Olga Greyoff (nee Todd, previously Serd) is a Sim in the town of Pineview. She first appears after her killer, father, Alec Todd marries Suzanne Schwann-Todd. Her father has a knack for marrying sims then knocking them off and taking them for what they're worth. Before he married Suzanne Olga ran away after he killed his last wofe, Cassidy. s then realized that he tried to kill her mother, Alberta. She then ran away, found her mother and the two headed up Pineview. Once Alec found them he wanted Olga to come with him, she noticed the ring on his finger and noticed he married again, this time to Suzanne. She knew he would try to kill Suzanne. When she figured this out she headed over to the Schwann/Todd house but was too late she appeared on the lot after Suzanne was killed, and Alec was gone. After Suzanne's death Olga and her mother decided to remian in Pineview and bought a house. She then grabs the attention of Ernest Shell and the two begin to date, despite that Olga is attracted to the now teenage, Clyde Rossim even though he is dating another Sim, Mehrissa Woodrow. One night at Esme Jugo's house party she kisses Clyde. He hesitates but rejects her.

The Fire

Olga attends Melissa's opening and her after party. While she is there she gets very flirty with Clyde but he rejects her and informs her of his enagagement. After the fire Olga gets out safely, but, her mother, Alberta, doesn't make it and dies in the fire. The next day Olga goes over the Clyde's to apologize for her behavior, but, when Clyde's fiancee, Mehrissa, arrives home she catches Olga and Clyde in a sweet embrace... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that Clyde and Mehrissa did marry but divorced right after the birth of their daughter, Faline. Clyde and Olga then begin dating. However, Clyde realizes how manipulative Olga is and dumps her. Olga then decides to leave Pineview to findher father, Alec, and make ammends.

When Alec returns to Pineview after Davis flees, it is revealed via his relationship bar that Olga has marriedd as her last name is now Serd.


Olga soon returns to Pineview with her husband, Horatio Serd and newborn son Hadley in tow. She quickly stirs up old feelings between both Ernest Shell and Clyde Rossim, despite the fact that all of them are in committed relationships. She throws a funeral for her father. However, the only guest who comes is Melissa Friz. Melissa then warns Olga to stear clear of Clyde and Ernest as both are happy and in love and do not need her causing trouble for them...

Olga doesn't listen to Melissa and tries to seduce Ernest but he rejects her and informs her of his marriage to Blanche, which shocks Olga. She then suceeds in seducing Clyde, this causes Clyde to call off his engagement to Betty, but Olga then tells Clyde that she will not leave Horatio for him. Clyde realizes he has been manipulated tries to win Betty back, she rejects him. She, Horatio and Hadley attend Faline's birthday party, when she learns that Clyde has left to see his ex-wife, she heads toward Horatio, her interaction... to divorce him... (Cliff-Hanger)

Generation 03

When the stories resume, 3 years later it is revealed that Horatio and Olga are divorced and Horatio is dead. And hadley has been taken away from her by the social worker, he is now the adopted son of Martin Quarren and Roger Smithe. When she discovers Jan Alder and Davis Schwann's affair she naturally tells Emma-Lee. However, instead of the Emma-Lee getting mad or upset she and Olga quickly become friends. As Olga wants her son back and Emma-Lee wishes for her husband to pay.

Much to Esme and Rosalyn's chargin Olga begins to date Edgar Gwill, she quickly woos him leading to him proposing to her, she accepts, their initial plan was to marry the following evening, as the wedding is about to begin, Rosalyn appears and informs her father about all of what Olga has done, breaking up Betty and Clyde, playing with Ernest's feelings and now marrying him. Edgar chooses to believe in his daughter and calls off the wedding and leaves Olga.

Olga then sets her sights on Dusty Scroll, who had just returned after dealing with his parents affairs. They begin dating, this leads to Esme confronting Olga, asking why she is going after all her ex's. Olga states that she is simply looking for her own happiness. Esme then tells Dusty that Olga briefly dated Valerie's other half-brother, Clyde. Werided out by this Dusty dumps Olga.

When Ernest returns to Pineview, Olga begins eyeing him again. She then "runs" into him one evening and asks him out, again. He informs her that Blanche had just died, she then kisses him. Ernest, disgusted, tells Olga to stay away from him and his family. Olga then leaves, upset she is then seen calling her "BFF" Emma-Lee.

Olga then steals Allan Greyoff from Annabel Wilt. She asks him to marry her. He accepts and to his shock she has a wedding all set up. She and Allan then get married. Then 2 days after the wedding Olga finds Martin and Roger in town and continues to talk to them despite their cold relationship and their want to get home to Hadley, who is home alone. About an hour later Martin and Roger get home, just as the social worker is taking Hadley away. Olga then calls the service and informs them of the changes in her life, her re-marriage, career, everything. She is then given Hadley back.

Martin and Roger are left heart-broken as their adoptive son is now gone and Olga's revenge is complete. She then hopes Allan will die sooner rather than later. She gets her wish when he finally succumbs to his old age and passes away. Olga thinks about leaving Pineview again, but decides against it. She then decides to put the moves on Ernest once again. When she flirts with him, he rejects her and tells her to leave him alone.

Olga then comes to a realization, she has always truly loved Ernest. She goes to him one final time and professes her love for him and tells him that he is the one sim she has ever truly cared about. Ernest then sadly tells Olga that he care for her once, along time ago. Since then he fell in love with Blanche and since she died he acan't see him with anyone else. Olga is heart broken, but does not plot revenge.

She and Ernest make ammends as she takes Hadley and leaves Pineview, for good.

Olga Greyoff
Name Olga Greyoff
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Capricorn

Parents Alec Todd (father; deceased)
Alberta Todd (mother; deceased)
Suzanne Todd (step-mother; deceased)
Sibling(s) Davis Schwann (step-brother)
Spouse(s) Ernest Shell (ex-boyfriend)
Clyde Rossim (ex-boyfriend)
Horatio Serd (ex-husband; deceased)
Edgar Gwill (ex-fiance)
Dusty Scroll (ex-boyfriend)
Allan Greyoff (husband; deceased)
Child(ren) Hadley Serd (son)

Neighborhood Pineview