country/Territory Name Group
Flag of Argentina.png Argentina Candelaria Palleiro 4
Flag of Bolivia.png Bolivia Debora Solar 1
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia & Herzegovina Tamara Dzakic 1
Flag of Brazil.png Brazil Samen Silva Caconde 3
Flag of China.png China Xiaohan Pha 3
Flag of Cook Islands.png Cook Islands Tatiana Popelomanapi 2
Flag of Cyprus.png Cyprus Evangeline Georgiou 2
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.png D. R. Congo Adalladdhi Moloto 3
Flag of Ecuador.png Ecuador Danika Morales 4
Flag of El Salvador.png El Salvador Jessica Suarez 3
Flag of England.png England Racquel Davies 2
Flag of Fiji.png Fiji Akira June 2
Flag of France.png France Claire Bartholdi 2
Flag of Georgia.png Georgia Angelica Gritz 2
Flag of Greece.png Greece Toula Sidiriakis 1
Flag of Haiti.png Haiti Claudie Menard 4
Flag of Honduras.png Honduras Rosita Melos 4
Flag of Iceland.png Iceland Scarlet Onverye 1
Flag of India.png India Mohni Panwar 3
Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia Gisela Putri 4
Flag of Ireland.png Ireland Marissa Stanley 1
Flag of Italy.png Italy Elga Lipari 2
Flag of Japan.png Japan Hiroko CHiba 4
Flag of Laos.png Laos Akumi Riarto 1
Flag of Mexico.png Mexico Mar{ia Del Río 3
Flag of Norway.png Norway Elssa Birkedal 4
Flag of Paraguay.png Paraguay Esther Solis 4
Flag of Peru.png Peru Lorena Vargas 2
Flag of the Philippines.png Philippines Emeraude Lansbury 1
Flag of Poland.png Poland Agneta Wachowickz 4
Flag of San Marino.png San Marino Chiara Manfredin 4
Flag of South Africa.png South Africa Tayla Skye 3
Flag of Spain.png Spain Dolores Morcillo 3
Flag of Sri Lanka.png Sri Lanka Imaya Liyanage 3
Flag of Sweden.png Sweden Sakya Luyen 3
Flag of Thailand.png Thailand Sirinya Arunpipat 1
Flag of Tonga.png Tonga Sicilia Williams 2
Flag of Uruguay.png Uruguay Leonora Diaz 1
Flag of USA.png USA Demi Leigh Jordan 1
Flag of Venezuela.png Venezuela Génesis Krujip 2