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Monica Bremmer
The Marvelous Monica






Medical Intern


Dr. Monica Bremmer (official title)


Jessica Iago (wife)


Sandra Kramer (flirtation; deceased)
Derwood Halcoyn (one-night-stand)
Thea Green (ex-lover)


Hunter Bremmer (son)


Dexter Iago (father-in-law)
Diana Iago (mother-in-law)
Mitch Iago (brother-in-law)
Thad Iago (brother-in-law)
Rachel Iago (sister-in-law)

Cause for Departure

Sunk into Background. (1st Time)


Dr. Monica Bremmer is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


Monica is introduced when Sandra Grendel becomes seriously ill. Sandra believes that she will not live through her illness and after seeing the young, healthy and fertile Monica she chooses her to be her replacement for Ralph Grendel. She then gets Monica assigned to her medical case and constantly tries to insinuate that she wants Monica to go for Ralph. However, Monica misinterprets this one evening and confesses to Sandra that she thinks she is great but that she will not mess around with a married woman. Sandra is shocked and asks Monica what she is talking about and Monica reveals that she is an open lesbian and that she thought Sandra was flirting with her. Sandra then reveals it was all for Ralph. Monica leaves Sandra's case and Sandra eventually recovers from her illness. Monica then becomes a central character in the series and it is clear that her newly re-instated colleague, Kevin McCain, is interested in her but he does not act on his attraction due to his turning over a new leaf with Bianca Baxter, as well as respecting Monica as a lesbian. Monica would then see patient, Jessica Iago, and help her through what Jessica thinks is clinical depression. Monica immediately falls for Jess and vice versa. Their relationship seems to bring them both mutual happiness but upsets Jessica's mother, Diana Iago.

Then Monica is approached by Catherine Irving, who manipulates Monica's emotions and with some cash bribes her into helping Catherine "have" a baby. She at first signs up to help Catherine fake pregnancy and then adopt a child to pass of as her and Ethan's but when the adoption falls through due to Catherine's criminal past... she tells Monica they need another plan and Monica quickly announces that Ralph Grendel and Sandra Kramer are having a baby but she quickly retracts the idea of stealing a child from someone but, Catherine takes to the plan and reminds Monica that if she doesn't help her she will inform the Medical Board of her accepting a bribe. This leaves Monica helpless as she goes along with the plan. She then aids Catherine in gaining weight so she appears pregnant. Then when Sandra goes into labor, "so does Catherine." This is when the women put their plan into effect. As Catherine burns off weight to looks as though she has given birth, Monica delivers Sandra and Ralph's baby girl. She then leaves the room with the child and tells Sandra that she had given birth to a stillborn baby... all the while giving the girl to Catherine and Ethan they named their "daughter" Emma Irving. This loss once more causes Ralph and Sandra to drift apart and Monica becomes consumed by the guilt and Jessica takes note of it.

Jessica attempts time and time again to get Monica to confide in her and tell her what's wrong but fearing for her job, she remains quiet. Eventually Jessica dumps Monica feeling as though there is no trust between them. Monica's depression worsens and then she learns that Franky Werner, Haley Kramer Grendel and, Emma were kidnapped and she decides to set things right. She arrives at the police station and tells Sandra and Ralph that Emma is in fact their daughter. This revelation reunites Sandra and Ralph but causes Ethan to leave Catherine and everyone (including Alicia Cabot) cuts Catherine from their lives once again, even Franky after he is returned safely. Though her conscience is clear this doesn't fix things with Jessica who confronts Monica telling her how disgusting she is for doing such a thing. Kevin McCain, also threatens to have Monica's license pulled but Reggie Andrews, convinces Kevin to give her a second chance and Monica is allowed back to work at the hospital but she feels greatly isolated. She delivers Candi Cabot and James Person's daughter, Alexa, after a short debate about her ethics. Though everyone seems to place judgment upon her, Reggie continues to be a pillar of support for Monica, reminding her that people are capable of change and she has done everything to fix her mistakes.

Then when Mae Reyes is in a horrible fire and attacked by Blake Dasani, Monica and Reggie unite and race to save the un-responsive Mae. As they give up hope, Mae is revived after a convincing from her friends on the other side. Half the town arrives at the hospital in all the hoola and as Monica leaves that night she is in awe to see Jessica standing there waiting for her. There Jessica reveals that her faith in Monica has been restored and the women share an intimate kiss and are reconciled. Monica then moves back in with Jessica and helps to raise Jessica's teenage brother, Mitch, through adolescence with Jessica. Monica and Jessica are then last seen walking to Candi and Jasper's wedding where they reveal to Mike March that Bianca, whom he hoped to see and possibly rekindle a romance with, has since married, left town and had a child. Then when Thea Green comes to town to take Reggie's place as he leaves to Egypt, it is said in passing that Monica was a candidate for the position but, Thea was chosen over Monica, who did not contest the decision. Then Agatha mentions to her sister, Cleo Enots, that Monica and Jessica have married.

Return to the Surface

Monica and Jessica re-emerge in the wake of the 200th storyline. Now happily married, Monica and Jessica are feeling the tick of their biological clocks and, desire to have a child. Monica is also depressed that her past actions with Catherine are what's keeping her from excelling at the hospital. As she fights the lock on her promotion availability, she clashes with Thea, whom Monica feels was hired to take Reggie's place over her because of bigotry due to her sexual orientation. As she and Jessica try to have a child, they argue over the way to have a family. Monica desires to have a biological child over adoption but, wants Jessica to be the one to carry the child. However, Jessica wants to adopt, leading them to question their marriage.