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Miss Sims United Continets 2021






Flag of the Philippines.png Manila, Philippines


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2020 ↔ 2022

Miss Sims United Continents 2021, the 8th Miss Sims United Continents pageant, will be held Manila, Philippines. Aryana O'Neal of USA will crown her successor at the end of the event. The pageant will be distributed globally via Internet, on Miss Sims United Continents's Channel on Youtube and official Facebook Page.


Final Result Contestant
Miss Sims United Continents 2021
1º Runner-Up
2º Runner-Up
3º Runner-Up
4º Runner-Up
5º Runner-Up
TOP 10
TOP 21

(§) Voted Into TOP 21 by Fan Vote

Continental Queens


Flag of Angola.png Angola Alabama Reis 20 1.77 Huila
Flag of Belgium.png Belgium Cecile Van Damme 23 1.80 Scherpenheuvel
Flag of Bolivia.png Bolivia Anunciacion Ortega 22 1.77 Tupiza
Flag of Botswana.png Botswana Dubhe Tato 21 1.77 Ghanzi Disctrict
Flag of the British Virgin Islands.png British VI Asya Smith 23 1.85 Anegada
Flag of Canada.png Canada Maria Gabi 19 1.77 Truro
Flag of Curacao.png Curacao Paulina Borrica 25 1.80 Barber
Flag of the Dominican Republic.png Dominican Republic Sabrina Valero 21 1.84 Santa Cruz de Barahona
Flag of Ecuador.png Ecuador Dayanara Perales 23 1.79 Quito
Flag of Greece.png Greece Stamatia Rinopoulou 19 1.79 Patras
Flag of Greenland.png Greenland Aqakuktuq Ignatiussen 20 1.78 Nuuk
Flag of Indonesia.png Indonesia Citra Sari 24 1.75 Banten
Flag of Lebanon.png Lebanon Leslie Chacra 25 1.77 Naqoura
Flag of Lithuania.png Lithuania Katusha Petrovinã 20 1.79 Vilnus
Flag of Malaysia.png Malaysia Joyah Solomon 22 1.73 Pahang
Flag of Nepal.png Nepa Diva Lupron 28 1.67 Butwal
Flag of New Zealand.png New Zealand Sarah Toga 27 1.90 Taupō
Flag of Norway.png Norway Selma Michelsen 21 1.78 Oslo
Flag of Panama.png Panama Natasha Olivares 26 1.77 Bocas del Toro
Flag of Paraguay.png Paraguay Marcela Acosta 21 1.78 Coronel Oviedo
Flag of Papua New Guinea.png Papua New Guinea Maureen Kadiko 21 1.79 Kimbe
Flag of the Philippines.png Philippines Dakota Mendez 22 1.79 Cebu
Flag of Russia.png Russia Valena Antonenka 22 1.75 Astracan
Flag of Sierra Leone.png Sierra Leone Eva Kargo 23 1.80 Koidu
Flag of Singapore.png Singapore Lila Wei 26 1.77 Downtown Core
Flag of Suriname.png Suriname Dewi Agraisa 23 1.79 Sipaliwini
Flag of Tonga.png Tonga Mahuru Maharaj 19 1.88 Pangaimotu
Flag of Uruguay.png Uruguay Makeda Ceballos 21 1.78 Bella Union
Flag of Venezuela.png Venezuela Carolina Figuera 22 1.78 San Felipe
Flag of Vietnam.png Vietnam Mai Truong Thien 22 1.77 Hanoi