Netty McHolly is a sim living alone in a nice little cottage in Serpentine Marsh. Her husband left her five years ago. She is the mother of Wilbur McHolly, and the grandmother of Oscar and Miranda McHolly.


Miranda usually wears a black pillbox hat with peacock feathers on it. She wears a green dress with leafy patterns and wears white gloves. She wears black boots and has gray hair. She also wears coke bottle glasses.


Netty McHolly is a very strong woman. Since her husband left five years ago, she lived alone in her by-the-bayou cottage. She owns several shotguns, rifles, sickles and knives. She is an excellent pie-baker. She usually spends her time baking pies for a donation to the poor. When not doing that, she watches TV. She has a grudge against the Bayou Serpent for eating her award-winning Blubberberry Pie. She visits her husband's grave once a week.

Netty McHolly
Name Netty McHolly
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Fortune
Sign Leo

The McHolly Family
Spouse(s) Wendell McHolly
Child(ren) Wilbur McHolly, Jack McHolly, Joe McHolly

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