Monica Bell
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Monica's parents divorced when she was five and she was raised by her grandmother. She is creative, playful, and fun-loving, but very messy. If there's one thing she's always wanted in life, it's a regular family.
Vital statistics
Title Monica Bell
Gender Female
Life state Sim
Zodiac sign Gemini
Life stage Teen
Status Alive
Neighborhood Sunset Valley

Monica Bell is a Sim created by ann-louise. She is fit with pale skin, caramel-brown eyes, and long curly brown hair. and a new sim is now also created by ann-louise


Monica's parents divorced when she was small. She was taken away from her mother, Britney Bell, because she is irresponsible, parties too much, and has a job in the Criminal track. Monica begged the social workers not to make her live with her father, Neil Bell, so she was sent to live with Britney's mother.

Ever since then, Monica has happily resided with Mary. She has no plans to ever see her parents again.

Her traits are Slob, Artistic, Excitable, and Good Sense of Humor.

Family & relationships

Monica was fairly close with her mother, but they drifted apart.

She loves children now that she's with new husbend and father Joel Samuel's

She is closest to her grandmother, who, for the most part, raised her. she has a baby girl, her name is Tiani


  • Monica is a B-student in school. and a A level in Medical school


she enjoys girls nights out and loves takening photos of Brad Madison


  • Monica's hairstyle can be found in the Store and is called Dramatic Curls.
  • Monica and her family can be downloaded from The Exchange.

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